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  • Great TOTP Sacco - sums marathon running up in 7 words! imageimage
  • My sentiments exactly Sacco. In fact, they can put that on my gravestone.

    Really didn't want to go out today - so windy and rainy this morning. But I made myself do 5 miles.

     I don't normally do much about 'fuelling'. On runs over about 8 miles I try to leave some water somewhere and for more than about 16 miles I put a mini chocolate bar (one of those Freddo ones) at the furthest point. But that's more like a carrot to make me do the whole run and not take short cuts. Can't abide lucozade or any of that sticky goo. But maybe a thermos of tea and a hobnob? Or wine and crisps? Is that what Paula Radcliffe uses?

  • It would be so civilised if they gave use tea at VLM. I'd love it.
  • Yeah, another vote for a good old cup of tea image bloody love crisps too, would be great to find a way of using them on a run - could get away with Ryvitia minis in salt and vinegar I suspect image

    I don't like Lucozade either - probably why I've been avoiding it -  but I do find it works. 

    Well done on your 5 miler BTW Que Sera.

    On another note I have worked out that if I can  find a 5k Parkrun at some point I'll have the chance to PB at 4 distances this year which would be great if it comes off.

  • imagenot seen those "freddo" bars for yonks. Could help me hop around quicker.
  • I run so slowly I'm not sure that any kind of sweetie really helps much in terms of performance, but I exploit my own gluttony as an incentive. I don't think Freddos ever went away (not from our local Spar anyway). Anyone going out today - put your hat and gloves on! It looks jolly cold out there. I'm going to try 14 miles tomorrow a.m. but tights rather than shorts I think having seen the forecast. At least the wind has dropped (here anyway). Good running everyone.

  • Will search out Freddo's SarahimagePerhaps I didn't notice coz don't buy sweetiesmuch apart from JBs.Good luckon your 14 milerimage
  • Today was one of those perfect running days! It was minus 4 at the start. The sun was rising beautifully. Clear crisp day. New trainers on. Favourite MarathonTalk podcast on the iPod.

    And, to cap it all I ran 15 miles in the same time it took me to do 14 miles last week - and 10 mins quicker than the last 15 miler I did the week before Xmas.

    Sometimes it just all comes together. Hope everyone else enjoys their runs this w/e.

    Happy running folks and keep smiling. image
  • Brilliant run Leedslass. I did 14 with the help of the podcasts of 'Tale of Two Cities' from Radio 4 which are excellent. I've now listened to 3 of the 5 episodes, and haven't ever read the book so it's quite a cliffhanger for me. Bit chilly - kept my gloves on the whole time. Hvae a good run everyone, and Stu - buy sweeties! Your quality of life will improve. Everyone feels optimistic after a curly wurly.
  • Que Sera Sarah wrote (see)
    Everyone feels optimistic after a curly wurly.

    So true! image

    Hi all, well done on your runs LL and Que Sera, my 12 miler went well too.

    I did several things differently: bunged a banana and some syrup into my porridge first off and then left the iPod behnd so that I could really concentrate on slowing down (which wasn't difficult in the frosty conditions). I have also basically worked out that if I am thinking about my breathing I am going too fast.

    I looped back to my house at 9 miles and had some Lucozade Sport and half a ceral bar and it really helped. I was able to just keep going. At one point I was so comfortable I kept forgetting my walk breaks! image

    Finished in 2.24 which is bang on 12mm - if I can speed up back up to 11.30 over the next few months I'll be happy but I'm not too concerned, I was happy just to be running comfortably.

  • It was so cold yesterday morning that I wore a running beany I found lying about at home. It looked ridiculous, it would ride up my head until I looked like I was running in a fez. Did my longest ever run though: 14.6 miles. Went OK and I think I'm getting a better grasp on nutrition.

    I forced myself to drink more regularly, it was a weird experience. I didn't realise I was thirsty until I actually took a swig of water.

  • Good stuff Sacco!

    I was runnnig in a woolly hat and sunglasses image

  • I'm not looking forward to my 6am run tomorrow, the forecast is 0°C.

  • 5 mile tempo run bagged this evening. Did it in exactly the same time as last weeks 5 mile tempo run! I guess that consistent but it's a bit freaky. image

    I've downloaded AudioFuel long run playlist and it seems to help keeping a regular pace. I think it's fab. I won't be able to use it on Sunday for York Brass Monkey - iPods are banned. image

    So, if you're doing the race too, and you see someone at the back saying 1,2,3,4 - 1,2,3,4 over and over, say hi, it's me!! image

    Happy running folks, keep smiling.
  • Hi All,

    Been a good running week for me - 12 mins faster over 8 miles compared to last July with a much lover average heart rate and 10 secs a rep faster over 8x400m with less recovery compared to last November!

    Just keep plodding, just keep plodding

    mitiog image
  • It was so cold during my run this morning that icy dew formed on my moustache. 
  • Well done mitiog! Last year was stagnation for me so I'm going to work hard this year to get some improvements & a few pbs.

    Guaranteed a marathon pb as its my first one! image But I really want to get well under 2.30 for 1/2 Marathon and closer to 60mins for 10k.

    Very much a plodder and both of those would be big improvements for me. I do get jealous of those looking to scoot round a half marathon in 1.30 as they're using it as a long tempo run for Spring Marathon!! Cue 'green-eyed monster'. image

    Ah well, happy running and keep smiling, that's my motto.
  • hi there, does anyone mind if i join this group too

    i'm not part of a running club ( cant do evenings being single mum i have to get babysitters otherwise ) and so have to rely on online support mostly

    i'm running for charity after having the dreaded magazine of doom saying i didnt get a ballot place ( why does it have to be black ) and was all set for trying again for 2013 but got a phone call from a charity that has supported me and my daughter ( Down's Heart Group ) as she has Down's syndrome and had open heart surgery, the director knew i wanted to run it and said fancy running it for us, and i said brilliant, as they have really been so supportive to me, it seem an ideal opportunity to pay them back for their support and kindness, so thats my ticket into the VLM

    I started running in May and started off with the race for life lol, has every woman done that in her time?? then started doing lots of 10k's and then did my first HM in October.

    I'm booked in for the silverstone HM ( i entered that before London lol )

    was doing really well with training then took a break last few weeks of christmas ( due to death in family ) and just started up again out running boxing day, news eve and new years day

    however this morning when i got up, my ankle was aching alot, not sure if its to do with me running on the frosty paths or what, but decided to rest it and go for a swim instead today ( as i heard swimming is good for stamina ) I have not swum since my school days, so was quite pleased i managed to do 34 lengths ( with a few breathers here and there )

    so there u go, my intro, hope I havent bored u and i hope to get to know u alot better ( and who knows meet you on the day!! )
  • Hi HannahsMom,

    I can't really join a running club either due to work/home commitments. But the folks in here, and other forums are really supportive and give a gee up when things aren't going so well.

    Tough luck with the ankle. Hopefully just a twinge. You know the advice, build up steadily after a break from training - don't do too much at once. image

    Swimming is excellent cross-training and will keep the heart & lungs working! It's supposed to get a bit warmer over next couple of days so hopefully icy paths will give way for a bit! I've been running on grass verges and tracks where I can - bit safer.

    Happy running and keep smiling.
  • Hello Hannahsmom, welcome to the Outsiders image

    Sorry to hear about your ankle, but hopefully it'll be better with a little rest. RICE is often helpful: http://wiki.runnersworld.com/index.php/R.I.C.E. (at least that's what my wife tells me, but I tend to ignore her advice and damage my self even more image).

  • Thank you Sacco di Noci, i'm not good with ice i have to say but if it helps i will try it

    i went for a swim yesterday ( my shoulders hurt today lol as not swum for a good 15 years at lest ) but was quite proud of myself for doing 34lengths of the pool

    my ankle feels alot better today but even so, i'm still going to rest it, will try RICE and will try a run tomorrow morning, its nice to wake up today and not feel so cold, maybe that didnt help either

    i'm desperate to do a longer run, feel like i'm behind in my training image but still i'd rather wait and be patient than risk injury, good that its happened now at the beginning of training rather than half way thru
  • Hi Hannahsmom, great to read your story -  welcome to the Outsiders image

    It is always best to miss a run rather than risk a more serious injury even if it puts you a bit behind - better to get to the start line and end up taking longer than you thought you would than not to get there at all.

    I had PF last time I was marathon training but all in all it only amounted to swapping a 15 mile run for a 15 mile walk one week (which was much harder!). I was a bit panicked at the time but it all worked out OK.

    13 miles this weekend, I'm planning to do it Saturday and get it out of the way. It also means I'll be able to have a few vodkas in the evening image

    As to the weather, compared with what  our fellow VLMers had to put up with last winter and the winter before we've been really lucky, especially down south -  long may it last!

    3 months, 3 days and 21 hours according to the countdown clock on the VLM website - exciting imageimageimage

  • thanks Screampillar, yes i will get there, i am determined to do the VLM even if i do have to walk it lol, i've got to be faster than that man in an iron divers suit right???

    eek the countdown, scary!!!!
  • Hi Hannahsmon - Welcome image

    You'll get round VLM - determination counts for a lot! Like you I got into this running thing with a Race for Life and became hooked. I did VLM a year later. I only entered because the Super Model Jordan did it in 7 hours 30mins ish and someone from club said "you could do that faster - she must've walked most of it" so I entered...got in and beat Jordan by 2 hours (and ran, well ok, shuffled, all the way image )

    It's Edinburgh for me this year and I'm very much looking forward to it. I've had quite a bit of time out these past 2 years what with work commitments changing but I've been back running consistently since October last year and I've seen a big improvement in a relatively short space of time. I have to do Edinburgh faster than 6:30 to beat the sweeper bus so that's the target at the moment though I think I have a sub-5 in me one day, but maybe not this year.

    Hope the ankle is feeling better. Like leedslass I listen to the MarathonTalk pod-casts (www.marathontalk.com) and they say you can miss a whole week's training and it not affect your race at all so take it easy if you need to.

  • I started wth Race for Life too image

    My personal duel is with Jonathan Pearce the sports commentator. I've nothing against the man, in fact I admire him having run the VLM a couple of times despite really not being built for it. The fact is though that there's no way on earth his PB should be 2 minutes better than mine - even though the conditions he ran in to get it were more favourable than mine  - and It's something I have to fix.

    I'd also like to get a better PB than my OH who ran 6 minutes faster but that's a secret image

  • haha thanks for the welcome, didnt realise Jordan ran it in 7 hours 30, i saw her at silverstone last year and i think she ran that in 3 hours, she was in bright orange and came running past me with all her entourage so you couldnt miss her really, but thats good to know, as when i did my first half funnily enough i thought i hope i beat Jordan hahaha

    well i did it in 2hours 34 and that was with 2 loo stops too

    I'd like to do VLM in 6hours ( would be a bonus if i could beat 5hours 50 as that is someone's time i would like to beat - erm we shall say no more on that subject image )

    but as long as i finish, and if you're all faster than me you can just stay at the finish to cheer me on when i stagger over the finish line lol
  • HannahsmomUK wrote (see)
    haha thanks for the welcome, didnt realise Jordan ran it in 7 hours 30, i saw her at silverstone last year and i think she ran that in 3 hours, she was in bright orange and came running past me with all her entourage so you couldnt miss her really

    Keeping a low profile was she? image

  • lol Screamapillar, yeah you couldnt miss her, and i just re read that, i have to point out she came running past me as i was a spectator not a runner, if i'd have been running i'd have hoped to wooped her arse and beat her lol
  • HannahsmomUK wrote (see)
    lol Screamapillar, yeah you couldnt miss her, and i just re read that, i have to point out she came running past me as i was a spectator not a runner, if i'd have been running i'd have hoped to wooped her arse and beat her lol
    I have been overtaken by someone dressed as a tree so I know how awful that would have been imageimage 
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