Princes parkrun Liverpool

Hi Guys

I am one of the organising team behind princes parkrun in Liverpool, for those that are not aware parkrun is a weekly 5k running event open to runners of all abilities and takes place every Saturday morning at 9am in princes park (near sefton park)

parkrun has lots of things going for it, its friendly, its fun, and it caters for both non competative and competative runners and probably one of the most loved aspects is it is completely FREE!

The course we have at princess park is a certified 5k course, meaning the distance is accurate.

All you need to do to take part is register in advance on and then just turn up and take part, believe me it gets addictive we have many regular ever present runners.

So come on guys get yourself registered and come along and take part, take full advantage of this free service, believe me you will have a great experience.

 The event is organised by volunteers most of whom are runners giving up there time to ensure that everything is in place for you to have the best experience possible, so even if you are not planning on running why not come along and volunteer to help out, it would be greatly appreciated.

We recently had over 100 runners for the first time, and we want to keep growing and hopefully match the achievements of other parkruns around the country.

Check us out on facebook by searching for princes parkrun image

And get yourself registered and get involved image


  • I'll be there tomorrow and bringing cougie jr and pal along too.

    How come the slight bump in Princes Park turned into a massive hill when it was on the Marathon route last week ??

    It is an excellent event.
  • I'm there tomorrow, looking forward to it! image
  • haha cougie I was thinking exactly the same thing, it seemed really steep image

    its great to see so many young runners making it along to parkrun these days, the atmosphere is always good and you get to meet some great people, I think we really are building a great little community that has brought this often overlooked park to life.

    See you tomorrow cougie and keep spreading the word, princes parkrun is definately the place to be on a Saturday morning image

  • Did my first parkrun today at Princes park. Fun, friendly and free. A big thankyou to the marshalls who are very supportive and helpful.

    Certainly a bit chilly this morning and this was a great way to warm up for the day.

    Hope to be helping at a few of these events over the forthcoming months - it would be great to keep things going over the winter months.

    Well done and thanks to everybody who supports this event.

    See you all next week!

  • Hi Paco,

     That is great, good to hear that you enjoyed it.

    See you next week image

  • Signed up yesterday , but missed the 6pm deadline . So hopefully will get down and either give it a go or help out whenever I can
  • Think I'll come down tomorrow to do my 1st Princes Parkrun since moving from Cardiff. Looking forward to it!
  • Mark Windsor wrote (see)
    Think I'll come down tomorrow to do my 1st Princes Parkrun since moving from Cardiff. Looking forward to it!

    Hi Mark

    That is great, it is always good to welcome newcomers to parkrun.

     See you tomorrow image

  • Well I would have been, but thanks to a comedy of errors I couldnt make it!

    Lost my barcode, headed to the LJMU library to print another one off, that was shut! Then turned on my garmin and the battery was dead! Looks like it's gonna have to be next week now!

  • I really must get my act together and join you all in Princes Park.  Where's the nearest train station?  My 'green' conscience is calling.....
  • Just out of interest, how far off PB material is this parkrun? We have a very flat and fast parkrun in Cardiff which is where I set my current PB of 16.56. I feel in PB shape but not sure what pace to aim for considering the slower course. Got my barcode printed off now so no excuses this time!
  • Very enjoyable course to run on, I'll be back sooner rather than later image
  • So was it a fast course course Mark?

  • I knew it wasn't fast, but thats compared to a very fast Cardiff Parkrun.

    I ran it in 17.30, but with people around me I'm sure it could have been a bit quicker. The laps make it easier to concentrate on pacing and I reckon it's around 20-30 seconds slower than a perfectly flat 5k route. I'd love to run it again next week but I'm racing in Swansea on the Sunday. I'd recommend parkrun events in general to anyone. This event will continue to grow i'm sure, and if it grows to 300+ people there seems to be a lot of scope in that park to create another course than can cope with that.

  • I was marshalling at Princes today Mark and so I saw you fly past me on a couple of occasions. Well done on your win in a very good time.

    Hope you make it back soon.

  • My first Princes parkrun today coincided with the 300th day of my 'Streak' - and I can't think of a more appealing park in which to complete it!  Beautiful surroundings, friendly atmosphere and hills that were both fair & undulating at the same time.

    Will I be back?  Try keeping me away image

     Big thank-yous to all who were involved image

  • Glad you enjoyed it swittle. Did you find the nearest station? I didn't reply because I wasn't sure which station is the closest to Princes park.

    It would be remiss of me not to ask about your 'streak'.

  • Thanks, Paco - I opted for the car in the end, as St Michael's is a fair step away from the park. 

     "The Streak"?  I started running at least a mile every day in 2008 and managed 1315 days before injury in January this year.  Soon after, I set off again and yesterday's parkrun was Day 300 of my second 'Streak'. image

    It's my own peculiar madness, I suppose.... image

  • CC82CC82 ✭✭✭

    Bit of a thread resurrection...

    I've never run a Parkrun event before, but as I'm in Liverpool this weekend, I'm considering going along to Princes Park on Saturday morning.

    I've always wondered what actually happens with the barcodes.  Where does the barcode get scanned?  Are there handy scanners at the start and finish lines or something?  So it's my responsibilty to scan at the start and finish?  Or, well, something else??


  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Hi Calum.  No need to register at the start.  Just run with the barcode attached to you or in a pocket somehow.  When you finish you are given a disc with your position on, this is matched and scanned with your barcode so that you appear in the results.  I put my barcode in a credit card sized plastic sleeve so it doesn't get too soggy.  I normally run the York Parkrun and it is a very simple system once you are used to it.

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