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  • Oh and I also HATE those frog jump things.

  • Well, week 1 is done! Today is rest day. I ran a half marathon last week so haven't run a huge amount- did a 4.5 miler on Thursday and parkrun yesterday. Neither run was fast (parkrun was only 1sec slower than my pb though, which I didn't think was bad after a hard week of exercise). I'm looking forward to the Great North now, 3 weeks to go!

    I follow slimming world rather than the diet they suggest as I've got so many issues with food upsetting me and I'm in to my stride with SW. I've got 12lb to go to get to my target though and those 12lb just aren't shifting. Actually, I've gained 2lb this week. I've stuck to plan eating wise and of course really upped the intensity of the exercise. My measurements are the same this week too. I will change, won't I? lol

  • Givingitago - Tanya wimps totally on T25 she's there but is the low impact modifier (though at times i'm glad of her) her excuse is sh's just had a baby - you cannot tell.

    dottyg - don't get too hung up on the scales go with inches, how your clothes fit and how you feel

  • I've lost no weight at all so far and the tape measure's not playing fair either, but I am building muscle and I'm getting fitter. At the end of the day that's what counts most. I'm pretty sure that at the end of this there's not going to be too much difference in my before and after pics. I guess I'll have to wait til the end of round 2!

  • Been reading all the will give it a go to use those develop those core muscles.. by doing this insanity workout. Has anyone really seen an improvement in race times since doing the workout?..

  • I may be growing an ab - possibly a hernia, hard to tell as I've had neither of these before.

  • Hey, I've been doing insanity for a while, ( middle of week 4 now ) and I have to say I'm starting to struggle. I think it's because I've been feeling pretty burnt out. I'm a single mom, in the process of moving house and I run my own business along with preparing for m 10k in October. So my schedule went out of the window and my diet suffered but not terribly. More skipping some meals rather than eating rubbish. 

    Anyway I had a few days off to try and recharge my batteries and I'm back on it tomorrow (thank god it's cardio recovery). Do any of you guys use a pre workout? I didn'bias I used to do insanity in the mornings but as my schedule changed that means I have to get up at 5am to do it but if I do it in the afternoons now I'm already feeling deflated from the days work. Also, do you all follow Shaun's elite nutrition plan? 

  • Today is day 4 for me. Aching all over which I'm taking as a good sign that I'm working muscles I don't normally. However, I'm still wondering if this is a good idea with the races I mentioned before coming up including a 5 miler, 3 x 10K, and 2 x Half Marathons all the space of 6 weeks.

    Also, slightly concerned that no one seems to be answering whether the program does help with race times or not? I'm going to continue until my first 10K (a week Sunday) meaning I'll have done 2 weeks worth, and see how the race goes. If I struggle, then I think I'll have to postpone trying to complete the whole program until after these races are over.

    Edit: just found this schedule for doing Insanity and Running - seems to suggest it is possible and has 5K / 10K races included on Sunday's after 6 continuous days of Insanity workouts and a bit of running training. However, it does suggest no insanity workouts in the week leading up to a Half Marathon.

  • Legend - sorry can't comment on race times as i don't race enough to know. I'd definately stop for at least a half a week before a half just give yourself time to recover and possible wouldn't do the Friday before the others.  I guess judge it a bit on how your feeling on your training runs.

    My schedule got messed up this week because of decorating but back on T25 now -not letting it stress me and giving up is a big step forward for me

  • Hey KJSmith87, I'm in the middle of week 4 too, although I actually started about 6 weeks ago. Life gets in the way, especially in your circumstances, and it can become more of a mental than physical challenge. I have to do my workouts in the evening as there's no way I could jump out of bed in the morning and go nuts, and I'm really starting to feel the strain. Also, like Givingitago's post earlier, I've lost no weight recently and the tape measure has stopped going down as much as it did in the begining. Maybe this is like hitting the wall when you are running and you have to keep going.

    I don't follow Shauns nutrition plan, and my "recovery formula" is a pint of water and a banana. I'm under no illusions that I'm going to look like one of Shaun minions when this is over, but I'm determined to see this through to the end - we can do it!

  • Sorry, I don’t want to hog the forum but…….

    I’ve got scales that measure fat percentage. Normally I’m around 24 to 26%, I once got down to 21 but that’s the best I’ve ever been. I was hoping Insanity could take me down to below 20% by the end of the “60” days. I checked before I started the course and was happy to be 22% fat.  I jumped on tonight to see how I was progressing and it said 17% !!! I checked another 3 times, still the same. So although I think I don’t look too different after 4 weeks (and I’m permanently knackered) I’ve obviously shifted some lard somewhere, which has got to be healthy if nothing else.

    I promise I won’t post anymore for a little while.

  • I must admit I wasn't looking forward to yesterday's Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit. Rest day then wham bam today an hour and a half of working out.
    After doing the fit test and putting my all into it, I struggled a bit with the workout afterwards. I just seemed to run out of steam.

    Anyway, here's my results so far

                                        1st               2nd               3rd              4th
    Switch Kicks                 52                56                 66               71
    Power Jacks                  38               40                 53                57
    Power Knees                 73               85                 91                99
    Globe Jumps                   5                7                   8                10
    Suicide Jumps               10              16                  21                32
    Low Plank Oblique         22              27                  30                34


    zolagola keep posting, it makes good reading.

    I don't follow Shaun's plan either, A lot of the guys on WWers have started doing Jason Vale's juicing - making natural recovery juices and seen really good results. I just stick to copious amounts of water and try to eat natural unprocessed food with lean protein, mostly fish & chicken, and no cows milk- I use almond milk or oat drink.

    Legend777 I can't comment as I'm not running at the moment but Henstooth/teeth (can't remember for sure) earlier in this blog may be some use to you.

  • Max recovery today. I must be getting better I'm hanging in there longer. So near the end and it's getting harder each day to "just press play"

  • Hi Givingitago, if you've done 4 fit tests you must only have 2 weeks to go, I'm just starting the recovery week, so I can only imagine how you must feel, but hang on in there!!

    Wish I could be more help.....


  • Givingitago - don't give up your nearly there

    I did my double T25 day yesterday and instead of one am and one pm as normal i did the workouts back to back - i could hardly move after my legs were like jelly.  I was glad only 25 mins again this morning.  But a tough run planned for tonight.

  • Yes I'm starting my last week tomorrow. Should be my rest day but I'm away for the weekend, so doing Friday's workout tomorrow and resting on Friday instead. Finally managed to do the Core Cardio & Balance all the way through including the leg burning plie bit at the end. The fit test at the end is going to be day 63 and also day 1 of round 2. 

    Well done Chrissi 2 back to back that's going some.

    I will see this through to the bitter end image

  • Hey Givingitago

    How's it going?

  • Finished T25 Alpha phase yesterday and started Beta this morning.  It had taken me 5 weeks to master one of the lunge progression moves and then this morning it changed slightly and i nearly fell over trying to do it.

    Givingitago - did you survive the last week?

    zolagola - have you started Max yet?

  • Hi Chrissi,

    I'm still enjoying the recovery week, should finish on Friday, fit test Saturday. What I'm noticing is that when Shaun says keep your abs tight I can actually feel something now, when I first started this there was nothing to clench! I think I look better too, but Mrs Zolagola says I look "skinny and srawney" image

  • I've been away for the weekend so I've just made a start on the last week. Just 3 more workouts and 1 fit test left. I found the 1st workout after those few days off really hard. I'm pretty sure I'm going to start another round once done.

  • That's it I'm done just the fit test left to do tomorrow and that'll be 63 days of madness completed. On with round 2 after a few days break.

  • Givingitago - You are an inpiration!!

    It was insanity to do it through one of the hottest summers in years, but you did it.

    By the way, whats this round 2.....nobody said there was a round 2 ?!?!

  • Fit test complete all boxes ticked. Zolagola didn't you know you have to do it at least twice to get your money's worth, it's the law image 

    Fit test results are impressive even for me.

    Switch kicks 5256667178

    Power jacks 3840535761

    Power knees 73859199113

    Globe jumps 5781010

    Suicide jumps 1014141515

    Push up jacks 1016213245

    Low plank obliques 2227303440

    Power jumps 2538314152


  • For my fit test I counted low plank obliques in the same way as switch kicks, one left and one right = 1 count.

    Keep pressing play all you Insane people, it's worth it.

  • Hi everyone, so glad I found this thread still active!

    I'm at the end of my 3rd week of Insanity and loving it. Really impressive with the changes I can already see in my body and the energy I have after every workout. I was wondering if Insanity would help improve performance in other physical activities but now I think I have the proof that it does indeed. I'm currently on a cycling trip in Holland and can honestly say that my stamina and power on the bike seem much much better and my muscles aren't too sore after 2 days of long rides.

    @givingitago, hats off for completing the programme and good luck with the second round! I'll be coming back here for updates and hope more people keep posting.
  • Rest day tomorrow so thst's the exercise part over for week one, round two. I can really see how far I've progressed since last time I was here. It's bliss not having to do the month 2 warm up too, I'm quite happy doing my mummy kicks instead of switch kicks.

  • I'm finding Month 2 HARD. First week complete, but I've had to take a break each time I've done it. Hopefully it will get easier.


  • Zolagola keep hopingimage

  • Day 73 and today I struggled with the last set of Plyometric Cardio. I'm finding the first 4 weeks tougher on my knees than the last section was. It's a mental challenge too, pressing play gets no easier at 6.30am but I know I wouldn't have the same dedication with another workout. I'd lay in my warm bed thinking I'll do it tomorrow and tomorrow would never come. Cardio Recovery tomorrow.

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