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  • Agreed with dave79 about Pure Cardio + Cardio Abs. That was a nasty little surprise. I enjoyed Week 2 but work commitments meant that, like mark1963, I had to swap my rest day (Thursday in my case). 

    Completed the fit test this morning:

    Switch Kicks: (87) 108

    Power Jacks: (45) 54

    Power Knees: (66) 85

    Power Jumps: (34) 31

    Golbe Jumps: (10) 11

    Suicide Jumps: (17) 20

    Push-up Jacks: (16) 20

    Low Plank Oblique (32) 54

    Overall very pleased with the results (except for the power jumps!) Definitely feeling a lot stronger and have dropped 7lb in weight an inch from the waist and 2% bodyfat in the first two weeks. 

    Well done and good luck everyone. Very inspiring reading this thread!

  • Hi all

    I started the Insanity workout last week. Just scouring the internet for threads on Insanity and came upon this place so thought I'd register and share my progress. I wouldn't label myself a 'runner' as such, but aside from the occasional 5 a side footy, running is about the only exercise I've been doing before I started this.

    Anyway, before I started I weighed in at 96kg. I'm 6ft 4. Started insanity to shed some fat before my holiday at the end of June, and to be honest if I complete it I'll be in the best shape I've bene in for years.

     My fit test results:

    Switch Kicks: 80

    Power Jacks: 43

    Power Knees: 78

    Power Jumps: 27

    Golbe Jumps: 6

    Suicide Jumps: 10

    Push-up Jacks: 11

    Low Plank Oblique 36

    I completed my first week yesterday and have been pleased so far. I'm feeling great and have lost roughly 2kg in my first week. I had been fortunate to have the week off work last week so usually had a light breakfast then did the routine at lunch time. Now the hard work starts now that I'm back to work!

    Do many of you do insanity first thing in the morning? That's ideally what I'd like to do but not sure if I'll have the energy that early in the morning

  • Yeah I didn't like the cardio abs, to be honest a couple of the exercises I just found impossible.But I'm hanging on in there and still enjoying it.

    Nice to hear from you Fuzzy I thought we'd lost you and an impressive set of results on the fittness test.

    Good luck Insane Rob, I do my training mid morning but I don't start work until later so my working day is not 'normal' so thinking about it that doesn't help you in the slightest.

    Fittness test results round 2

    Switch kicks - (119)  124

    Power Jacks - (39)  50

    Power knees - (70)  90

    Power Jumps - (30)  37

    Globe jumps - (6)  9

    Suicide jumps - (13)  19

    Push up jacks - (15)  26

    Plank Obliques - (30)  38

    Pretty pleased with this though I think it was a bit easier this time as I knew what I was doing compared to the first attempt. Even so I feel a lot fitter/stonger and I'm sure I'm looking a bit more toned image  But that could be just wishfull thinking!


  • Managed a full set of the basketball, level 1 drills, ski abs and in out abs today without taking a break - first time I've managed to keep up! It was only one set though and had to take breaks for the other two!

    Insane Rob, I've set my alarm the last two days at 5am to get up and do Insanity but both days I've ended up pressing snooze and doing it after work. I'd much prefer to do the morning and get it done. My main problem is getting motivated after work. Very sad but I'm now actually following shaun T on Twitter - find his daily tweets of "Dig Deeper' and 'Jump higher today than yesterday' get me motivated!

    By the way, I have to agree with you about Tanya - I'm not sure she's human!

  • Hi guys, keep at it. Just another quick update, i ran plymouth half marathon on sunday and was just under 6 minutes quicker than last year. I ran a 1:43:04.  I put my massive improvement down to the insanity training.   Just in case you needed some extra motivation.

  • What are peoples thoughts on the recovery week? I am in the middle of it now but skipped Wednesdays and yesterdays session. Anybody any thoughts on whether i should get back on track today - or will there be no real benefits for when i go into the max month?

  • Thanks Mark. Really impressive results for you too! I have no idea how you're combining this with other training... I've managed a couple of runs but adding in boot camps would be the end of me I think. 

    Insane Rob, I do Insanity before work everyday at 6am. It's always hard to crawl out of bed a bit earlier but it's definitely worth it. I find that it really improves my mood throughout the day (the weather might be helping with that!) and I feel more energized. There have been a couple of days when I haven't managed it but like Samantha I find it a lot harder to be motivated... after a long day at work it feels a bit more like another task to be completed. So total recommendation for an early start from me!

    Well done on the Plymouth Half Marathon Mr Average! This thread really is inspiring!

  • I've been reading this thread for a while to see everyones experiences, and although I havent raced or ran competetively since I was about 18, I thought I'd register to give my thoughts on Insanity!

    Bod13 - I found recovery week nice before the Insanity of month 2. It probably doesnt matter if you miss a session, its just nice to do it for completeness.

    Month 2 is completely insane for anyone that hasn't started it yet, but also a lot more rewarding. I've found my body changing a lot more. More toned, stronger, less rests in exercises.

    I am on M2W2D5 today, which was Max Cardio Conditioning, then followed by Cardio Abs. This was hard but when I did the cardio abs after, I found I was able to push myself harder and longer than the last time I did it in month 2.

    Tomorrow is core cardio and balance, which will be a nice rest, as I'm quite sore from this week.

    Will keep in touch, and post a before and after pic at the end of the month. Going straight back into Insanity the week after.


  • Ok so day 1 of month 2 yesterday evening and wow that was BRUTAL!!! Month 1 is a walk in the park compared with that! Really kicks up a level and it is a real struggle. Some new moves in there as well but hopefully after another few days i will get the hang of them. Hopefully as AliB said in the previous post the results will be noticeable.

  • Well done AliB. BOD13, you've made me nervous for Month 2! I'll make sure I enjoy my recovery week next week!

  • M2W3D5 for me today, it should be day 6, but I missed a session on monday because it was bank holiday, so will be doing day 6 tomorrow.


    Fuzzy - I'm not going to lie, I would be nervous about month 2. I think the step up will really separate the people that want to finish and get good results, from those that will roll over and give up.

    Definitetly noticing more toning and muscle definition, along with a loss of extra fat from the stomach area. I'm gonna go straight back into Insanity when finished to really try an get rid of the harder fat to lose at the bottom of the stomach.

    How's everyone else been getting on?

  • Hi everybody, I've had a mixed up couple of weeks, missed the odd session due to illness but I managed to get back on track, sort of, didn't do the Thursday replaced it with a 'proper' session and worked out on the Sunday as well, anyway like I say I'm back on track ish.

    But I must say I'm glad the first month is over it was starting to become a bit of a chore now whether this was because I'm not use to working out 6 days a week or the repetitive nature of the sessions I'm not sure or maybe because I missed a session or two and had to catch up but I'm looking forward to recovery week and then cracking on with month 2 though from what I am reading I'm a little apprehensive.

    On the recovery week did people stick to it or did you do extra? I haven't looked yet to see what it involves.


  • Yeah forget doing extra I've just had a quick look at 'recovery week' and I think I'll be fine with that!


  • Finished Insanity this morning!

    I'm pretty sore, and my joints are beginning to hurt a little, but I guess that should be expected from such a tough workout plan. I've booked myself in for a sport massage in a couple of weeks.

    But, I've had very good results, and I'm very pleased with how I'm looking. Must push harder on the next run through and get even better results.

    Starting Insanity again on Monday, so will post my fitness test results after that.


  • Okay, fit test three done yesterday and it's good to see improvements (but doing a whole hour of a brand new intense workout massively wiped me out!)

    Switch kicks - (87) (108) 124

    Power Jacks - (45) (54) 54

    Power knees - (66) (85) 100

    Power Jumps - (34) (31) 46

    Globe jumps - (10) (11) 12

    Suicide jumps - (17) (20) 21

    Push up jacks - (16) (20) 23

    Plank Obliques - (32) (54) 70

    Max Interval Circuit and Max Interval Plyo really are insane. But biggest problem is that Shaun T seems to have a new backing band! I panicked when Tanya wasn't in Max Interval Circuit but thankfully she returned for the Plyo!

  • Well done Fuzzy some big improvements there!

    Mine were a bit of a mixed bag

    Fittness test results round 3

    Switch kicks - (119)  (124) 118?

    Power Jacks - (39)  (50) 56

    Power knees - (70)  (90) 90

    Power Jumps - (30)  (37) 36

    Globe jumps - (6)  (9) 10

    Suicide jumps - (13)  (19) 17

    Push up jacks - (15)  (26) 25

    Plank Obliques - (30)  (38) 43

    I also found  the 60 mins of Max Plyo a struggle in fact 1 or 2 of the exercises nigh on impossible still it was nice to have a change.

    My wife has just started Hip Hop Abs an earlier creation of Shaun T (in full gay mode) and you guessed it Tanya! 

    Keep up the good work!

  • Recovery week for me. I skipped 3 workputs over the first month so will do those and then 3 days recovery workouts. Quite looking forward to the Max workouts, feel like I can more or less do the other ones now. Might be saying otherwise when I start next week!

  • Morning,

    There is some good reading here on the insanity workout. I am currently in week 4 before recovery week. In short, the reason i am doing the workout is my lazy antics over the past three years and wanting to get to my optimum fitness so i can begining marathons and triathlons again!

    Interested to hear peoples repsonses on weight loss versus visual changes. Im definatley putting the muscle on and replacing the static fat that has been present for some time now. I guess the fat began to melt-off at the start and now the weight has stablised due to the reponse of muscle development.

    How are people finding the running, are you able to push your body to the heart rate levels you get with insanity workouts? I use to be able to when alot fitter and in my teens, but before insanity i did suffer laziness and the give up easy syndrome!



  • Ive just ordered Insanity to give it a go, any tips on getting started?

    Have done a few half marathons etc but nothing like this before.



  • Hey Paulie,

    I can assure you this is different to anything you have done before ( my past was mainly running and marathons).

    My advise would be take it with a pinch of salt and work at your own pace. You will find the first week that you need to let your body adjust to it. Too much to soon will risk injury. The workouts are about 40% stretch and warmup, the rest is hard, grueling workout. It is all technique and form, you risk injury if you dont do it properly, espec in month two. (my back is aching from not doing an excercise right on the second workout of month 2).

    Month one is basically a prep for month 2 (you will only understand this when you do it!)

    You will get results, guaranteed, just keep with it.

    Good luck and let me know who it goes. It seems to have gone quiet in this thread.




  • Hi Target

    Thanks I'll keep you posted. Likely to start on Sunday as away with work this week.shame this thread has gone a bit quiet, could do with banter to get me through it I think.



  • Hi, I see this thread has gone quiet, but I too have just started the Insanity program. I'm down for the London Marathon next year, was supposed to do it this year, but had some serious injuries so had to put it off a year. As I'm desperate to do it this year, and get my core fitness back I thought I'd have ago at this.

    WOW! Day 1 The Fit Test - Does it get any easier? I almost passed out at the end of it, and physically felt sick!


    Switch kicks - 114

    Power Jacks - 53

    Power knees - 81

    Power Jumps - 40

    Globe jumps - 10

    Suicide jumps - 15

    Push up jacks - 23

    Plank Obliques - 50

    I was worried about my form on some of these, but I pushed harder than I ever thought possible, maybe I overdid it for a first go.

    Anywho, anyone else doing this, would be nice to get a bit of community going again, might make it more bareable.

    Thanks all,


  • Just done plyometric cardio circuit today.

    The pressup drills were the hardest part, I just couldn't keep up with it, I was colapsed on the floor most of the time!

    Talking about sweating, boy I never have as much.

    Need to sort my diet out, cause I haven't eaten really anything for a good few hours before hand, I expect thats why I feel a bit lightheaded once finished, and a little sick.

    Got a protein shake to smash right now, but feel sick as a dog lol

    Bring on tomorrow!

  • Day three - Cardio Power and Resistance.

    Really not looking forward to this one, and didn't want to finish work today cause I knew I'd have to go home and do this ha! Also my muscles were aching something chronic.

    Anyway, it wasn't too bad, yes it was tough, yes I was sweating and wishing it to be over, but at the end of it I felt the best I've felt so far, I reacon this is because I had something substantial to eat a few hours before.

    Looking forward to tomorrow - cardio recovery, sounds good.

    I see I'm the only person posting in this thread, hope people don't mind these posts, they keep me motivated, oh and I hope someone chimes in soon.


  • Did cardio recovery yesterday, thought it might be easy since it had the word recovery in it, but it was still tough. Lots of stretching and pressups things like that. Might sound easy but it wasn't. 

    Looking forward to my day off on Sunday, but later tonight I have pure cardio which I'm not looking forward to if I'm honest. Lol

  • Hi just checked back after some time away,

    keep up the good work misterb!

    I got within 2 weeks of finishing then had appendicitis and had to have said appendix taken out so I was out of action for a while.

    then I was on holiday and now I don't think I can start all over again

    need some inspiration !

  • Hi Mark,

    God am I glad someone else is reading this, thought I was talking to myself for a while ha!

    Did pure cardio tonight, has to be the toughest yet. I was a bit gutted earlier, I weighed myself and I haven't lost a pound. Not good after the pain I've put myself through over the past 4 days. Anyway 1 day to go then its my day off!!!

  • Hi All


    Wow, I've read this thread from page 1.  This forum is inspiring!   Well I've got the Insanity program too after watching the infomercials pretty frequently over the last 2 years.  Now it's my turn to see what all the fuss is about!

    This week should be week 3 but I went on holiday last week so I'm starting week 1 again minus the fit test.   Looking forward to getting started!


  • Hi All,

    I've done the first month on and off twice now but things keep getting in the way, such as my 7 month old daughter, visiting family, etc

    I'm planning on starting again tomorrow and this time I will be finishing the whole thing regardless

    I'm hoping posting here will give me some accountability

    Keep up the good work guys!!

  • Glad to see the thread getting a bit of action again!

    I just finished Pure Cardio yesterday on Day 9, I must admit, it seems to be getting a little easier now. IT'S NOT EASY BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION! Just a little less hard than before lol

    I'm going camping tonight so will have to miss one day, but I'll do plenty of swimming today and carry on from Thursday.

    Keep posting folks, and Dozy - good luck starting again, it would be nice to have another person posting there experience here alongside my own!

    PlyoJac - Post your experiences here, it's nice to read how other people are getting on, not to mention a little inspiring!

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