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  • I think I've pretty much decided on the Turbofire, I can always mix in some Insanity if I need something more. I just want something I enjoy, Insanity wad a real chore towards the end of round 1, it requires mental strength as well as physical. Has anyone ordered directly from Beachbody? I've read some negative reviews about unauthorised payments being taken and annoying sales calls. I bought my Insanity from Argos but didn't get the advanced stuff.

  • ive ordered dirct for all my stuff. just dont use the back button on your browser it confuses it and you end up with a double order.

  • I ordered Insanity direct from Beachbody and didn't have any issues.

  • I've missed Monday's fit test and yesterday's Plyometric Cardio circuit. Although this is less to do with laziness and more to do with playing American Football with my mates on sunday which has resulted in it being very painful to move, let alone do Insanity. Seriously, it hurts just straightening my leg out. Still, pain or not, enough rest days, back into it today with Pure Cardio (and Cardio Abs). Full muscle failure may be just aroudn the corner image

  • Hi guys hope your all still pushing play.

    I've got 2 weeks to go till Insanity now.  Fell race is tomorrow then finish T25 over the next 2 weeks, 1/2 marathon on the 24th then start on the monday morning.


  • Hi Ged

    I hope this post can give you some more motivation and that weight loss in a short period of time is possible.

    About me now: 23 years old, male, 6ft 2in, 13st 5lb.

    When i was 17 I got a job in a call centre and ate cookies, drank pepsi and all the other crap like mcdonalds, kfc etc. I was 12.5 stone when I started my job and after a year I had gone all the way up to a massive 16.5 stone.

    I had gained some stretch marks on my side of my stomach only a few though. So I had booked a holiday to Mexico and decided I needed to get in shape for the holiday and I only had 4 months. In the first 2 months I lost 3 and half stone and not much more after that.

    I only had 3 meals per day which were; 2x brown toast with marmite for breakfast and bowl of cerial, chicken and rice with low fat sauce for lunch and dinner was chicken, veg and gravy. Also i drank about 6 litres of water per day.

    My execise routine was; I would ride my push bike to work and back 5x a week which totalled at approx 50miles per week. I used to run 5miles a week. I used to swim 64 lengths (1 mile) 2x a week and did 3 days of weight training.

    So as you can see it is possible but with lots of effort and determination. I hope this helps.
  • Back on here again after several failed attempts to finish Insanity. I've been doing some T-25 which is good but don't feel the same effects as from Insanity. I've got a marathon to run in 10 weeks and feel really unfit. After 4 months of no exercise due to health problems I can really feel the difference in my fitness levels on long runs - I manage the distance but struggle and go very very slowly! I'm going to start Insanity again because I remember it helping with my fitness and running last time (even though I didn't finish it) I don't know if I'll be able to do all 6 workouts every week because the running has to take priority but I'll give it a go. So - fit test today!!

  • Hi Samantha - I did my fit test this morning.  I've just finished T25 getting ready for another attempt at finishing Insanity too.  My Marathon isn't till April but want to use this as a boost to my fitness over the hardest of the Winter months.  Like you are i'll be juggling the schedule a little so i can still run.

    I was pretty pleased with my test results as i ran a half yesterday and i sort of managed everything with scores pretty much just below an old set of results i found.  Push up Jacks were slightly modified as i can't do a proper push up yet and i don't jump that high on jumps.

    I'll try to post my results up later - good luck with yours

  • Ok so as promised here's my first fit test

    Switch Kicks 45
    Power Jacks 46
    Power Knees 77
    Power Jumps 28 (i can't go as high or get my knees up as much as the machines)
    Globe Jumps 6
    Suicide Jumps 12
    Push Up Jacks 9 (modified as i still can't do a proper pushup so my arms only 1/2 bend as much as they should)
    Low Plank Oblique 24


  • Plyo Cardio done this morning and i'd forgotton how hard this is.  The 2nd circuit killed me.  Hurting now but in a good way.

  • How is it going Chrissi? I did my fit test nearly a week ago but haven't done any of the workouts yet.Did a 17km run at the weekend though. Will do Plyo today.

  • Samantha it's going great it's not easy but i'm loving it and no noticable effects on my running.  I'm not doing it perfectly but i am doing it as best i can.

    Well done on 17K run and hope Plyo went well

  • Plyo went well - better than expected Chrissi. Still have trouble with Level 1 drills, ski abs, in out abs though!!  

  • You should see me trying that - i think i spend more time on my hands and knees gasping than doing the actual exercises.

    i'm nearly at the end of week 2 now but will finish monday rather than tomorrow as it's long run weekend. 

  • Hi just checked back after some time away,

    Good to see people are still blogging

    I got within 2 weeks of finishing Insanity then had appendicitis and had to have said appendix taken out so I was out of action for a while.

    then I was on holiday and now I don't think I can start all over again

    need some inspiration !

    I was thinking of starting T25 and noticed a few people have done it on here

    is it any good, it looks a bit easier than Insanity or is that wishful thinking!

    got to start something, a long lay off and xmas have taken their toll!

  • Hello, followed this blog from the very start and just completed day 3 of insanity. Is anyone else still doing it?
  • I'm not a runner but found this forum looking to share insanity stories, get motivation etc

    Although I don't run currently I do plan on taking up running once insanity complete starting with 5k's ad building up to distance running - currently I don't have the fitness for it.

    Today will be day 8.

    Day 1 fit tet:

    switch kicks 100

    power jacks 30

    power knees 50

    globe jumps 6

    suicide jumps 10

    pish up jacks 14

    low plank oblique 22

    Day 2: pylo cardio circuit :

    Aching all over as dreading next session , could keep up fully with pros on vid but done to my own max and got through it

    Day 3: cardio power and resistance :

    Did not feel up for this before hand, had no motivation but committed to it, glad I did because felt absolutely great as soon as I'd completed.

    My body is shot to bits at this stage and aching all over which I take as a good sign in hitting the spots - I mention this in relation to day 4

    Day 4 : recovery session

    All stretching as can really feel the stretching hitting their targets, all my aches and pains have completely healed - love this session

    Day 5 imageure cardio :

    Revenge for the recovery session with tough workout but again got through it and felt great

    Day 6 : pylo cardio (again)

    Got through it better than earlier in week and delighted to have gotten through 1st week.

    Overall in getting through but struggling with level 1/2 drills, just doing what I can - my own max but these exercises I can see are very important in relation t the workout with the amount of muscles they get. So looking to improve in this area as I go.

    Not doing te elite nutrition plan by using my fitness pal to count calories (stay under) but also making sure I'm 40 carbs 40 protein 20 fat which has taken a few days to juggle till I've got it.

    Biggest problem is getting an uninterrupted hour every day.

    Will update with day 8 later, enjoyed reading you guys experiences which will help me.
  • I found this when searching the web for reviews and what a great find, reading all the insanity results and journals.  I'm 45, male, overweight, over eating and was on a down hill run image   I used to run, thats how I am on here, a couple of years of years ago and knew I had to do something, but what with winter coming I didnt want to pound the streets in our glorious weather.  One of my work colleaugues mention the insanity and when I saw it advertised I thought why not give it a go.

    I had been going a week when I found this post and read pretty much all of it last weekend and knew I was on the right programme. 

    I'm not in good shape at the moment, my fit test numberst:
    switch kicks 43
    power jacks 32
    power knees 60

    Power Jumps 20
    globe jumps 8
    suicide jumps 8
    pish up jacks 14
    low plank oblique 32

    The whole of last week is a bit of a blur, as is this week to be fair but now ive started to pick up correct form, not just survive to the end image As for stamina, well, I do most of the exercise for most of the exercises!  Like today, I was completely zapped and had very little to give in parts, I just did what I could.  I kid you not I have been sweating like I havent sweated ... ever.  I dont follow the diet plan other than do restrict myself to 2500 calories.  I do have chicken veg etc, but on wednesday for example I had a nice couple of pints with 2 packs of crisps, just counted them in the total.  Not expecting much on my 1st weekly weigh in but .... I dropped 3kg (6.6lb) in weight so motivation is there alone.

    Its been really good to read all your posts so please keep it up - I'm going to need it next month by all accounts.

    One question though; Tomorrow is Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs - is that both exercises or is it just the abs as cardio was done on the tuesday??

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