2011 for 2011 - week 41

Getting back into slightly higher mileage this week - up to 39 miles this week, making a total for the year of 1634.75, ahead of target by just over 53 miles. I've been running at all times this week due to work, at times from 5am to 5pm!

Next thing is to find another race - may do the Gosport Half in November - it'll be my first race after turning 40, so a chance to set an early vets PB!

Looks like the cooler weather is on it's way now, which is fine by me! Tomorrow morning looks to be a chilly one for anyone out on runs early.

Hope everyone has a happy running and racing weekend.


  • Great mileage, looks like another day if rain here. After the rugby will get out, really enjoying the running again.
  • A proper autumn morning run nice and crisp with a mist rising from the canal.  A better week for me than last has brought my annual total up to 1563.48 miles still 23.28 miles behind schedule.

    Have a great weekend!


  • Haven't got out yet, rugby to watch but it's another wet morning here.

    Go Wales!!
  • Watching the rugby now WR, can't believe the red card!
  • That was never a red! Go Wales!
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