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  • I'd love snow in London. I got some yaktrax for Christmas and I'm desperate to try them out.
  • Sacco di Noci wrote (see)
    I'd love snow in London. I got some yaktrax for Christmas and I'm desperate to try them out.

    No sign so far image

    Well, call me impetuous but I've just entered the Great South Run on 27th October so at the moment I'm racing at 4 different distances this year image 

  • Screamy..you know I think I might just dust off that sub-5 plan. We did a 5K time trial at club tonight and I knocked over a minute off compared to the 5K I did before Christmas on the same route. Frustratingly a second per mile short of a sub-30 but hey, I'm chuffed to be getting a but faster.

    Snow on the hills but not much where I am!
  • Morning Outsiders!

    Two things I have discovered:

    1. It is possible to put an iPod shuffle attached to a running shirt through a 30 minute washing machine cycle without it coming to any harm.

    2. Even eyeballs can feel cold.


  • OMG there's a new half marathon local to me in Ealing!!!! - can I resist? image
  • Go on Screamy - you know you want to.

    Working at home and trying to get up motivation to go for a run. As you see, I am neither working nor running, but wasting time on the internet. I need a kick.

  • Get out there! You can reward yourself with a hot shower and a bacon butty when you get back image
  • I can't work now, all I can think of are bacon buttys.
  • Just had race number for thanet 20- march-this is feeling v real now and I can't believe how fast time is going!
  • Don't say that. I keep telling myself I've got ages.
  • Yeah it's February on Wednesday image
  • But that's tomorrow!!! image
  • Tell you the great thing about marathon training - not had a hint of usual jan blues- made winter almost bearable
  • siony wrote (see)
    Tell you the great thing about marathon training - not had a hint of usual jan blues- made winter almost bearable

    Funny you should say that, I haven't either but I have to be honest and say it's probably because of the mild weather more than anything - I love running in the freezing cold  but I don't like it the rest of the time.

    Talking of which, brrrr.....still, at least the sun is out in London this morning.

    Happy February everyone! image

  • I chickened out and didn't run this morning. My bed was too warm.
  • Hi everyone. I made the mistake of going in the VLM website last night! Nasty countdown clock they're got - makes it all very real!

    I'm enjoying the 'recovery' week in this cold weather. Some good cross training in the gym makes a nice change - good as a rest apparently. image

    16 miler this weekend, which I was going to do on Saturday but I've seen the forecast so Sunday may be more realistic.

    I've often wondered if cadburys mini eggs were a suitable pre- long run fuelling option. We will find out this weekend as I've eaten my own body weight in them these last few days. image

    Happy running & keep smiling.
  • Well pleased today, sorted out my rail travel for the VLM. £26 return - going down Saturday, back to York on Monday.

    Also taken the decision to go down to the Expo for the day on the weds to get the registration business out of the way. Don't fancy standing around for hours on the Saturday - I will be on my feet long enough on the Sunday. image Worth the extra rail fare I reckon. Means I can just chill out and hydrate in the hotel on Saturday.

    That's the theory anyway!

    Weather forecast means it LSR on Saturday morning. We've got snow forecast Sat afternoon and Sunday. image

    Happy running & keep smiling.
  • Hi leedslass,

    That's a pretty good price for your rail travel, good to get it sorted.

    That's a sound decision on the expo  - I don't think I'd ever go on the Saturday.  I'm lucky that I can get there on any of the days so I'll probably go on the Thursday. Last time around a group of people from the same thread met up there on the Thursday night, it was good fun - if anyone wants to do that we can.

    Down here we have snow forecast for Sunday - between 4-10cm of it image  I'm not sure what I'll do if that happens, I think running 14 miles in it might be too difficult althought walking it might be possible - in fact it might be quite a good workout. I don't really want to do a shorter run as I did one last week and more time on my feet might be more beneficial - although how long would it take to walk 14 miles in snow I don't know - 5 hours maybe? image

    Ho hum - hey maybe the door will have a snowdrift against it and I'll just have to stay in and eat  biscuits instead (hopes)..... image

  • Oh and BTW the Cutty Sark will be back in its righful place this year! image
  • By jingo it's cold!!

    Looking at detailed weather forecast for tomorrow - snow is coming.

    Early run tomorrow in thermals looks favourite. Now whos been eating my porridge?? image
  • I'm glad I washed my Helly Hansen!

    Gues who just bought a new bottle and running top? Was tempted to get a neon pink hat but resisted image

  • I got a neon pink Ron Hill hat for christmas image - matches my face when I'm running
  • minardi wrote (see)
    I got a neon pink Ron Hill hat for christmas image - matches my face when I'm running
    Yeah, that was the exact one - I think that's one of the reasons I decided against it, my face can do without the added glow image
  • I'm tempted to get one now. image
  • Maybe we should all get one - solidarity! image
  • Snow panic made me do my long run last night- 16 miles- coldest wind I've ever run into - wiped my post Canterbury 10 run smile right off my face!
  • Well done Siony - did you run 16 miles in the dark? You are made of stern stuff. I did my 16 miles this morning - before it started snowing here. Blimmin freezing. My poor bum actually hurt with the cold, and now my face is burning! But I did it and am quite proud because I SO didn't want to leave the house this morning. Tomorrow I get to stay in bed and drink tea while watching the snow and feeling virtuour, and laughing at my old man who is supposed to go for a run in the morning. But given the weather, maybe nobody is running tomorrow.

    Enjoy the snow.

  • Only 10 for me today but it was in the cold, dark and wet as I had a meeting all day.

    No snow here but snow on the hills just out of town!

    We should all get Ron hill hats and have "Outsiders" printed on them!!!
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