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    thanks valis

    I have my sights on a marathon on November (ok, I have entered), so I am going to focus on that for now, but am thinking that after that I might want a change of activity over the grotty months. Also thinking of getting a turbo to build up the bike legs over winter.

    Don't want to get them the illegal way, so I will wait till I am ready and get them from the internet.

  • Hi all.

    Tangol - Good to see that you have noticed a faster recovery time. I assue you that this IS down to your work. Soon there will be some body shape change and you'll find that your form and speed will pick up.

    Maths - You have your sights on the marathon. This is great news. Certainly you have a priority on distance work which will need good cardio but that will come through your distance training and perhaps Fartlek training. I have to say that my legs have grown in size from only a months Insanity ( I hate the way my legs look in the photos of me when running - too thin ), so I am happy with this new development. I am now half way through and I expect it will ramp up in effort. My cardio has gone through the roof too, and I found my last 10 miler easy. Good luck on your chosen training program. Hope this thread helps in any case.

    As for me - I had a good nights sleep ( couple of beers helped ). I planned to do todays work out in the afternoon, and I was looking forward to it. Kicked off at about 1.30 and almost immediately I got some lower back pain. I am attributing this to yesterdays efforts in the "c"sit ABS work. Needless to say, the niggle went as I warmed up. My calfs were still tight so I just held back on the early work and gave it my best on the third and fastest rep. AGAIN I found the plank ski abs and thrusts difficult - it touched on those lower abs worked on yesterday. It was all I could do to get 4 of them out before dropping the kness, resting and then giving it another 4 burst, and then a final 4 burst. I discovered also that the "scissor switch" only hurts ( means I've now found the correct form ) when I actually have the legs as open as if I were striding out. This forces me to bend the leading knee a little, and BOY OH BOY does that work the quads! I really punched out for the uppercuts and jabs, pulling in my abs.

    Now that I am half way through (okay I have tha week of Core Cardio & Ballance to do) I feel great - firming up now and certainly have a body shape change. I would like to know if the week of CC&B is essential prep for the final month? I ask, 'cos my 3 Peaks Mountain challange comes before I conclude the Insanity and I am considering missing out the CC&B week. Any Ideas people?



  • Hi All

    Pete, I think that you could miss out the week of CC&B week if you feel that after your last plyo and cardio circuit and rest day your muscles are fully recovered. The second month by all accounts does get harder also you will be able to push yourself more with your increased levels of cardio  fitness.

    I think the recovery week is there to make sure that your muscle are fully repaired and recovered from any muscle soreness,So you are not at risk of injury as the workouts get more intense. After my last couple of months I would not advise it because it could mean you put the 3 peaks at risk. .However only you know how you feel and what you can do, its a tough call.

    Yesterday and today I have manged to run two three milers with no trouble from the calf or Achilles. I will start the Insanity two weeks from tomorrow so i can build up a little of the fitness levels I have lost being on the injury bench .

  • Hi all, well my DVD's arrived yesterday - so please. Did my fitness test and it was just as tough as I expected. Made me realise that I have zero upper body strength - all that running and little else I suspect.

    Pete - more than happy to chat about the three peaks, it's exactly a year this weekend that I did it. Seems like forever ago now. Also, make sure you don't overdo it and end up injured, the CC&B week is there to help your body recover so just be sure you are doing the right thing by missing it out.

    Valisgonzozen - glad to hear you have been able to get out running again, take it easy and i'm sure you'll be fighting fit in no time.

    Tangol - glad to hear your recovery times are shortening, shows it's working

    i'm so excited about day 2 - can't wait to get going (no doubt will change my mind a week into the programme). Will let you know how it goes.

  • M O T H E R  O F  G O D!

    I decided to skip the CC&B week (explained above) and got straight into month 2.  To put things into context, I did some research and discovered that ALL (Evereyone) who had completed the course said that month 2 ramps up and gives you the understanding why its called Insanity.  I even watched some youtube home videos of people who were doing the actual workout and some who'd completed it.  So I had a fair idea of what to expect - YEAH RIGHT!

    Sunday was a rest day - nice.  And I did relax.  No exercise at all.

    Today M2W1D1 - Fit Test & Max Interval Circuit.

    Fit test is the normal routine (don't forget that this is BEFORE the circuits)

    Switch Kicks 115 (1st 110) (2nd 130)

    Power Jacks 59 (1st 47) (2nd 57)

    Power Knees 99 (1st 70) (2nd 100)

    Power Jumps 46 (1st 30) (2nd 46)

    Globe Jumps 10 (1st 7) (2nd 10)

    Suicide Jumps 23 (1st 20) (2nd 25)

    Push Up Jacks 34 (1st 20) (2nd 38)

    Low Plank Oblique 53 (1st 39 ) (2nd 56)

    On reflection there is a slight improvement but a dropping off during the latter exercises.  Form was certainly better.  Sweating and puffed out.

    Now for the Max Interval Circuit.  I gave myself some 15 minutes before I started this.  Plenty of water on standby and the obligatory towel.  I kept my own music down as I was sure that there'd be new exercises that I'd have to get to grips with.  My initial shock was that we have 1 hour marked up as the time to be taken.  No more messing about with 40 minutes!

    Warm up has much the same exercises however there is more arm movement.  I kept to my own pace and I was glad I did because ST doesn't let up.  We go through the warm up 3 times and have a short break when we then go into warm up stretches (much the same).  Then we get to the main show.  It's a bit of a blur with some cruel twists on the exercises thrown in.  The workout time is up to 45 seconds and the HURT.  The one that gets me is the low level switch kicks - what's that all about?  One girl, Arieal, she's like MENTAL high with her legs. How in Gods name does she do it.  I find myself leaping all over the place. OOOOh and the suicide drills - MAN ALIVE.  Combinations of stuff we have done before, but all stuck together in one routine.  We do this set 3 times with 30s rest in between - then do another lot of new stuff 3 times.  And then another.

    There are times when I just can't think straight and I even got that white halo thingy going on so I had to just take a longer breather.  It's good to see that even the machines are blown out at times.

    In the end - this hour is all a blur - I have drenched my towel - drunk 3 pints of water and sworn loads.  When the program ends, there is silence on the DVD - I thought it had turned off but it was the fact that everyone was on the floor - eyes like rabbit in headlights.

    Throughout the warm down I am dripping so much I can't mop it up quick enough. I am sure I saw my HR at 160 odd. I gulp down my recovery drink and dwell in a cool shower. My mussels are thudding gently for the rest of the day.  Gunna have to dig deep from now on people.

  • Missed a couple of updates.

    Still training but I've been away from the internet.

    Barefoot as always, I feel this makes it harder as you have to land softly.

    But the 123 Heismans are unusual as you find your self skidding.

    Cardio Power and Resistance

    Beasted drenched and drowned in another 4 litres of water.

  • Cardio


    feel good, recovering very quickly after training each day.

    That could change on month two.
  • Just woken up after a surprised gift of a night shift. Through the night I could feel the aches moving into my bones! Having woken up, Ooooh my knees - oooh my biceps, ooooh my legs! Its happening, I am slowly turning into A TANK!  Seriously, I hurt. Mostly the lower quad at the knees on the outside.  I had a sneek peek at todays DVD - 55 min with some strrraange moves.  I shall get into it with some dextrose added to my drink.  Awate the report.

    By the way - Keep up the good work Ed.  Hope to hear from you others soon.

  • Well that was eventfull - The sneek peek last night helped insomuch that I kinda knew what was coming but it didn't detract from the sheer effort needed to do the bloody thing!

    ST doesn't have the same kind approach as before. He's so much more demanding. I was determined to keep my own pace and not get blown away too early. I had put some ibu gel on the knees to take away the dull ache. I had some weak blackcurrant drink with added dextrose on standby. Warm up was okay (couldn't get my HR monitor running so no data) but it soon got the pulse up. I worked through the new exercises which have made me discover some new mussels. It was great to see some of the DVD people stop occassionaly because I HAD to myself. I had a troublling twinging in my left knee - tendons under strain so I had to nurse them by not going so deep on the lunges. The "press up to stand up" exercise is CRAZY, as is the "side press up". At two points I had the bright halo vision (deep breathe) and then the ultimate - mouth full of vomit!  Needless to say the wife was NOT IMPRESSED as I did the brave thing and swallowed!!! She just can't understand why I'm doing this to myself - She won't except that part of the reason is for her. I admit that it's only a little part of the reason but I would like some recognition for it (me being selfish and spoilt now - sorry).

    The house was full of the sounds of grunting and groaning and yelling as I was trying to complete the moves. I was certainly slower than the video, but doing the best I could - much like I felt at the begining of month 1 - so there's hope that practive will bring improvement. My towel AND bandana were soaked.

    After the recovery drink and shower - now some 40 minutes later, I am already aching in the bi / tri ceps, shoulders, quads and knees. I have a little headache developing - more water I think. I dread to think how I will feel on nights tonight. Oh well - another day down.  Feeling a bit sorry for myself but I will pick up. 

  • Well in pal. You get recognition from us.
  • Good to see you ploughing ahead a question to you, Ed and Tangol Have you attempted to calorie count and follow the suggested diet or are you generally eating healthy food or just eating what you like.

    Another 3 miles plodded out this morning  and a little nearer to full fitness and Insanity.

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    I think reading this thread is now putting me off insanity!! It sounds like torture!

    well, going to put together a marathon training plan and go with that till November.

    I will keep up on here to see how it pans out for you - just not sure my body will take it though!


  • Feel great.

    Did Cardio Plyiometric Today.

    I was better than last time.

    Feel really good.

    I can really feel the benefits of barefoot training now.

    V, I eat fairly healthily but sporadically as I work shifts, I do back my workouts up with protien shakes, and somebody bought me a KFC last night at work!

    Maths Chick Insanity feels very rewarding and I'm happy doing it.

    Each to there own but the difference this has made to my running already is paying off.
  • Max Cardio Conditioning M2W1D3 -

    Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I did however have very sore quads. I took a private training session for the hour before so was somewhat warmed up anyway. The warm up for the DVD got the pulse up but I took it at my own pace 'cos of the legs.

    HR monitor was working and I recorded 160 max. Some new exercises were introduced and they certainly got the mussels hot. The tenderness in my legs was compounded with the squat and leaping work. I had to pull up on some of the routine as it was just too painfull. Good to see that those in the DVD were doing likewise. The last exercise, 8 leaps into 8 bouncing squats was BRUTAL and they brough a shout of rage from me.

    I can feel a "consolidation" in my body - a firming up in the mussel groups and they are getting bigger. I'm not following the diet from the program - indeed I'm eating anything that's not bolted down!, but I am very carefull about what I eat. I have put on a couple of pounds (now 170 - am 5'10'' height) but certainly don't look heavier - just bulk in the right places. My lats and oliques are showing out and I can feel the ABS when I tense up. My quads and calfs have really come out, as have my shoulders.

    I conclusion I am WELL HAPPY with the results, and I feel so much more upbeat than I did yesterday. I have decided also to reduce the protein powder in my recovery drink, making it more fluid and less like a runny yogurt as I would like the ABS to show out soon.

    June 29th, us 7 lads will be doing the 3 Peaks. I intend to stop Insanity 3 days before so that I can rest and prepare. I will count the climbs as the conclusion of the workout - there will be beer drunk afterwards.  I have then asked myself  - WHAT NEXT? I go on holiday in August, so for the month before I go I might pick up the running and perhaps do month 1 insanity to keep the body.

  • Well I did cardio recovery today, week 1, day 4. Was worried about this one after reading earlier comments as I did a 10 mile run yesterday and everything was feeling tight. But I found all the stretching really nice. I have a 30 mile walk to do on Saturday so won't physically have time for insantiy so will just have to carry on the next day.

    Did anyone else have to miss any days and how did it impact your training/

    I'm really enjoying it so far, the workouts are really hard but as soon as I finish I feel great, almost like I want to do it again.

    Glad to see you are all sticking with it, bit scared about month 2 now, will worry about it a bit closer to the time.

  • I am so chuffed that CWTH has joined us. Feels like a true gang now. As for missing - I haven't missed a day but I did do 2 cardio powers in a row when I forgot the cardio recovery disc at work. I just did the recovery the next day and continued with the program. I have dropped off my normal running and cardio lessons that I run, as I just don't have the time OR the energy. I am so afraid of over training in this 2nd month.

    Keep up the good work friends..

  • Just did pure cardio - OMG

    That is all

  • Ha, no seriously it's great that you are all on here.  No one I know has any idea what i'm talking about and its great to see you all achieving the programme - great motivator and helps me to 'dig deep' when it's tough. 6 days in and i'm already noticing improvements.

  • Recovery


    Feel good and more flexable.
  • ED - I hear ya buddy. Today I had MAX RECOVERY. The word recovery gives one the impression that there's some sort of restbite. This 45 minute session is much more about control and localised mussel group work. I didn't break out in any real sweat but I found this session very hard and frustrating. There were three particular exercises that really upset me -

    1) The hip flexor lunge with palm down and arm back. This is held for so long I start getting cramp pain deep in the hip.

    2) The ?? "puelie" ?? stance (legs wider than shoulder width apart, feet at angle out, squat down) with dips. How in Gods name can they hold that pose AND dip the number of times they do - AND to top it all they go up on tip toe each side. WTF. My legs were shaking like wet kittens. I felt such a wimp. I was getting so angry that I invented new swear words.

    3) The high plank, low plank push ups, 4 / 8 / 16 / 8 / 4. ST doesn't make it clear that we work with the right arm pushing up and leading for that WHOLE rep, and then we do the same with the left arm leading. It's bloody tough. Must have a mat next time 'cos the hard floor killed my arms.

    In conclusion, although not cardio demanding, it was localised and deep burn work. After my recovery drink and shower, I am looking at my biceps. They are real pumped now, as are my quads - I suspect that this was the intended result along with major hip openings.

    Tomorrow is Max Interval Circuit again - I've just re-read my report on that (above 5/6/12) and already I have butterflies. I suppose it's just what it was like in the early stages of month 1, so I will get better, more accustomed and above all, stronger.

    Hang in there everyone.

  • Quite frankly this has got to be my worst day emotionally. I struggled a bit yesterday but still ploughed on. I had a quite night shift but was disturbed during my sleep in the day. I was anxious about todays workout anyhow, so was entering it a little on edge. My HR was working so I could record my efforts. I have a slight "digging" pain behind my left shoulder blade, but nothing debilitating.

    Warm up okay, just went at my own pace. Stretches okay too. It's about now that I begin to recall the 1st time on this DVD as ST says something along the lines of "this is gunna hurt - or be tough". I struggle to keep pace - slipping into the trap of trying to keep up with the machines. I try and control myself. The low level switch kicks bites me in the arse again and I struggle just to change foot. The level 3 drills are horrid - I can only manage a few run outs, 2 walking press ups and thrusts but to add insult to injury ST gets you to hold the plank and do punch outs. My general switch kicks lack the bounce and I just seem to hop round for the football twirls and dips. I develop a sharp pain in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd toes on my right foot - result of all the leaping around.

    There is some respite when we do the high / low jabs and the downward punches but when we have to do the jumps I only kick up my legs. I get quite despondant and almost jack it in but my pride and self burdoned shame prevents me. I have to dig deeper just to remain in the game - forget about keeping pace. I take some solace from the fact that at regular times, I see the machines take time out, prone on the floor too. I am dripping almost in a solid flow towards the end, I've easily done a ltr of water. My HR records peak 160.

    Stretching out and getting my HR down and breath back, I feel somewhat better knowing I didn't quit. My ABS, obliques especially ache now (1.5 hrs later).

    Looking to tomorrow - Max Interval Plyo - I read my last report (mouthful of vomit!) and to be honest I 'aint looking forward to it. I won't be doing a dextrose drink this time. There is a spanner in the works however - I have to get up early (12 noon) and drive to visit family, and then go straight to work for 5pm. What I might do is see if I can do it at work in the gym. If not, as much as I hate doing it, I might use tomorrow as the rest day, and use Sunday for the workout.

    Hope this report hasn't depressed you. Take comfort from the fact that I didn't quit despite feeling as bad as I did - so you can dig deeper too.

  • Barefoot 1 2 3 Heismans are still skidding, I need to put more power through my landing leg.

    Sweating buckets.

    Feel Great.

    Was interupted by a phone call halfway through, put me right off my stride when I returned 30 seconds later.

    Now to shower, eat and get ready for work!
  • Had a hectic week at work so have unfortunately missed two sessions as away for one of them and tonight got didnt get home till late. other than that all is good. bought a heart rate monitor, which is kinda handy as I now know if my heart is gonna give out on me during this!

    All being well, will be able to train tomorrow, and have already decided to train sunday to catch up a bit.

    Ed dont answer the phone!

    Pete, theres another month you can do at the end as a supplement to the deluxe course if your game image

    We post a proper update tomorrow when have something to report.

  • henstooth, you are fantastic mate....reading thru your posts makes me wanna start doing this again...i wont like, but it makes me slightly want to. its 8am and ive just watched m2 workout max interval circuit and was laughing to myself at some of the craziness he puts together.


    question for you, as a personal trainer will you take any of the exercises or theory from insanity and put this into your programs for others?


    dont give up mate!

  • Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs.


    Loving the C sit position.

    Feel great, sweat buckets.

    I feel the quality of the my workouts improving, stretching further, jumping higher and plank run outs are being completed in better form.

    I would like to start again and do them all at this level, but I won't as I'll continue improving throughout and the quality will constantly increase, maybe when I've finished I'll start over or start something new.

    Oh and no more answering the phone!

  • Gedgino - thanks for the "big up". I think you should start again - do it do it do it.

    As regarding "personal training" I have to be honest and say that I am not a PT by trade. I fell into this role by accident. As I was training so much for running events, my neighbour asked if I'd help her get fit to pass the army entry physical. I took on the cahllenge and got her up to the required fitness (tough job) and she was over the moon. As it was she didn't enter, howevere, another neighbour asked if I'd work with him for the Army and he did pass and is currentlt at Cpolchester!. The ANOTHER neighbour, wishing to join the RAF asked, and I am currently training him. ALSO - our chruch was holding an "autction of promise" night to raise money. I put up 10, 1 hour 1-2-1 sessions, and a maried couple in their 60's won it. I am working with them too. I do all this in my own time, and get a lot of pleasure seeing people achieve results. I have also been the motivator for 5 people at work who now run and  train with me and are doing Insanity too! God only knows where I get the time - I have a great family who put up with all the coming and goings. So in answer to your question - yes I do use some of what I have learnt from Insanity in what I do with my "pupils" and I have sen some great results. I have found since month 2, that I am knackered and getting out to run has become less of a priority.

    Tangol - yeah THANKS BUDDY for telling me that there is something ELSE after this workout (GIT). I will have to look into it. I recognise that you are as busy as I am and that it's tough doing the workouts. Hang in there mate.

    ED - Barefoot monster. I found that it caused me pain in calfs and toes and you've found you slip. Keep up the good work rate. You'll eat it up.

    As for me today, I have had only 4 hours sleep after doing nights, and I have had to do some family stuff, so I have not done todays workout - which means today is my rest day, and tomorrow, after half nights tonight, I will do the workout after church - say 2pm. Watch this space; it might get ugly!

  • down with spam (not this thread)

  • Don't know what the above is about! Seems that at midnight, loads of threads got the same message from Blisters so I suspect that this could be some form of hack.

    Today was tough. Mentally I am done in. It's most likely down to the fact that I've had one day off in 12 nights. My rest day yesterday was with only 4 hours sleep, so after doing nights last night I WAS NOT in the mood for this today. I'm not making excuses - I still gave it my all, but my effort wasn't of the same caliber as before. I am tired to the bone.

    Warm up was the same. I kept away from flavoured drink - just water. A slight re-visit of the left knee twinge on the "pogo leg" execise. "Press up to stand" a little easier,  "side p/ups" worked the pecs. "level 3 drills" done me in, what with 16 p/ups then 16 run outs, stand and repeat. My body emitted a noise I'd never heard before - a sort of weak wimper crossed with a last gasp of life breath! Didn't like those level 3 drills. There is some rest when we do the pogo and rear leg extensions, but soon enough we get back down to the plank and some ballancing.

    All in all, I am happy that this session is over and I am looking forward to the end of Insanity. It has sort of consumed my life, my free time, my waking AND sleeping thoughts. It's had a fantastic effect on me physically and I am certain that I will reap the benefits when on the 3 Peaks (and generaly). Maybe I'm just emotionaly drained and thus feeling depressed with it all. Thankfully I am off Mon, Tue, Wed, and day shifts thereafter, so I will get some decent sleep.

    If I'm still in the game at this point - I am sure you lot can keep the momentum. I want to hear some +ve news and results. I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU when you get to month 2 despite the fact that I would have completed - you never know, if what Tangol says is true, and there's another stage after, I might be on that!! Oh God!

  • Hang in there Henstooth, we are all here for you mate.


    Into my second week now and I have to say although the workouts are really really tough, I am still enjoying it. Trying to fit it all in is hard and I had to move my rest day as i'm still running and training for the Trailwalker.  My only real concern at the moment is overdoing things. I have a 10 miler on Sunday but then i think I may pare back on the running until I've finished.

  • Hanging out of my @#%&

    Fit Test 2.

    Feel drained and shattered, and nauseous.

    My Misses was watching so I felt obligated to show off and push myself harder.

    Some of my old Army fitness is returning though!


    Switch Kicks 154 (120 before)

    Power Jacks 90 (58 before)

    Power Knees 111 (79 before)

    Power Jumps 63 (56 before)

    Globe Jumps 12 (10 before)

    Suicide Jumps 23 (17 before)

    Push Up Jacks 40 (32 before)

    Low Plank Oblique 68 (58 before)

    Must get carbs in me now..... goodbye.

    In the words of Blackadder, "Goodbye, if I don't return alive, find my mother and tell her...........tell her that I've been alive all along, I was just avoiding her."
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