the other day i saw that someone had put BTF as an affiliated club, it was a half mara road race. Is this cosher - allowing me to waive the non affiliation fee this way for road races?


  • Not that I know of ... I thought you were affiliated 'to'  the BTF
  • yep  thats what i thought, running clubs area affiliated to UKA or the other one i can never remember. if you look at hte link - runner 1596 has got triathlon england next to his name, just wondered if he had paid the discounted price image   ill do owt for a few quid


  • although some times you are able to place a club name such as PSOF next to your name without it being an affiliated one?  Spose it depends how honest you are and how much the organisers are inclined to check?
  • Still not that simple.  Although clubs are affiliated to UKA that does not entitle you to the discount.  YOU need to have a race licence that cost a fiver from UKA.

    You'll find that most road races now ask for your affiliated UKA number.  Not all though.

  • What Meldy said.

    A lot of people still think that being a member of an affiliated club is enough to claim the discount.

    Race organisers often don't help by just asking "are you a member of an affiliated club" on their entry forms, rather than asking for the competition licence number.

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