Insanity Workout

I read a sort of blog on here of a guy who completed the insanity workout and i have decided to do my own, in case anyone wants to do it together or plans on doing so in the future...


My name is Ged and i am 32. I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. The heaviest i got to was just shy of 19 stone in my mid twenties. i decided enough was enough and started jogging, first of all a hundred metres killed me, then it improved until i got to a mile.

from here i got fitter and lost weight, done a first half marathon and got 2hrs 2mins. a second 1hr 50m a third and final 1hr 47m.

last week i completed the liverpool marathon in 4hrs 29 and decided my distance running days were over.

i am still just over 16stone and know my food choices are the primary reason. I have always blamed alcohol for my weight. a simple example would be go out saturday night, have 12-15 pints of lager, a kebab on the way home and then miss sunday football with a big head. oh thanks mum a full english, may as well go and have a few more pints and watch the live footy, etc etc!!

whilst i was marathon training i cut out all alcohol and genuinely wanted to get to race day 15 stone. i never lost any weight because i ate greedy amounts of chocolate and rubbish. i am now slightly annoyed with myself!

so speaking to a chum who lost two stone, he used an iphone app called myfitnesspal to log his food and exercise calories, i have decided to do the same.

Starting today i am doing the insanity workout for the next 60 days and cutting calories to 1750 (before exercise) as this app says. My aim is to get in the 14s for the first time since school. 14 stone 13 will be ok for xmas!!

i will update this as much as i can and will happily chat to other people doing it, done it or wanting to do it.

My waist is 39
my chest is 42
my weight is 16-4

lets see how i get on....



  • Just started day one fit test...i found it tough...

    my results were
    switchh kicks 80
    power jacks 44
    power knees 80
    power jumps 31
    globe jumps 8
    suicide jumps 14
    push up jacks 24
    low plank oblique 53

    the jumps were the hardest as i am not very explosive and didnt want to wake the neighbours. also i worry as there is no trainer in the room if my form slips no one will correct it. will i stick out a DVD for 60 days? i dont know, but i got a massive sweat on and a good buzz off it so lets see.

    also followed it with a myprotein whey flavourless drink with water. yuk...first ever try at that gear. like coffeemate and water together.
  • GED, the most effective weight loss program I have ever found is running combined with a sensible diet. I know everyone is different but you could shift a couple of stone by Xmas by getting serious about the quality of each run you do. You can keep the DVD going as well but keep the miles up. Good luck.
  • Hi kev, thanks mate...i do agree with that. the problem for me at the moment after 3 full years of distance running to get up to marathon and half standard, i am a bit fed up with it for now.

    this insanity never cost me nothing so if i give it a go and dont like it i can always fall back on running. one thing i am going to implement more is hill sprint training. there is a route in liverpool called everton valley where local boxers do work and i have done that a few times. i am going to try at least 1-2 of them a week.

    most importantly for me it is diet though, i am aware of that. i also find that the hardest part.
  • i have just done the first proper program called "plyometric cardio circuit", jesus it was tough. even the warm up was intense. lots of obvious cardio based drills and a few american sports specific ones which being an english fella i had to watch twice. hardest part for me was the up, down four press ups, knee sprints up again, in one go haha. was slipping on my own sweat!!

    anyway day one proper done, disgusting shake downed and off to work!
  • Hi Gedgino,

    I have just bought the Insanity workout.  I know 2 people who have completed the program, both with very impressive results.  

    Good Luck

  • MB come here for your pains then haha!!

    just done the Cardio power and resistance one...didnt really feel like doing it to be honest, feel achey all over and no exaggeration my arse is like a whole rugby team have battered me! pains in places i didnt know i had. ouch...

    anyway i done it, it was hard as seems to be the common theme, i was slipping in my own sweat again and used two of my mrs towels in the end...she will kill me for that. i do struggle with jumps and find them hard, probably because of my weight but its done!!

    went to my normal circuit training last night too, so that has probably not helped. i had planned insanity today, fri and sat with two hill sprints thurs and fri. but i may leave the runs until this arse ache goes!

    had a sneaky weigh in and seem to have lost 4lbs, and have still been eating well,but i will limit my weigh ins to one a week and slowly but surely hope i get there.

    i dont think i have ever done anything that makes me sweat so much.
  • todays little nugget of doom was "cardio recovery", so far the easiest one i must say...just stretches and light lunges and squats for about half an hour...quite glad really as i am coming down with a cold so i can relax now (until pure cardio tomorrow!)
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭
    Well done Gedgino, hope it gives you everything you want.
    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Gedgino: keep up the good work.
  • hahaha thanks folks!!!

    i know my biggest need is to sort my diet out and so far so good....that'll change tomorrow as i am on the pop, but if i have no chippy on the way home and then straight into good habits saturday should be ok.
  • today i done "pure cardio", god it was a hard one, done it first thing in the morning before hunting for stone roses tickets....i found a few times where i was stopping earlier than usual...whether that was the difficulty of it or losing a bit of motivation i dont know. funnily enough, i am starting to feel more strong now and hopefully soon SEE some changes!

    off on the ale now...NO KEBAB!!!
  • well i am annoyed with meself and need to have a strong cane across me own fat arse....went out friday and as stated above, no kebab...but had a giant pork pie with the lager and then a giant beef and cashew nut fried rice later on. got up yesterday to do me insanity, couldnt be arsed, had fish and chips for dinner (no breakfast), steak and jacket for tea. couldnt sleep so ended up munching on a pot noodle at 3am watching the tele!!

    in pure anger i done a 5 miler this morning and been moaning to me mrs about the ale knocking me sideways and then this gluttonous gene kicks in.

    what upsets me most is ive tried really hard and probably back at square one, which wouldnt usually bother me but because im in total agony its not worth it.

    i am off the alcohol till my brother in laws babys christening in two weeks and then probably till around xmas so hopefully now i can have a good crack at it. i am a day behind as today should be rest as per schedule. i may do it later tonight before bed to remain (sort of) on track.

    anyway no point crying over spilt milk, just wanted to vent a little of my spleen! save me birds ears haaa!!
  • gedgino: oh dear. Alcohol and serious training never go together well.

    Always next week though. Hope things go better.

  • thanks solent!
  • Got up this morning and back to the first CD. plyometric cardio circuit. god its tougher than i remember! got a weigh in on wednesday and ill redo my measurements. prob not too much of a drop with a bad weekend, but im sticking right at it. i felt quick running yesterday, but that was probably anger!!!
  • gedgino wrote (see)
    today i done "pure cardio", god it was a hard one, done it first thing in the morning before hunting for stone roses tickets....i found a few times where i was stopping earlier than usual...whether that was the difficulty of it or losing a bit of motivation i dont know. funnily enough, i am starting to feel more strong now and hopefully soon SEE some changes! off on the ale now...NO KEBAB!!!
    Actually, believe it or not, kebabs aren't that bad as all the fat drips off.  Just so long as you don't eat one every day, I can see no harm.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭


    I'm an insanity graduate. I'm on my second round of insanity and i can honestly say that i've never looked back! 80 switch kicks for a first time is VERY impressive.

    Regarding Whey Protein drinks - use skimmed milk/soya milk instead of water - it tastes like milkshake if you do.... i use the myprotein ones. Regarding your diet - I'd make sure that you're writing down everything. For the crazy insanity workouts you really need to refuel your body within an hour of finishing and making sure that whatever you do it - your body is getting enough fuel on board. There were several days where i nearly fainted because i didnt eat enough.

    The thing about the insanity workout is to keep with it. You'll be hurting for the first couple of days but after that - you'll be on great guns. One of the biggest bits of advice is to make sure that you're doing the moves correctly. The worst thing to do would be to put out your bank by doing the plank wrong image

    I workout in the kitchen or outside to avoid waking the neighbours with my jumping - it seems to work pretty well!

    Good luck!

  • Emilybug thats great to here...thanks.

    i am sorta used to the protein now... i fill a pint of water with it and then breathe in, knock it back in one like a rugby boy on a night out with a pint and then its gone!!

    i genuinely do try and do the moves properly too, i go to normal circuit training twice a week so know some of the moves, but not all of them so that has helped.

    it is ridiculous though the amount i sweat off it, so i know its working. my arse especially has nevef hurt more.

    what is the second month like? does it get much harder? why are you doing it again?
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hiya gedgino,

    Yeah, it's one of the biggest issues I have with insanity - getting the moves right. When i get tired and worn out - i'll slouch or not do the moves properly so it's one of my biggest flaws!

    I'm normally left drowning in a pool of sweat! It makes me feel like i'm really working! image

    The MAX sessions are INSANE. I LOVED them and would only do the second month if i could image. It's a lot of hard work and you're on the sessions for an hour... it's literally insane. I found I had so much energy after doing it - it really made me so energetic! I kept a daily diary too on the insanity thread - it made me "keep at it".

    I'm doing it again because I enjoyed it and really loved the results. I was thinking about P90X and some of the others but in the end - insanity is something that i can do wherever I am and I dont need anything else.

  • well now i am even more scared! haha!!

    i cant say i enjoy it and still havent seen any difference (apart from firming of the arms) but i am going to stick it out...i have started to like challenging myself and after completing the marathon this has been a good changeup.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Yeah, it's definitely a challenge!! I love it and can heartily recommend it to everyone who wants to push themselves. I was thinking that i'd find it easier - but as your body adapts to the movements and gets more agile - you find yourself being able to achieve and complete more.

    Keep us up to date!

  • today has been a tough old day...done the insanity this morning. cardio power and resistance. found meself clock watching today, especially during the middle section.

    after work i done a 5 mile run too. my ankle was sore off the run, but with the weigh in tomorrow i thought id have a go.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    If you can clock watch it means you're not pushing yourself hard enough image
  • hahhaa i was giving a slyeye to the tele.."only 20 to go, jesus!"

    today i had my first weigh in. 15-12 so i have lost 6lbs or thereabouts. Happy with that in just over a week, so just gonna weigh meself every wednesday now.

    my wife said i cheated being weighed after insanity, but i said i dont give a shit. if i get up at half 7 and stomp round the living room then i deserve it! still gonna keep my eye on the calories in and out. on this myfitnesspal, it says a 40 min run is 700kcals but high intensity aerobics is 450-500 which seems strange as this hurts more, but i suppose if i just stick to what it says and follow the process i'll get there in the end. cant be bothered buying a HR monitor to work out. my attitude is less ale, less bread more sweat = better body! that would sell millions of books!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Wow - that sounds great! I lost 1kg in the first week and it levelled out. I did two weighs in - and i put weight on if i did it after insanity image

    I worked out that i burnt 700-900 kcals in an insanity session (but I pushed my heart rate to 180/190 in every set).... it killed me most days but I saw a great effect!

  • today was the cardio recovery day, which is pretty easy really apart from the slow lunges and squats. followed that by a game of 7 a side footy and felt really really sharp, so i can say quite categorically that insanity is making me sharper.

    the weekend is always the issue so tomorrow i have insanity and then at the gym with work, sat first set of cardio abs (whats that like emmy?) and sunday rest, before fit test monday.

    no booze or fast food for me this weekend, so hopefully the weightloss continues. only downside right now is a slightly sore lower back and right ankle.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hiya Gedgino,

    Cardio Abs is good - for me the hardest part was the fact that it was after pure cardio image

    If you're aching in your ankle - check what you're jumping on and what you're wearing. I have a wooden floor but when a carpet is there - it really helped with the impact.

  • thanks for that emmy, i feel a bit achy after today, so ive decided to swap days and rest tomorrow (when im working) and do it sunday instead when im off.

    done the cardio resistance today and although at times i think to myself that i am stopping at the same time, i noticed the last exercise 8 squats and 8 press ups repeated i went the same pace as shaun t, so i must be improving...a well deserved break now.

    it was tough today because for the first time i was making excuses not to do it. up to now the thoughts of stopping havent entered my head, but today i was a bit "aw fuck this", i am happy i did it, but after doing weights in the gym afterwards and a sauna, i am ready for a day off.

    emmy what did u do after the 60 days? my plan is to give up and die of a heart attac....only kidding, i plan on keeping up circuits twice a week and one game of football but not do this on top!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    You need to just keep it up. I used to do it first thing in the morning to get it out of the way!

    After 60days I decided to drop down to month 1 insanity 3 times a week and keep the max recovery sessions in it. I'm training for a marathon so combining it with insanity to get my cross training in.

    Enjoy it - you'll begin to love it!

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