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  • Hi all, writing from Oz, I have been running for over a year now. a hamstring injury meant I had to stop with the running for a few weeks. Got myself a spin bike and been doing that for a few weeks as it doesn't bother my hamstring. And I certainly do not want to loose my fitness level. .. Well I thought I was reasonably fit, just started insanity, today was day 4. Loving it. It's hard and all my muscles hurt. I am upping my protein intake. Not really following the meal plan, but making sure I eat 5 times a day and really cutting out sugars and the bad stuff. My husband is also doing it as he has been trying to loose weight for ages. I think his problem is the weekend drinks...and after diner biccis ... I said he needs to up his protein intake. What is the best way to work out how much though? He weights 87 kilos?

  • Hi Tan39, a bit like you husband I couldn't lose weight for ages. Doing Insanity I started at 14 stone 7lbs and I'm now 13 stone 6lb (not sure what that is in Kilograms). I'm 6 foot 2 so I really don't want to lose any more, I'd look like a beanpole! I have found that the weight came off quickly at the beginning then stopped. I've got scales that measure fat percentage which is a better indicator really as Insanity will shed fat but add muscle, which is heavy.

    I have not been scientific with regards to proteins and carbs, I just cut out the crappy biscuits, cakes, crisps, take-aways etc and had sensible sized meals. At the weekend I treat myself - there's no way I would keep it up otherwise. Have a look at this, it's kind of what I do


  • Haha, too funny zolagola, yes I am being really good during the week with my foods and on the weekends I will indulge a little in that glass of vine or biscuit. And that's where hubby may be going wrong... I told him to cut out those after dinner biscuits. We will see. He wangs to loose about 12 kilos I thinks that's around 2 stone....

  • I am just starting my 3rd round of insanity. and thought I would post on this site as I have used jogging on and off for many years to keep fit, and keep the weight off.but that had'nt worked for me.

    I saw the insanity dvd advertised on tv. and thought there is no way that it would'nt work. when I started it I soon realised I was'nt in as good a shape as I thought.but managed to keep going. I was determined to finish the 60 days and give it a real chance.

    Yes it is intense! and you do find excuses to avoid it in the early dayweeks especially if you cannot see a difference in body shape. but if it is the body that you want? it is worth the effort (you don't get nothing for free). And it does become adictive.You can, like jogging hit a wall at the end of the second week.but the fit tests keep you informed on how you are doing? there is usually some improvement in the numbers

    I am now on my 3rd round. (must get that tshirt )I think the test results are different as it depends on your age,weight, and personal fitness.But the end result is the same. Ive not bothered with the diet side of things (although my eating is reasonable and i don't drink much alcohol). and consentrate on the insanity only.

    I know some photos show a better improvement than I got in the first round. but as I said I had'nt done the diet or recovery drink. so maybe that would of speeded things up a bit?.

    month 1 gave me a 2 pack.starting at the top.

    month 2 gave me a 4 pack.smaller love handles

    month 3 I hope will give me the full 6 pack.get rid of that little inch of fat that is the last and hardest to burn.

    The results are amazing. and as you get in shape, you don't want to eat drink unhealthy as this really does effect you workouts (try doing a workout after a pizza or curry the night before).

    once it becomes a habit and your hooked. you look forward to the next workout and the feeling you get when its done. digging deep is the main thing. and that differs for different people.but its the digging that gives the results.

    Don't give in to the unhealthy lifestyle.they are only quick fixes. insanity will give you a better body, more energy,and a more positive outlook.Stick with it. you can do it if you really want to. 


  • That's good to read stevec I'm on week3 round 2 and almost gave up after the fit test yesterday. Got up and did it today though, glad I carried on. Fit test results weren't as good this time which was expected but still disapointing

  • Very encouraging words there Stevec. Very early days for me, week 2 day 3 just complete.i do iinsanity first thing in the mornings hard to get out of bed, but upon finishing the drill everyday,,I feel greats brin gift on!

  • Stevec you're ace.

    Back in the zone today with pure cardio and cardio abs. Stonking session for me! You were right, wall well and truely smashed into last week, I can see my sweaty outline on it image Over the top of it today and onwards and upwards. It never even occurred to me that's what had happened, I'm so pleased I read your comment you've saved me from giving it all up. I WILL see round 2 to the end.

  • I am giving insanity a go as away to get my fitness back up for my running, which has slipped yet again. I tried insanity before but only did first 2/3 days. Now I have started again and completed first 4 days and I am better mentally focused this time on it. My question is do any of you recommend anything to aid muscle repair so I am better ready for next workout, as currently suffering from muscle discomfort , mainly due to being unfit. I normally just have a 1/2 pint of milk after each workout what do you all do/recommend? O now there are recovery shakes etc. but they all seam quite expensive.

  • I haven't used anything the muscle discomfort only lasted about 4 days then didn't reappear until week 6 

  • My son started Insanity but stopped because of muscle aches. He's started again but this time I've helped him with the stretches and he seems to be coping better. He said the problem was that when he was doing the stretches before he could not see trhe TV so he was guessing how to do them. So yeah, concentrate on the stretches, it really helps.

    By the way, just finished day 50, consecutive fit test and Max Interval ammount of stretching is going to stop that bugger hurting!!

  • Wow - thanks for all these postings. Really educational.

    I have the Insanity Program and the Recovery Powder.

    The first session will be on Monday - when the kids are at school!

    These postings give a great perspective and a real sense that the programme works if you stick with it.


  • Good luck Haydon.... enjoy.

  • A word to the wise - on your first fitness test do NOT try and keep up with Tanya. I did, it nearly killed me! 

  • That is me finished week 2 (just my recovery day , Sunday left). I don't see any physical changes yet, but feel much better and no longer sore/tight after sessions. How do other managed the double session days ie pure cardio and cardio abs? I did cardio abs then pure cardio straight after. Do others advise doing one in morning then other in evening ?

  • After 2 weeks all inclusive this mornings T25 Core Cardio workout was a shock to the system image 

    even though i'd already done 1st Beta week before my hols i've decided to start Beta again and do the whole 5 week plan then i'll probably repeat a week as i don't want to start Insanity the week before my 1/2 marathon image


  • Short run last night and then Speed 2.0 this morning - my legs do not love me anymore

    Double day today so Upper Focus when i get home tonight

  • George Parkinson - I like to do them both together, the core abs is only 1/4 of an hour or so, so no problem. Don't worry about not seeing any changes, I didn't see any real improvement externally until week 4. At the moment you are burning off viseral fat around your organs, once your body has used that up it starts on the subcutaneous fat under the skin and thats when you start to see a difference.

    Shaun T is a clever guy.

  • Chrissi - I've never done a proper run before, never been fit enough, but I have booked a place on the Southend Rudolph Run in December. It's no half marathon (5 miles) but it's a start. Once I've finished Insanity I'm going to start the Couch to 5K programme that the NHS run.

  • For all you folks who have completed the programme, did you see similiar changes in your body that they people in the adverts show?

  • olagola - thats brilliant. i used a similar walk run programme to start off and built from there. though tbh i still walk run when i have to esp once i get over about 15 miles or steep hills are involved. sorry missed the z at beginning and cant get the curser back.

    think my legs are starting to forgive me

  • Survived the week

    Shaun T announced on fb this morning that he's planning to come over here next year to do some workout's really hoping i can get to one.  If anyone's on facebook it's well worth liking his page.

  • Soooo....


    I'm not a runner. I'm about as far from being a runner as possible. But i hope one day to be, so I hope you won't mind me hijacking (for want of a better word) this corner of runnersworld.


    I started Insanity last week. And its tough. I've never been the fittest of guys. Although i love sport and play a bit, i've really not been active enough in my 28 years on the planet (although i suppose i am fitter than most fat guys who weigh 121.2kg.... yeah, told you i wasn't a runner). I've tried twice before to do Insanity and failed (although I made it to 6 weeks both times) but this time round i'm doing it with 2 guys from work, so hopefully we'll push each other over the finish line.


    oh yeah, one last thing. this latest push for fitness is because one of the aforementioned guys from work wants to do the Rat Race Dirty Weekender next may. I'll be happy if i can do a 5k without a full cardiac meltdown.

  • HAPPY DAYS!!!!

    Completed the final work out last night, final fit test later today. Due to work, holidays, life etc it's taken around 80 days rather than 60, but I challenged myself as a 51 year old to do it and do it I did!! Massive Kudos to anyone who finished and started this all over again, can't imagine doing that right now. I'm having a rest from Insanity for a while, going to start running and dumbelling (?). Will start again next Spring.

    Special thanks to Givingitago. I found the second month really tough at times - mentally more than physically - but I knew you had felt the same way and pushed through to the end, which really helped me.

    Welcome aboard Spaceman, let us know how you get on - especially when you get to 6 weeks again!!

  • Hi all,

    I've never been a runner as such although did the the Manchester 10K and Great North Run back in 2008. I've often thought about starting again but I'm a gold medalist in procastination. 

    I saw the advert Insanity on Saturday morning so decided to order it and give it a go. The DVDs haven't arrived yet, but I've managed to get hold of the workouts so did the fit test yesterday and day one earlier. 

    Reading through this thread it's a great motivator, I'll no doubt use it when times get hard, so thanks to all those that have posted.


  • thanks zolagola! We worked out today that we'll be finishing on the 15th of December. So final 2 weeks are going to be in Christmas Party Season. Well, may as well exercise my liver as well i suppose! In all honesty, my biggest problem is self discipline with food. i tend to eat well most of the time, but am all too fond of a curry or a chinese or a kebab or fish and chips and i give in to that temptation all too easily. On the plus side, its been 9 days since i've had a smoke, which is good.

    Pure Cardio today. I am knackered!

  • WELL DONE Zolagola



  • Well done Zolagola I managed the second round to the end of week 4 and have had to call it a day due to a pain shooting up from my inside ankle bone. I'm gutted! Giving it a rest for now but I'm looking at what to do next. Do I risk getting T25 and hope the ankle thing clears up or go for turbofire which looks like fun? I don't want to lose the fitness I have, any suggestions or advice about the ankle and workout choice are very welcome.

  • Givingitago - i'm on 2nd month of T25 now (using it to get ready for another go at Insanity) it's only 30 mins a day and not as intense as insanity.  But it's not an easy option either, it really focuses on form and doing the exercises correctly, you are still dripping by the end, Tanya does a low impact version if your ankle isn't up to the jumping (but that's not as high).  I can see improvements every workout now.  Turbofire is complete fun, you need abit more co-ordination as its kicking and punching combined into routines, it's fast paced and there is a low impact person Ali for each workout.  Workouts are various lengths and Charlene is brilliant at keeping you going, it doesn't kill you like Insanity but it's not easy definately know you've done a workout after. Hope it helps. ---  of course you could always move on to Asylum image . 

  • Thanks Chrissi, I've watched a bit of turbofire on you tube, I just wonder how easy it is to see the moves you're supposed to be doing when the camera's panning around the room.

  • They film it as if your in the class facing Charlene and the other 2 people on stage so you can see at least 1 of them at all times.  There is a new to class option on all workouts too that breaks each routiene down even more (but it doubles the class running time).  I'd done Turbo Jam before so didn't really use this option.  Each routiene is built stage by stage anyway and there is nothing hideously complicated.  If you get lost you just bounce around on the spot until you pick up the routiene again. 

    If you can afford it i'd add the advanced workouts as well the Fire 60 is one of my favorites.

    I've just ordered Rockin Body (£19.95 on offer at the mo) Shaun T in dance modeimage for some fun dancing around the living room

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