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  • Fabtastic Chimney - what a great run (I meant to type fantastic, but fabtastic works too).
  • Yes I think "fabtastic" sums it up quite well Que Sera image
  • Thanks all. Like Fabtastic.

    Down to earth with a bump today, literally. 4 miles at 10 m/m pacing. Should have looked where I was going though and not at the deer peering at me from behind a tree. Tripped over a root in the wood and went sliding through the mud on my belly. Wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't a bridlepath. You could tell it was a bridlepath and horses had been along it recently. Smelled lovely........image

    Calves still a bit tight but felt so much better for getting a stretch.  

    Got another cross country race on Sunday, Avebury 8. I will be going fairly easily. Honest. I'm only doing it for the wonderful hand-thrown mug you get as a momento!

    Been looking at that Hadd training. Thinking about doing it until I start the 'official ' training and see what the results are.

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • * holds nose and keeps downwind of Chimney* image

  • Chimney the slog sounded great fun
    There is something about running a race just for the fun of it that sometimes surprises you at what you can achieve.
    My new mizunos are bright pink and desperately in need of a muddy run!
    Hope everyone is having a good week and all in good working order
  • hello

     can i join you guys - as the title says i dont fit anywhere else image

    my story

    2011 was my 1st marathon - london - raised 2.5k for phab kids - got a bad foot injury and limped in at a time of 6:12mins

    havent been on runners world since

    been trying for a baby since april - nothing - gutted

    broke my foot in august - got discharged from the physio clinic yesterday

    started bootcamp lost 11lb in a month put it all back on the following - still going

    got rejected from the ballot

    won a club place last night !!!!! woooooo so training starts today i have to literally start from scratch, still gonna keep trying for baby, still gonna go bootcamp but more positive about everything today!

    think im gonna run for Crimestoppers as i am a special constable and will give a bit of money to my hubbys U8 football team as they need kits and footballs

  • Hello Muppley and congratulations on that club place image.  What will you do if you get lucky babywise?  Welcome back to RW!
  • minardi wrote (see)
    Hello Muppley and congratulations on that club place image.  What will you do if you get lucky babywise?  Welcome back to RW!

    We could form an Outsiders relay team and take turns carrying her throught the race image

  • Oh, and hello Muppley, welcome to the Outsiders image
  • Hi Muppley, welcome aboard image

    Sounds like you've had a bit  of an "annus horribilis" so let's hope your club place means things have turned around for you. Last time I ran London I got blisters and did 6.02 so I know how that feels image

    Sacco di Noci wrote (see)
    minardi wrote (see)
    Hello Muppley and congratulations on that club place image.  What will you do if you get lucky babywise?  Welcome back to RW!

    We could form an Outsiders relay team and take turns carrying her throught the race image

    I vote we ask the squaddie with the washing machine to carry her in the drum image

  • minardi wrote (see)
    Hello Muppley and congratulations on that club place image.  What will you do if you get lucky babywise?  Welcome back to RW!

    haha love you guys already! and love the " Team Outsiders" thing image

    well im on the mindset that its not gonna happen if it does i will only be early pregnant and i will already be training and fit enough to do it if it gets to a stage where i need to walk then so be it after this years time anything will be a bonus 

  • Hi Muppley,

     Fair play to you for keeping going. You're way above a large amount of people that give up at the first hurdle. That goes for all things life can throw at you, not just what can happen in a race!

    My best wishes for your training over the winter. That doesn't just include the marthon training of course.....image

    Didn't have to be in work till 9 this morning so took the oppotunity to do a staedy 10m off road with the dogs. Just felt better and easier the more I went on. Something I noticed very quickly in traing and races was that the easier I start, the better I finish.

    There's something unfair about the dogs going back to bed after a run, and I have to go to work.......

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Chimney wrote (see)

     Fair play to you for keeping going. You're way above a large amount of people that give up at the first hurdle. That goes for all things life can throw at you, not just what can happen in a race!

    So true Chimney. I wouldn't say I was defeatist before, but since I ran the VLM I'm more confident about taking on challenges .You also learn a lot about yourself when it all goes wrong. I was disappointed for a couple of days and then I remembered what a fantastic time I'd had and that I could always try again.

    Someone earlier was talking about being daunted at the prospect of building up from a 10k to a half and I was thinking , "It's only 13 miles" image Even if you only ever run one marathon it changes your perception of distance for ever, I think that's quite cool.

    Shall we start one of those e-petitions about Chimney's  dogs? Workshy scroungers - just like my cat!  image

  • Thanx Guys

    Que Sera Sera is quite possibly one of the best sayings ever - FACT!

    actually cant wait to start this training now

  • OK so I've just had a little tot up and the VLM Outsiders are now 12 strong. 

    Hooray! Chocolate Hob Nobs all round......image

  • Oooh hob nobs... Hungry now!??
  • Welcome Muppley. Sorry to hear of your rotten year, but I hope that your club place marks a turn in your luck - in all departments.

    "Que Sera Sera is quite possibly one of the best sayings ever - FACT! "

    I have to agree. Will I be happy? Will I be rich? Will I finish VLM in 4'30? You'll have to wait and see.

    Also agree about the annoyingness of lazy pets, but not in a position to throw stones as I bunked off work yesterday and went on a day out with my old man while the kids were at school. Felt quite giddy.

    5 miles tonight. See you all later.

  • Que Serah - go and sit on the Naughty Step! image

    I have been feeling tired and sluggish all week. I've done a bit of walking but no running. I need to get my lazy *rse in gear.

    Also my OH works shifts so it's always easier to get my butt out of the door when it's just me (and the cat) at home. He's been on earlies this week so the temptation's been to stay in and just veg out.

    *sits on the Naughty Step with Que Sera*  image

  • Hope there's lot's of room on the naughty step.

    Woke up this morning, turned the alarm off and went back to sleep.......

    Though I do intend on having a little four mile jog tomorrow morning and playing hooker against Abingdon tomorrow afternoon. And have a 8m XC race on Sunday.  So kinda making up for it.....

    Been looking around the various training plans and seriously considering upping the mileage to average 65mpw from 19th December to VLM. The plan I've used for my previous marathons has been @ 50mpw. I realised the other day that yes, I want to just enjoy it and not worry about the time. But I also want to run an average time and for it to be easy........

    It's not just women that are contradictory.....   image

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Wow that's scary mileage Chimney! I do about 20-25mpw at the moment...what could I / should I be looking at getting up to for the marathon?

    Not sure if it's naughty step for me - have a bad cold but still went for a run last night.

    Happy weekend all - who's running / racing?
  • Hi Mitiog,

    Tough question to answer.  And let me say I am a numpty and not worth listening too as I don't know what I'm talking about. However......

    If I look at my recorded runs between 18/11/2009 & 25/04/2010 when I did my first mara I did a total of 42 runs and 274 miles (22.5 weeks) so not quite 2 runs a week and 12 miles a week.  I did 1 run of 18 miles in March, and 1 run of 13 miles in February. 

    Added to this I was cycling in & out of work every day, but that was only a total of 8 miles a day. Training twice a week for Rugby, and playing on Saturday. Walking the dogs about 4 miles a day. Climbing several times a week either in a plastic gym during the week or on real rock on a sunday. The mara I did was Straford and my time was 4:40. I'm 43 and pretty much relied on my general fitness and stubboness developed over a lifetime of doing stuff. It was siege tactics for the last 6 miles. It killed me! I could hardly walk for a week.

     Didn't run for a over a month until I got persuaded to do Bristol Rat Race weekend by some friends, (One of which has been to the Microsoft world adventure racing finals!), and everything seemed to work again. A couple of weeks later I started a proper program to train for Loch Ness mara, putting pretty much everything else to one side. Came home in 3:45 and walked up Ben Nevis the following day. That program was from 26th June to 2nd October, 14 weeks  67 runs 503 miles so nearly 6 runs a week, 42 mpw. There were two weeks where we were on holiday walking about 20 mpd in Dartmoor and Breacon Beacons. It didn't seem hard to do it either which I was concerned about when I started it as to whether it would break me as it doesn't seem to be the done thing to go from doing knack all to running 40 mpw. Worked for me.

    I've still got that plan. The reason I liked it was because it doesn't give times, just distance - run easy 5m, steady 8m etc. A couple of sessions of hill repeats, couple of sessions of tempo (run fast for 5 mins, jog for 5 mins that sort of thing).  If you want to look at it I can email it over to you let me know at sallyandbaldric (at) live dot co dot uk  Officially it's an 16 week plan, I just started it late! 

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Hi all-never mind the naughty step- is there a clumsy step. Trying to find some roads with street lights to do after work- was dodging some irritating pedestrians and tripped over a curb! Landed gracefully on my arse!
    All in one piece- comes from being well practiced at falling over tree roots in the woods !
    Slightly lighter long run for me this Sunday -16-17k
    Going to push past half marathon distence then next week
    Happy running ??
  • Chimney - thanks for that! You have email image

    Glad you're ok Siony. I know what you mean about dark roads.

    Hopefully another 11-12 miles for me tomorrow. But there's a 14% hill in mile 5 and it lasts most of mile 5 image

    Happy running!!
  • Hi All,

    Hope everyone had good weekends.

    How'd your hill go mitiog? Hope you still had enough left to do the next 6 miles.... image

    Siony, tree roots are there to take you by stealth. Especially at this time of year when they hide under the leaves, waiting for you to come along before they leap up and grab you. I think they have triffid like properties.

    Scream, Muppley, Que, Wabo, Helen Liz, Sacco, Len 2, Melmar, Iron Pingu, minardi, Shedboy, Get up to much at the weekend?

    The race I did didn't have anywhere near the mud I wanted. The local council had told the race organisers they couldn't use ' Mud Alley ' this year because it was too dangerous. Err, no it isn't and it is the reason a lot of people do this race. Local Government eh?! 

    You could tell there wasn't much mud involved. 8m in 1:00:11. Now if only I'd looked at my watch and realised how close I was I could have sped up a bit!

    I was going to try the Hadd Heart rate training from here to 1st Jan starting tomorrow. Would have been handy if I'd checked the battery in the heartstrap before all the shops had shut... Be interesting to see how slow I have to go at 70% of max heart rate (124bpm) Got a funny feeling it's going to be not far off a fast walk at first!

    Bit of fun next weekend - 5km Santa jog round the local park. Looking forward to it.

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • *Gets off Naughty Step*

    Ran 7 interestingly foggy miles yesterday, the first half was mostly uphill. As I'd been lazy during the week I thought I might need some distraction so I took my Shuffle. I rarely listen to music while I'm running but it certainly helped. Although it was quite embarrassing (on several levels) to find the track that best suited my pace was "Lipstick" by Jedward image

    The London Marathon theme popped on in the last mile which was very appropriate.  image

    Quads are sore this morning though - ouchie!

    Siony, hope you are none the worse for wear.  Chimney, too much mud in a muddy race - pffft, silly b*ggers. Great time though - fabtastic!

    Hope everyone else's weekend plods went well - 8 miles next week - soon be time to get the jelly  babies out  image

  • I did my short long run yesterday (http://connect.garmin.com/activity/129790112), it was fun running in the fog. It was cold enough that I had an excuse to wear my RNLI training tshirt. image

    But I woke up this moring with a cold thanks to my kids.image I might use it as an excuse to avoid getting out for a run at 6ish tomorrow morning. image

  • Ooh that's a clever thingy Sacco,

    We've got a Garmin somewhere at home - we never use it image it isn't as techy as yours though.

    Thats a nice route, must have been very pretty in the fog - good time too.

    Hope your cold goes away soon image 

    I find I get fewer colds as I get older but that the ones I do get last longer. Having said that, last time I was marathon training  I never developed a full blown cold all winter  - fingers crossed it will be the same this time round.

  • My sympathy Sacco - I've got another cold having just got over one about a month ago - I blame my students coming and snotting all over my office -grrrr. Or the kids. Or the old man. I don't know. I felt a bit rotten yesterday, but aware that I need to do some running. By way of compromise I did 6 miles instead of the 10 I had planned, but even so I was very hoarse and coughy when I got in and feel pretty yucky today. Will try to drink a lot of tea and get an early night and hope to be running again tomorrow.

    Well done on your runs everyone, esp Screamy. Mud, hills, tree roots, spoilsport councils - we do have a lot to contend with at the moment.

    On the plus side - I do like running in fog, so long as I'm away from traffic. I like scaring dog walkers by looming up from nowhere with a big sweaty face and frighteningly pasty legs. It's unsettling enoughteven when you can see me coming.The hawking cough and red nose only enhances the experience.

  • The only upside to my cold is that I can annoy other people in my office with my coughing and sneezing. image

    By the way the Garmin cleverness isn't mine, I just plug my watch into my computer and click upload.

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