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want to get a treadmill at home - for my wife and daughters rather than me, they have started jogging this year but this will have to stop in the week soon as it will be too dark in the evenings esp. once the clocks go back (boo).  Any thoughts on what'd be a good one to buy?

Expecting to spend about £700, but obviously less the better - on the other hand would pay a bit more if that was what you had to do to get the quality.

 This one on Amazon has good reviews (too good to believe?!):

 and here's a few more:

any thoughts and experience appreciated image


  • bounce ....
  • Not sure if you are anywhere a Decathlon but there Domyos treadmills are OK. Basic but probably fits the bill and way less than £700. We have one primarily for the Mrs as she does not like running in the dark/snow in the winter - doesn't get much use the rest of the year but it was fine for running 2/3 x 10K per week last year.

  • in my opinion stick with the good brands that offer a decent warranty, £700 is a good price for a treadmill, if your wife & daughter plan to use it a lot make sure it also has a decent continuous HP motor argos are good but dont have as big as a range compared to these guys
  • a headtorch each would be cheaper than a treadmill...
  • I'd be amaaazed if they were arsed using the treadmill. Especially as they'll have to use it one by one. Running is much more likely to happen if you can make it sociable.

    Rent one for a month or so and see how they get on ?

    Darkness doesnt stop you from running as Jj says. Reflective kit, and a torch and you're good to go.
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    We got a treadmill for the wife as she was too emabarressed initially to go outside. We knew we'd only need it for 6 months or so by which time she'd either have given up or gone outside.

    Knowing this we weren't fussed about a good warranty, a name etc and spent £250 on a chinese import off ebay with a 22hp motor, powered incline, speed from 1 - 20kmph. Looked terrible, plasticky etc but did what we wanted. 13 months later it went terminally wrong and would have been cheaper to buy a new one than to fix but it had done all we wanted by then and Mrs C was running outside.

    Could be a similar situation with your wife & daughters in that you only want it for a short time and whatt cost you're willing to pay for that short time?

    Having said that, I'm with jj & cougie. When Mrs C was using it she was the only one. I was outside.........

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • my wife and one of my daughters already go running outside - but not together, ie. on their own, my other daughter I think is too embarrassed to run outside. I run on my own too usually. But it is much too dark to go running around us in the night, even with a torch, never mind the safety concerns of a female on her own.

    The darkness issue will apply every winter. 

    Decathlon is a good shout thanks!

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Simon, I am onto my 2nd York treadmill. Did over 2000 miles on the last one - use it if icy and for speed sessions twice a week. Did two 20+ milers on it last winter. Think it's a T301 and cost £700. Good when safety is a concern but after a few sessions they may be happier going out!

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