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  • i just don't want to be overtaken by one of the people in the rhino outfits!!!! if i have to i'll run along side them even if it kills me lol

    mind u i take my hat off to them, those rhino outfits are sooooooooooo heavy!! no way i could run in one of those
  • They are superfit people so I don't mind them overtaking too much - the Wombles on the other hand - got to get past one of those buggers this year image

    I have beaten a man in a chicken suit and a furry peanut in the past though - the thought of seeing them in my finish line photo was a great motivator image

  • Screamapillar wrote (see)

    I have beaten a man in a chicken suit and a furry peanut in the past though - the thought of seeing them in my finish line photo was a great motivator image

    Ooo I hadn't thought of that, I better look out for odd costumes. Although I'd quite like to see some in my photo image

    My wife was dressed as an apple a couple of years ago.
  • Hello, not posted in for a while .. must make more of an effort and hopefully it will remind me to do some training!  I've been run past by all sorts, giraffes, bananas, and notably the same womble 3 times in the last FLM, not sure what was going on there ...
  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)
    ...and notably the same womble 3 times in the last FLM, not sure what was going on there ...
    It used the tunnels
  • image

     I am sitting on the Naughty Step. I have not run since Sunday and have eaten far too many muffins...image

  • Mmm muffins image
  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)
    Mmm muffins image
    Although, in my defence, some of them did have blueberries in......
  • Well, that's your five-a-day Screamy. It was actually a training diet.

    Anyone else finding it really hard to get out the door in the cold, wet and windy dark? In previous years I've been motivated enough to go out after work in the winter months, but this year it seems more of a struggle than ever. Even in the daytime I have to really make myself. I ran at lunchtime today and SO didn't want to leave the house and go into the rain. I have started thinking secret treacherous thoughts like 'why not just eat and drink what I want and do no exercise and get fat?' I need a better attitude or I will be joining you on the naughty step.

    Anyway - what I was also coming on to say was -who has what races planned over the next couple of months? It would be nice if some of us were planning some of the same ones and could meet up. I am doing the Ashby 20 in March and before that am thinking of doing the Beast (a  10-mile cross-country obstacle course in Leicestershire) in late Feb.

  • Hello everyone!

    Please can I join too? This will be 3rd marathon (FLM 2004 and Edinburgh 2006) and would love to beat 5hrs 30!

    My training was going fairly well until I went out along the canal on Christmas eve and twisted my ankle! It started to feel better and then I twisted it again, so have only been back training the past couple of weeks.

    I am finding it difficult juggling the training with two children under 3 and my hubby working long hours so I can't always do my runs when I plan to. My dad has done a 3 runs a week training plan for me and I have managed to stick to the first week! Feel like I have to do them because he did the schedule for me - don't want to get told off lol

    Have got a couple of races planned, I'm doing the Newton's Fraction half and Lincoln 10k both in March.

    B x
  • Hello, welcome aboard the sub 5.30 VLM bus! image

    Hope the ankle clears up - sounds like your Dads plan is motivating you. image Stick with it.

    I've got York Brass monkey 1/2 marathon tomorrow. Aiming to beat the sweeper bus! It's going to blowing a gale by the looks of it so it will be hard work I think. Would love to beat 2.30 but that's a big PB for me so it will be tough.

    Happy running & keep smiling.
  • Hello Bellabee - welcome image

    I did 5:31 in London 2 years ago so I'm itching for a sub 5:30 too...even though my half PB suggests a sub 5 but that's another story!

    Keep going with the plan. I did my last marathon on 3 runs a week (I was writing up a PhD at the time) so it's perfectly possible.

    I did an easy run along a lovely trail path today - about 11 miles but the wind was in my face all the time and the last 3 felt quite hard going. It was all I could do to stand still never mind make progress! Well, it's another run in the bag. I haven't started a proper plan yet as I've got 21 weeks til Edinburgh but I did 27 miles this week so that's not too bad.
  • I just looked at Newton's fraction, Bellabee, because I don't live far from Grantham - but infrortunately I'm away that weekend or I'd be very tempted.

    Well - I forced myself out for my planned 15 miles this morning and I think I deserve a medal given the horrible wind (meteorological, not gastrointestinal). And I listened to the end of a Tale of Two Cities which was quite dramatic and emotional. Evening of telly and booze I reckon.

  • York Brass Monkey 1/2 marathon this morning. Blimey it was flipping windy! Could barel go forward at times. But managed a PB by 7 minutes and went sub 2.30 with 2.25.51. Well pleased and feeling good about VLM training going forward and going sub 5.30 on the day.

    Big thanks to Alison from York Postal Striders who was a fantastic companion on the way round and really helped when I got a stitch in the last mile!! image

    Happy Running and keep smiling. image
  • Hi all,

    Well done on your time leedlass, especially on a windy day, that's great!

    Welcome Bellabee image

    Que Sera: I am doing the Cambridge Half on march 11th and then the Reading Half on April 1st

    I had a completely bleah 13 miler and ran it in my second slowest time ever - I thought this thing was supposed to get easier the more you did it? image Still I have looked at my schedule and I am due a drop-back week next week (10 miles) so that's a bit of a relief.

    Hope everyone else's runs went well.

  • Welcome to the Outsiders Bellabee image

    Congrats on the PB leedslass image

    I managed 15 miles yesterday, it's the furthest I've every run. It was supposed to be 16, but for some reason I concluded that 5 laps of 3 miles would be about 16.image

    I better measure out next weeks' 18 properly.

  • Wow, well done Sacco - a real milestone for you! image
  • Thanks for the lovely welcome everyone image

    Well done leedslass on the pb especially with the conditions!

    Que Sera Sarah where do you live? I live in Nottingham.

    I managed to complete all of the runs on my training plan last week so feeling very positive.

    Screamapillar, it was very windy yesterday maybe that affected your time? Maybe the drop back is just what you need.

    Have got a very busy week this week so just hope I can fit all my runs in x
  • Well done leedslas - great run!

    Keep going everyone, soon the evenings will be lighter and spring will be in the air...

    mitiog can't count! Despite having a doctorate in maths!! 18 weeks to Edinburgh? Definitely not 21! (slopes off to consult a calendar...)
  • Fab run  Leedslass and Sacco - and in such awful conditions. That's brilliant. Bella - I'm in Melton, so not far from you. Well done on keeping up with your plan - it's so hard at this time of year. If I can work at home tomorrow  I can run when it's light which is always a bonus. AND the wind has dropped.
  • Good running everyone. The wind strength seems to have dominated everyones run reports this weekend!

    Screamapillar don't worry about one bad run. As mileage builds I've found there is a tough run every 4 weeks or so when the legs just don't work. The recovery weeks seem to work so hopefully you're just ready to ease back for a few days.

    Pleased that my legs seem ok after yesterday's half. But I do get DOMS sometimes so it might be a different story tomorrow. 5 miles on the training plan so 5 miles it will be. image

    Happy running everyone and keep smiling. image
  • Morning everyone,

    I think you're right LL - it does seem to be about one week in 4 that it feels really hard for some reason. Anyway I plodded 4 miles last night. It was good to go at a faster pace on a shorter route -  my legs feel nice and loose this morning . Just wish I could keep to that speed for longer but 10k is about the most I can keep it up for at the moment.

    When I compare training for this mara with my last one I'm doing OK - it's only when I compare it with my last half I feel crappy.

    I do have 6 weeks off work before April 22nd - I'm hoping I can improve things during that time. Not ideal to have to leave it until the end I know, but I will be 6 weeks in which my total focus will be on running and fitness. I've never had the opportunity to do that before (and probably never will again) so I'm really looking foward to it.

    Hope the weekday plods are going well for everyone else. image

  • Morning folks, how's everyone's training going? Good weekend ahead for all with everyone hitting their goals I hope! image

    Did hills on the treadmill this morning - there are no hills where I live, so I have to adapt! It was hard work. I'm at that stage where for shorter harder sessions - intervals, hills, speed - my heart & lungs are behind my legs. Whereas for the long runs, my top half copes quite comfortably but the legs struggle a bit on anything over 12 miles.

    Still, things should improve on both counts if I keep at it - so the training plan says!

    Easy long run this week end after a few heavy weeks - just 8 miles. I'm ready for a bit of a rest. image

    Happy running and keep smiling.
  • Hi all. Baby it's cold outside!

    Looks like thermals and gloves will be weapons of choice for this weekends running. I'm glad it's a 'short' long run of 8 miles for me. Did an easy 4 miles today but felt quite tired. I'm ready for an easy week next week! image

    Off to Sweatshop tomorrow as I've got a £5 voucher that shouldn't really go to waste. image

    What to buy?

    Happy running folks, keep smiling.
  • hello all-

    had a panic on monday with achilles- but all calm now- sunday lsr was over quite uneven ground and im blaming this.

    canterbury 10 tomorrow

    what milage is everyone up to now ?


  • Hi Siony - Hope Canterbury went well. I had a stepback weekend with 12 yesterday and then 4 today as a recovery run ( which I've always thought was an oxymoron before, but trying to see whether a short run the day after a long one actually helps).

    Loving the BBC play of the week podcasts. I listened to an adaptation fo Ethan Frome, and then a play about the life of Edith Wharton and was so engrossed I never even noticed the big hill by Moscow farm till I was nearly at the top.

    Hope everyone had good weekends and nobody is too inconvenienced by snow - none here, sadly.

  • im gobsmacked- 10miles 1.20!! even managed a bit of a sprint!

  • 8 miles was a bit of an effort tonight. Never got going and never got warm!

    I'm ready for an easy week without intervals, hills or tempo. Ready for a break.

    This week was that 1 week in 4 I seem to get where everything is a flipping effort.

    Roll on next week image

    Happy running & keep smiling.
  • Morning Outsiders!

    Crazy week - passed my driving test (Yay!!!!) but the stress of that meant I had 36 hours in bed with a migraine. But it wasn't all bad; the enforced rest made me knock another 8 minutes off my 8-mile time image

    Seriously wondering if I should have a go at the RW sub-5 hour plan. I seem to be doing more miles and hitting their pace targets but last time I did all my long runs at 5-hour pace and still came in half an hour too slow! Don't want to pressure myself but I suppose if I did the sub-5 plan then I might get round in less than 5:31 which would be a PB. Any thoughts, Outsiders?

    Good idea to have a rest week leedslass. I need to schedule some of those in!! Very cold here in Wales. Snow on the hills. Ice everywhere.

    Stay safe and warm everyone!!

  • Happy Monday everyone,

    Well the drop back week  went well, finished the 10 miles in 1.51.51 which was a few minutes faster than last time on the same route. Took a while to get warm but once I did I was toasty.

    Great time in the Canterbury 10 Siony! image

    leedslass - enjoy the rest.

    Mitiog - go for it! you might find you can't sustain that pace over 26 miles but you might as well try, what have you got to lose? Your body will tell you know how far you can push it  - mine  certainly does!

    I know that even if I plod as slowly as I did last week I will still get a PB it's just my half marathon time that's bothering me at the moment. That said, if I could have sustained the same pace as yesterday for another 3 miles I could have just squeaked a PB - especially on the flat, which Cambridge will be.

    Just hoping it doesn't snow here in London, or rather, if it does that it doesn't turn to ice, that wouldn't be good image

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