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  •  que sera -Like the idea of scaring walkers in the fog-

    Hopes everyones colds are better soon

    easy run for me yesterday- never thought i would say "just 17K"

    Going to try 14 miles this week- all being well

    Need to find some new routes- developed an unhealthy interest in my car odometer!

  • Well my 12 miles was definitely not like Sacco's!!! The 14% hill was actually a 20% hill (it had one of those wedge-shaped road signs telling me it was 20%...) but hey the view from the top was worth all the huffing puffing. I did jog the first third maybe but walked the rest. It was a good excuse to take on more water, honest!!! Did my 12 miles a bit faster than last week and considering the nasty hill I was well pleased with that.

    400's at club tonight...10 secs faster than a month ago. Getting back into the swing of regular training is helping lots and a few people have started noticing the weight loss. I haven't got on the scales yet but apparently I look like I've lost weight. Hmmmmm.

    Siony, it's amazing how the miles add up - a new member of our club was saying how she'd only ever run 3 miles before and I was saying how I couldn't even run a mile 3 years ago and 15 months later I did a marathon. It's amazing how we adapt to training. Hope you get to find some good routes. I have my favourites but it's good to go new places.
  • I still haven't tackled anything longer than a half. I'm telling myself I'm doing "base training" until the new year. It makes it all sound less daunting for the moment.
  • morning

     well my marathon training has officially started

    have had to invest in a full foot and ankle support to make sure my ankle is fully supported after the break

    i have had my running club coach draw me up a plan and it has me down as:-

    mon, wed & fri - bootcamp

    tues - running club

    thurs & sat - runs

    sun - long run

  • I'm concerned that there's no rest day in your schedule Muppley.

    You don't want to end up injured again image

  • yeah i know sat is a 2-4 mile easy so really i could just miss that out if needed

     had my 1st running club session in 10weeks last night - ankle was strapped up pretty well

    ended up doing a really hard 7 mile session which incorporated long runs short reps and hills - feeling it today!

  • Ok - make sure you don't overdo it Mupps.

    Walked for an hour yesterday lunchtime and half an hour back from a shopping trip today, followed by walking up 16 flights of stairs (that was unplanned!) image

    Looks like I may have to run at silly o'clock tomorrow. I am working offsite and will be on my feet all day instead of sitting at a PC so I know I won't be in any fit state to do it afterwards. I remember standing up all day in heels when I was younger (!) I don't know how I did it but I do know why I was slimmer then image

    Just planned my route for the weekend's 8 miler. I couldn't avoid a slope right at the end but overall it isn't too bad.

    Yeaaaah, bring it on!!!!!!!

  • Hi All,

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. I've not been too well this week, so not done very much on the running front. Incredibly tired and run-down. Work crazy and I'm not sleeping much (so much for RW saying marathoners need more sleep - try telling that to my body!)

    Hopefully get to club Monday night. 2 weeks til project deadline and 2 weeks til 10K so busy fortnight ahead image
  • Good intervals yesterday- sore as hell today!
    Hope you feel better soon mitlog
  • Sorry to hear that Mitiog. I'm still coughing and spluttering too, but thought I'd better get a move on anyway, so I've been on a 10 mile run at the weekend and went out for a short one this a.m. Hoping that running might help it to clear quicker.

    How did your run go Screamy?

  • Hi all,

    Running at 6 in the morning on Thursday was a bit of a shock to the system. Saturday's 8 miler was hard - I never seemed to get my breathing right and  I was in need of a jelly baby in the last mile so have ordered some in my next grocery shop.

    Legs felt ok though image

    Mitog, Que Sera - hope you feel better soon.

  • Oh great. I have developed a cough image
  • Poor Screamy image I hope it's not the lurgy that's been going around.

    I'm only shaking mine off now. I have't run in a week and half. image

  • I think I caught it from my mum - she's had hers for 4 weeks image

    I feel like someone has poured itching powder down my throat this morning and it always gets worse at night so I'm thinking I will have to stay indoors and stick to the stationary bike until next week. No other cold-type symptoms though which is good - I don't like feeling groggy.

    I'm off to the chemist for some cough medicine at lunchtime - yeuch! 

    Eating chocolate always helps though so I suppose it's an excuse to do that  for a few days. Mmmmm......image

    Still, this is why I always start training early, it helps factor in the three "I's" - illness, injury and ice!

  • Feelin' a bit better image Work still crazy though. Am eating wayyyy too much chocolate. And mini-stollen bites from Lidl.

    Did 4x1mile efforts with 3mim jog recoveries in the wind and rain last night. Averages 10:45 on the miles...anyone want to hazard a guess at what pace I could do for a 10K? The efforts weren't flat out..more tempo pace but given the weather I was pretty pleased with them.

    Screamy hope you are feeling better. Sacco, are you back running yet?
  • I'm holding off until Sunday when I can do my long run. I'm feeling a lot better though image

    I hope everybody is back to full strength soon.

    (I'm so tempted http://shop.outofprintclothing.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=b-1030)

  • Hope everyone is recovering. I did my 'long' run this morning, as am on my own with kids over the weekend so I won't be able to get out. It was beautiful weather but I felt quite tired at the end of 10 miles. I'm supposed to do a half in a fortnight - that could go spectacularly wrong I feel.

    Right - better get back to work. Wishing good running and ehalthy bodies to all

  • Ooh cool t-shirt Sacco - love it image

    I've just impulse-bought a dress without trying it on - that's not like me at all usually but there was 20% off - I can always take it back image

    Thanks for the healthy vibes Qur Sera - I could certainly do with some! Haven't run this week and have rellies down for the weekend so it looks as if I won't get a long run in. Still, it will give my cough a chance to go away - it hasn't been as bad as some I've had I'm relieved to say - or perhaps it's because I've eaten my bodyweight in chocolate this week  - such a naughty Screamy image

    The mini stollen bites sound yum mitiog - pass some this way image

    My maths is crap but I think that should be about 1.02, 1.03 for a 10k - feel free to correct me anybody.

  • I can't do maths, so I used this http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/4/4_1/96.shtml

    I reckons a 10:45 min/mile pace is 1 h 6m 10k.

  • Not sure Sacco - I've run 1.05.53 for a 10k as an 11 minute average miler so 10.45 should come up a bit quicker? image

    Solution = Mitiog runs 10k and reports back image 

    *Screamy is now drooling over curry recipes after a conversation wth a colleague*


  • Que Sera Sarah, if you can run 10 miles, you'll have no problem with a half. image
  • But if I can average 10:45 on individual miles with 3 min jog recoveries will I be able to do 6.2 of them with no jog recoveries??????

    I reckon I should do Que Sera's half and she can do my 10K...I'm much better at pacing longer runs anyway image When is it, Que Sera?

    *passes Screamy some mini stollen bites*
  • Thanks Iklebutn and mitiog. It's on the 18th near Wellingborough. I'm not too worried because it was only intended to keep me on track, but I didn't run the 10 miles as easily as I had hoped... partly due to taking time off with lurgy a week or two back.

    Mitiog, you have been running consistently for the past month or two and are better over a longer course - a 10k should be great now because you have a mile or two at the start to get settled in and relaxed. i wouldn't be surprised if you were better when going at the same speed than when trying to adjust between a particular pace and a recovery.

    Really nice weather now - might force the kids out for a walk this p.m.

  • Dare I say it but am feeling v good- 2 months training and all in workin order! Father Christmas is going to bring me a garmin too!
    Tempo run today and long run tomorrow with heavy rain forecast for Kent! Happy runnings
  • Thanks Que Sera - I'm nervous about the race but also really looking forward to it. Haven't raced since VLM 2010. I week to go!

    I did 12 miles with the Killer Hill in the middle this morning which went well considering the massive headwind for the last 6 miles. I finished about 1 min slower than before so considering the conditions I was chuffed with that.

    Yay for Father Christmas Siony!!! I have a very old garmin with no heart rate monitor so I tend to use it for intervals and measuring routes then switch back to the heart rate monitor for runs where I need to keep my HR either above or below a specific value. Ideally I'd like a HR monitor and GPS in one watch. I could wear both watches I suppose but then I'd look like Doctor Spock with a gadget on each arm!!!!
  • Morning Outsiders image

    Well I wasn't expecting to run at all this weekend but in the event managed 5.7 miles yesterday which I was really pleased about. Felt about a ninety dragging myself round but my time wasn't too bad considering I'm not 100% . My chest is being a bit unforgiving this morning but that's probably more to do with the freezing cold - lovely and fresh though- - brrrr!

    Hope everyone else's weekend plods were successful.

    I'm quite happy with the way training's going so far too Siony - I just need to stop eating so much image

  • I love my old garmin, not that I use it particularly constructively.

    I finally got out for a run yesterday, it felt "challenging" so I thought I was doing well. But when I looked at my pace it was the same as every other time I'd done that route.

    That'll teach me.

    Mitiog - you could wear both on one arm. image

  • Don't worry about eating too much Screamy, it's the christmas season (sort of). Think of it as storing up fuel for the miles ahead.
  • Sacco di Noci wrote (see)
    Don't worry about eating too much Screamy, it's the christmas season (sort of). Think of it as storing up fuel for the miles ahead.
    Yes I like that image
  • morning all *waves*  Sorry for my absence, i'll get someone to write a note but while they're scrabbling for a pen, if someone finds my mojo can I have it back please?  I have a serious case of the CBAs.  I have gone from running on average 25 - 30 miles a week (when not training for anything in particular) to being lucky to scrape into double figures.  And 3 weeks to go before VLM training starts..... image
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