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    Been reading this thread and this looks bit too insane for me, but checked on ebay and someone is selling brand new ones for £45 inc postage, seems like a good deal? Just if anyone else is interested.

  • Half marathon went well - I've only run one before which was in November and I managed to do this one in 17 minutes less so quite happy. I think the iNsanity really helped, I felt much fitter doing it this time.

    I've kind of lapsed in my Insanity the last week though - I'm working 2 weeks with no day off and my son's been ill so had no sleep either the last 4 days. Not sure what to do - I'd just fininshed week one of the max so I might just start week 1 again. Either that or go back to the other, easier workouts until I feel a bit less worn down. Either way, need to start again tomorrow!!

  • Well done, 17 minutes less is great, i'm hoping to be at least a couple of minutes quicker on mine at the end of april.

    I've got 1 week to go, week 2 was horrendous i felt fatigued and really de-motivated but i stuck with it. Week 3 was totally the opposite, i have had 6 really strong sessions this week, felt amazing all week and my body has had some visual changes as well.


    Stick with it guys!

  • Well done Mr A - youve nearly fininshed! Had another setback next week in the form of an evil mosquito who has bitten and infected me so badly that I'm on antibiotics and have to go to the hospital on Sunday to get the bite lanced! My arm is swollen so haven't been able to do anything this week. On Monday (if all OK) I'm going to start Insanity again - not sure if I'll go from the start or from about week 3. It's a bit annoying because I was feeling so much fitter image Anyway - I'm determined to get through the programme - even if I have to start it all again!!

  • Great work Mr A

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather Sam, be careful not to over do it, trust me, I know.

    Doing a lot of core strength exercises as prescribed by physio and started some light running, basically leading my wife through C25K program. Looking forward to a time when my body is fully functioning again!
  • JLB3 i'm glad your on the mend.

    Sam, i hope you get better soon, i have had a teribble week. I have been called into work at short notice and had to put in a lot of additional hours, this has meant that i have have been too knackered to workout properly, i'm hoping to start the final week tomorrow, so i still have 6 workouts to go before i finish. I will get there!


  • Well it looks like we've all come into a few problems. Good to hear you're feeling a bit better JLB3 and Mr A - you're nearly there - 6 workouts to go...I know what it's like - last week was like that for me - I haven't had a day off for 11 days, got this swollen arm and my son's been ill so haven't had much sleep either! we'll all get there - maybe might just take a bit longer!

  • At last, i managed my first workout in 2 weeks yesterday. It was max plyo and i found it incredibly hard, out of all the times i had done this session this was by far the worst. It just shows that a couple of weeks not training makes a huge difference, suprisingly i'm not aching as much as i thought i would today. 5 workouts to go!

  • I'm not sure what to do because I've had 2 weeks off too. I might just start the whole thing again from tomorrow! What I thought was a mosquito bite was actually a spider bite and resulted in antiobiotics and a trip to day surgery!

    I feel really out of shape now and have put on some weight so it's back to the start for me in the morning!image

  • Sam, i really feel for you, thats terrible, i hope you are feeling better. Although it was really hard yesterday i would say that you dont need to start from scratch. Maybe do a couple of months 1 workouts to see how you feel and then jump back to month 2 if you feel okay.

  • I thought about that but decided that I'd prefer to start again and do it properly. First workout today. Have you noticed a difference in fitness etc Mr A?

  • How was your 1st workout again?

    Just finished working out and it was okay, nowhere near as bad as the other day, i'm hoping this means that my fitness has stayed at a reasonable level even though i had 2 weeks of not training. I've got 4 workouts to go then i'm going to get myself out for a run and see what my time is like.

    I'm definitely a lot fitter compared to when i started, i've also lost about 2.5 inches off my waist and 7lbs in weight, i'll post all of my final stats when i'm finished.

  • Came home from our winter 2011 holiday to Egypt with the g/f.  Seeing the holiday happy snaps made me think who was this beached whale..As I always had this image of me being a 007 six packed type super hero...not a 44 y/o, balding overweight (77.7kg) man looking very tired of life.

    Here are my numbers for Insanity: 31.12.12 - 02.03.13

    Fit Tests (all eight excercises total)

    1. 334
    2. 445 33.23% increase from test 1
    3. 518 16.40% increase from test 2
    4. 562 8.49% increase from test 3
    5. 629 11.92% increase from test 4


    31.12.12 - 70.2kg (11.10% body fat), 62.41kg lean body weight, 7.79kg body fat. 27.01.13 - 68.2kg ( 9.54% body fat), 61.69kg lean body weight, 6.51kg body fat.  03.03.13 - 66.7kg ( 7.41% body fat), 61.76kg lean body weight, 4.94kg body fat. 

    *working on the basis that there will always be a 'fudge' factor with these figure I will err on the side of caution and say the bf % is aprox 8.5% which still makes me very happy.
    What did I learn?

    The scales are not your friend...but a decent set of fat calipers & tape are.

    Know exactly what you put in your mouth..know your carbs, protein, fat amounts each day. Know how many cal you 'spent' that day.

    Learn to love you...some find sweat 'icky'... it's just your bodies way of showing the world what 'liquid awesome' looks like!

    Now matter how bad you feel...push play..if you just cannot do a single excercise, push play, sit down and watch the machines do their thing.

    Don't lose heart after 15, 30 days because you have not seen the results you patient...they will appear and appear when you least expect it....

    If you want a buddy, message me at beachbody..I'm not a coach or wannabe coach nor will I become one...but if you just need to chat with know what to do.

    Don't lose faith...



  • Nice results Dave!

  • Thanks mr.average 99..have to admit I'm well chuffed...I have taken some time off training to do a few other things and started again this week with a 4 week hybrid of the 'max' workouts of insanity and 3 runs per week...this will be ok for now as I am hoping to buy the other bits and pieces I need for insanity such as weights, bands, ladder, pull-up bar until finds allow I'll keep on doing 'my own thang' image


  • I too am starting a hybrid when i finish on saturday. When you say you are buying other bits, do you mean for asylum?

  • Yeah...for Asylum 1 and 2, Body combat etc.... sorry to confuse I should have written Asylum instead of insanity... I can be such a clutz!

  • First workout back was quite hard but not too bad - I could probbaly skip a couple of weeks but think I'll stick to this now as I'm going to run 3 days a week too.

    Nice to see someone else on here too Dave! I agree with you about the scales, I didn't seem to lose weight but my clothes felt much looser.

    My plan after I finally get through Insanity is to do a P90x Insanity hybrid - I like the idea of doing the weights in P90x but find that the cardio on it isn't as good as the Insanity. Just a few more days Mr A!

  • Yep almost there sam, you will get there.


    Dave, asylum looks good but i dont think i have the space to do the workouts properly, windscreen wipers from a pull up bar will require some space and i wouldn't want to comprise the workout by doing a substitute exercise.  I will be interested to see your posts on it when you start though.

  • Are you on the beachbody website?

  • I'm not mate because i didn't buy my insanity through beachbody, i e-mailed them about joining and they said i dont get the benefits because of that.

    I've just been out for my 1st run since starting insanity,  a particularly hilly 7.5 miles, i did a 57:58 which was over 2 and a half minutes faster than my PB so i'm well pleased, however i'm aching more than i would have expected to. I've just got to maintain a good hybrid of training now.

  • Mr.Average...just join the site and google a use address and postcode...mine is a burge king in LA...then set your time as GMT.



  • Genius dave, i might give it a tryimage

  • That's a good idea Dave, I had tried to register but couldn't because I haven't got a US address.

    Have you finished now Mr. A?

    I did the first day of 2nd week yesterday - still finding it a bit tough but feeling a bit better now and have already lost about 1.5 kg so pleased with that.

  • Hiya gang,

    Just spent about an hour looking through this thread - fascinating! I've seen the complete box set on offer through kgb deals for about 50 quid and I'm thinking about getting it.

    I wanted to check though, I'm currently training for my second 10K at the end of this week (last one was two years ago), and I'm planning to keep up with my running after this. I just wondered if the Insanity programme is something you can do as well as a running training plan, or will it kill me?! I've only been active again since the end of the year, and looking to complete my 10K in just under an hour. I obviously don't want to push myself too far and end up with an injury or completely demotivated.

    Any advice would be appreciated image

  • PS  - I meant the beginning of this year, not the end of the year - doh!

  • Keep at it Sam it will come back to you. Yes i'm all finished now, just been trying to mix it up a bit now with running,cycling and light weight speed circuits, oh and of course doing the odd insanity workout as well.  I may not be posting as much now though so the best of luck to all of you. Still no six pack but it's close, i may still get one with carrying on the sensible eating. (i did lose a clear 3" of my waistline though)


    Gemma, if you put 100% into insanity i would say that you wont be in very good shape to carry on runnning as well but Sam is doing her own hybrid version which may be suitable for you.  I stopped all other exercise whilst doing insanity to try and maximise results. It has definitely worked, i'm beating all my previous PB's but i'm not going to lie, my legs were really aching from running the first couple of runs back, they seem to be back to normal now.

  • Completed day 9 of insanity yesterday - so far so good! There is a mirror in the room where i do it and sometimes i look at it and say so to myself - what the hell am i doing?? But once those final stretches are being done there is a warm glow of satisfaction! I am mixing running and weights with insanity but feel great for it. I am training for 2 half marathons at the end of May and middle of June.

    One thing which i have noticed the insanity training is that my flexibility is shocking. During the stretches i really have to modify what Shaun T and the guys are doing. I can't say i love or hate any particular workout - there are parts of them all where I struggle but then parts where i feel good. Plyo Cardio circuit is this evening - its gonna be tough but as Shaun would say - dig deeper!!

  • Hi everybody I'm starting insanity in a few days in the aid of get fit for diving and running , all the positive stories are all great help to push me on
  • Day 13 completed today and what a day of exercise that was!! Ran a 5 mile race this afternoon and today was pure cardio and for the first time cardio abs! I was drained from the race this afternoon and thought about doing day 13 tomorrow instead of the rest day but the guilt of not following the programme to the letter hit me so i just did summoned up the energy and did it. Boy it was tough!! The sweat was dripping off me, As anyone who has done it know this is the DVD where Shaun T says at the start that he is really nervous about the workout coming up which always makes me smile and strike a few nerves through me as well! I gave it my all and got through it and now i am still knackered! But glad i got through it anyway and i will definitely enjoy my rest day tomorrow.

    Theeee quote of Insanity so far is also on this DVD - THIS SH*T IS BANANAS!!! And i can say hand on heart - it absolutely is!!

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