Hilly Half Marathon Pace Advice

I've got a Half Mara coming up in two weeks. I'm determined to beat my PB.

I've run the race before and it has a few challenging hills scattered fairly evenly throughout. Wondered if anyone had any pacing advice in a race where running an even pace is not possible. Apologies if this is a dumb question.


  • I work out the overall pace I need to achieve my target time, I then look at the hills and add a bit on in those sections... I then take that time off the flat/ downhill sections to give me the time I need for those bits....

    Not very scientific but it seems to work for me... In my last HM I needed an average of 10:18 to get below the 2:15 time.... So, on the flatter sections I tried to keep as close to 9:30 as I could so I knew I had a few minutes in the "bank" to cover the uphill sections !
  • I'm gonna have to get the calculator out Muddy.

    Determined to get this PB. Missed out by 5 seconds on same course last year, it's been eating at me.
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