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  • your legs are probably mine screamyimage

    I am in and proud that I don't fit in some threads alsoimage

    Lost 2 1/2 stone this year and trained up to 20 miles in October. It is Run/Walk (have COPD) 1 in walk for every 5 run on average and looking at 4 1/2 hours for VLM in April. Went back a few weeks on schedulew as a rest and trying to peak at the right time. Got 14 miler Sunday.

    I see some great efforts here over Christmas period -well done. I did a 6 miler on the day and a couple of 4 and 5 mile since.

  • Hi Stu, welcome aboard image

    Well done on the weight loss - if I could shift that extra stone I'm sure I would turn into a whippet image

    I do run/walk on my long slow runs - 1 minute in 12. It helps my mind as well as my legs (it allows me to concentrate only on the mile I'm running at the time) and it also stops me choking on my jelly babies which is a bonus image

  • Hi screamy and thanks .  I am certain that extra stone will drop off no probsimage Funny enough I use my walks for Jelly Babies too although have to take care when using a sports drink with 'em (seem like I could float then-lol)

    Would love to reach 1 in 12 walking and will aim for that. I do not think a wee walk does any harm tbh.On a good day I could do 12/1  in time. My sub 8 minuting has gone though,  I feel .

  • Ha Ha, goodness I can only dream of 8mm image

    If I could do 10 minute miles for a 10k I would be happy - we'll see what happens at the BUPA 10,000 in May  image 

    I'm in the odd position of being a faster runner than the last time I did a marathon but a slightly slower one than the last time I did a half so I know better than to be surprised by any of my times - slower or faster.

    I'm experimenting with jelly beans next time out image 

  • sub 8 was a long time and a million fags ago -lol

    10 min mile or a bit under appears to be me now. Good luck on BUPA 10k - I am sure it is doable. Just see where your feet take you.

    Yes - I read that Jelly Beans are actually better when mixed with sports drinks than Jelly Babies.

  • Plus they don't leave icing sugar everywhere image
  • Belated merry christmas everyone and here's to an excellent 2012 with fab running from everyone *fingers x'd* image
  • minardi wrote (see)
    Belated merry christmas everyone and here's to an excellent 2012 with fab running from everyone *fingers x'd* image


    Owwwww - my quads! image

  • you too minardiimage Sup with your quads screamy?

  • Hi All,

     Back again, work and family took my life this month. My only solace was my running, though not much of that in evidence in places!

    Nothing on Xmas day, 80 minutes of vets rugby on Boxing day. Well, it was supposed to be vets but t'other side could only get a vets pack together, the backs were the kids from the 1st's. As I'm one of the faster vets I was on the wing rather than were I usually play in the pack which meant I spent 80 minutes sprinting back to make tackles. I was knackered, would prefer to run the Picnic backwards.....

    8m at 07:50 pace yesterday, 11.5m at 08:30 pace today. 112m this month at an overall average of 08:33 pace. Distances for runs are 4m to 22m. Been wearing a HRM all month, average HR is 140bpm, average max is 167. The week I was felling a tad flu'y shows with max HR's of 190, 214, 187 & 184. Was a bit scared when I saw 214!

    Still smoking.......

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Great running Chimney  image
  • well done on your running  Chimneyimage (from a fellow smoker)image
  • Hi folks. Mind if I join you? Long time since I posted on RW site.

    I'm a lucky(!) one who got a ballot place by "donating" their entrance fee.

    Hoping to get round in less than 5hrs 30 so I ain't quick. Got my pre-xmas long run up to 16 miles in 3 hours but just starting back on the training plan post-mince pies & Quality Street. image 

    Got a 5 miler and 6 mile Fartlek of sorts in so far this week. Staring 12 mile LSR in the face tomorrow!

  • Welcome leedslass image

    Sounds like you've already made good progress with your long runs! I'm up to 12 miles at the moment. I did 5:31 2 years ago and hoping to improve on that time (I'm doing Edinburgh so have an extra month on the VLM-ers) but I'm a couple of stone heavier than 2 years ago and another couple of stone heaver than I should be, so I'm trying to address the weight thing too.

    good luck with the LSR tomorrow! I had a week off over Christmas so I've got an easy week planned - just 4x5 miles then I'll start gradually increasing the miles again. I'm trying to to look at the big weeks on my plan....20 mile runs and 40 mile weeks sound rather scary!!

    Happy New Year

  • 12 miles done! Last mile was a bit of an effort but not too bad. Longest run for 4 weeks so pretty pleased. 2hrs 15 min so not fast!

    Doing the Brass Monkey 1/2 marathon in York in a few weeks so hoping for a good run in that to give me a decent time gauge for London.

    Has anyone signed up for Jantastic on the MarathonTalk website? Looks a good bit of motivational fun for a 'run on your own' type like me. image

    Good luck for everyone runnIng this w/e and Happy New Year to all!
  • Happy New Year allimageimage

    Welcome leedslass. Well done on the 12 milesimage I havew 14 tomorrow but is Run/Walk . 2hrs 15 is respectable IMHO. -well done!!

  • Thanks STU. Good luck tomorrow with the run. I was going to leave my run until tomorrow but thought it might be a bit tough if I have a few sherbets tonight. image
  • thanksimage

    I was debating similar leedslass but opted for early night tonight image

  • Well, this is it now. I'm doing a Marathon THIS year. Can't say 'next year' any more. It's all so very near when it seemed so far away. image
    I'm pinning the training plan up on the fridge door for motivation. Will tick off each session when complete. Thankfully it starts with a Rest day as I dd LSR yesterday!!

    Good luck to anyone running today - hope the hangovers aren't to bad! image
  • Yes leedslass -it is this year you are doing itimage

    had a whiskey fueled 14 miler this morning. A slow 2:31 but pretty pleased to have done it at all.

  • Well done! image feet up recovery for the rest of the day!
  • So far so good with 2012 training plan! Stuck to it on Day1 anyway. image
    What a beautiful day it's been here in N Yorks today. Had a brilliant walk on beach this aft. You have to take advantage of winter days like those don't you?

    So, after 8 miles tempo today, it's intervals on Weds. Looking at the weather, think that might be a treadmill session! Proper training plan now. No chopping and changing and no excuses!

    I'm really upbeat today about the whole marathon thing. I was a bit iffy about it yesterday when I woke up to the realisation it's THIS year.
    Long may my positive vibe continue.

    Happy running folks. image

    Managed to get my first two runs of 2012 done, but the weather at six o'clock this morning made it a bit of a challenge. At least it was quite mild. image

  • Happy New Year!!!!

    Well done Sacco - easy 5 for me yesterday...trying not to let my post-Christmas enthusiasm get the better of me. 21 weeks til Edinburgh!
  • I'm not sure how long I've got left. I only look as far ahead as my next run.

    I looked at the VLM countdown over Christmas and, as far as I was concerned, it only said "too soon".

  • Looks like all are really getting their foot into training againimage

    well done leedslass , mitiog and Sacco

    Happy New YEar all of you (if I hadn't siad it before)image

    good 5 miler today in the wind and rain -enjoyed it "after" -lol

  • Happy New Year outsiders and welcome leedslass image

    Running is a bit pants at the moment.

    Did an easy 3 miler NYE and it felt like I had never run before in my life. I thought that I just hadn't quite recovered from the previous Tuesday's 10 miler but when I got back my hip started to feel really sore.

    Was planning to run 8 miles on 2nd but was stil suffering quite a bit. Plodded an easy 2 miles just to test it last night and it doesn't feel too bad today -  at least nothing is hurting while I am actually running. I've swapped back to my old Asics for the time being  and will do plenty of IT band stretching.

    If that doesn't work we have a physio at work but it is very frustrating at this stage, especially after the 10 miler going so well the other week image

  • Screamy I'm exactly the same - I feel like a beginner just now and my shins and knees are aching like achey things - but unfortunately when I'm running!

    Happy New Year one and all and here's to things getting betterer instead of worse image

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Afternoon All,

    Good to see everybody being so upbeat about their training. I'm just concentrating on endurance atm, so far this year I played rugby on Sunday, (Which killed me. Couldn't sprint, couldn't run, couldn't tackle and spent the whole game at tighthead. I'm 5'7" and weigh 11 1/2 stone, not your average prop size!), 19.5m on Monday (Which strangely enough felt a damn site easier than 80 minutes of rugby, but I didn't have quite the same evening before hand of course.....image ), 10m last night and a 5m recovery run this morning. Not sure how much I should push it for the rest of the week as I have an Oxford League XC race for WHH on sunday, 10K. I don't want to just jog round as I'll be a counting member of the team, but I also don't want to cut back on mileage in this endurance phase.... I also don't want to push a knackered body so hard that I break something......Me or Us....Me or Us....

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Chimney wrote (see)

     I'm 5'7" and weigh 11 1/2 stone, not your average prop size!

    Wow, you're not kidding - that's more fly half size isn't it? No wonder your rugby games are so punishing  image

    Hey I bet you're good at getting the lids off pickle jars though? image image

    Minardi: my knees don't like stairs - especially going down them - when I'm training over longer distances but they don't play me up in any other way, thankfully. As you say let's hope things get betterer rather than worserer  image

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