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Want to keep running outside this winter, instead of my usual hide inside and run on a treadmill - so need some recommendations for some winter running gear that isn't too expensive. I live in Manchester so winter's are cold and wet - I do most of my running lunchtimes and weekend mornings.

So - any recommendations will be appreciated - so much choice out there...thinking base and outer layers, gloves, hats, shorts/tights   ?



  • "thinking base and outer layers, gloves, hats, shorts/tights"

    yep - just above covers what you just need to fine tune the what image

    I run in shorts all year round which solves the tights issue but if it's sub-brass monkeys, I have some to wear

    best recommendation I can make is a windproof gilet to keep the core warm. you don't need a jacket, a gilet is enough. and avoid a waterproof jacket unless you're happy drowning in your own sweat - what can't get in, can't get out either.
  • Cheapest things for the legs are Ronhill Tracksters.  You can usually get them for less than £15 a pair.  Just pull them on over your usual shorts and they'll keep your legs warm and pretty dry.  If money is really tights, just use socks on your hands instead of gloves, but you can pick up thin gloves pretty cheaply.

  • Nip into Aldi/Lidl. They've both had running/cycling kit in over the last few weeks so you can get some good stuff there. For pennies.
  • Don't get suckered into buying loads of stuff, you might not need it all!

    I have circulation problems and almost permanently cold hands, so bought some gloves - in which I promptly overheat! For the first mile I pull my sleeves over my hands, thereafter I'm fine. No, makes no sense to me either.

    Unless it's really cold out, I only wear 2 layers, a long sleeved top and one over the top. Am considering a windproof, but managed all last winter without - and it got pretty cold then.

    A hat, as much to keep hair out of my face as to keep my head warm - I run in a cap in summer, beanie in winter.

    try and add one or two pieces, see what works and then add extras, rather than buying a whole winter wardrobe & not using it.

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    thanks everyone - I might start slowly then. I have a long sleeved wicking top, and some gloves - so I'll stick with that for now. Looks like a  waterproof isn't recommended. What about a long run of a couple of hours  on a cold and very wet day - still wouldn't really need one?
  • I find I overheat in a waterproof jacket. You end up just as wet, but with sweat not rain (in my experience breathable can't cope with running in a damp climate like the uk). The main problem is a combination of cold, wet and wind. However, I find that when on a run, no matter how long I basically keep warm with shorts/ ls thermal and gilet (and gloves). If I were going somewhere where I might be in difficulty if I were unable to keep moving, and there wasn't likely to be help around, then I'd think about carrying something to keep me warm if the worst happened. I try to aim to be a bit chilly for the first few mins, and then I'm fine. The only bits that seem to cool down when out for a long time are my hands, and sometimes my ears.
  • Same. I wear a technical tee, windproof Asics lightweight gilet/jacket, gloves if it's cold (sub 5 degrees) and a hat if it is pounding rain (Gore Running Wear cap is excellent, as is my Adidas Climacool cap - with ear covers).

    Never need more than that. Was out this morning doing in a 10k in good old Scottish driving wind and pounding rain - totally fine in shorts, t shirt, gilet - no gloves and no hat, although I did need full bravery to get out of the car!!!

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    As most people say a gilet is essential, I just have a wind proof one, no need to worry about anything waterproof, it's pointless. I also use the helly hansen long sleeved base layer tops, these are pretty useful and will last years. Lastly, a pair of thin gloves and a hat, I use a very thin hat (like one you can wear under a bik helmet), it takes the chill off my ears without cooking my head!
  • How about running tights, do most of you wear them?  I know what you mean about going mad with the purchases - all I bought was an Asics long sleeve half zip top and running tights. 

    Regarding running tights, do they get sweaty - do you have a spare pare for when the other one's in the wash?

  • I just wear shorts, and if need be, some sort of wicking/polyester water resistant trouser
  • Optionally a pair of arm warmers extend the usability of the summer's t-shirts from races etc into the long-sleeve weather. Also, long socks can take you into several minus degrees with shorts, and that gives huge numbers of brownie points. Both can be rolled down if you're getting hot.
  • One of the attendees on the Club 'xc-run' this morning must have lots of money for his winter gear

    Like me he's from a cycling background, & in the same club ('Featherstone Road Club') as me.

     He still races on the road - as far as I know, he arrived in a pair of ASSOS bib-tights... "Ker-Ching!!"

    I do use some of my cycling gear for running as the temperature does drop near (or below) 'zero', wearign my bib-tights (Giordana, without a 'chammy'), & the thermal jackets I'd wear on the bike

    However, it needs to be very cold before the winter gloves for the bike get worn, as they're far too thick for running

    Once the snow falls though, the Inov-8's get worn on the road; 'Mud-Claws' for fresh/deep snow, & 'Roc-Lites' for compacted/slushy stuff

  • Maybe consider a windproof top, rather than waterproof. It will keep some rain out, should breathe better than a waterproof, will definitely help keep you warm even when wet, and should be much cheaper to buy than a waterproof.
  • I'm also in Manchester so know what you mean about the cold and wet!

    I wouldn't wear a jacket, you will overheat and the sweat will be kept in too.

    You can pick up gloves and a hat for around £4 each - that is all I've got, don't need anything too special. Try sports direct or decathlon.

  • Lol - try Scotland!
  • I'm from further south so the weather may not always be as bad but I'm also bound to be considered soft! I usually run in a thin thermal top with either t-shirt or wind proof jacket depending on the wind chill. Hat and thin gloves and leggings that are either full length or over the knee. I find in winter I run better keeping my leg muscles warm than in shorts where they're always subject to the elements.
  • Soft southern Dartmoor doesn't really have winters so I'm still out and about in shorts and a techy tee. When it starts to get cool it's Nike Fit tights (v fetching), Helly top and occasionally Ron Hill beany. Have been known to wear a Buffalo windshirt (top kit) if it's really manky.
  • For Scotland get a decent Thermal Top. image
  • Try Aldi, Lidl for cheaper running gear. It works and costs alot less than bigger branded sportswear kit.

    never let me down.

  • helly hansen merino base layer.
  • What footwear is recommended for wet/slippy conditions? I normally run in Mizuno wave nexus 4s but don't think they'll be cut out for when the snow and ice really hits!
  • I don't get all these people that don't like waterproof jackets, maybe I am just not a sweaty person, or maybe i am just running too slow to get sweaty!!!

     I love my goretex jacket, it's great! I wore it out last night in the wind and rain, took it off when i got to the car and I was dry underneath! Also everything I stash in my pockets stays dry!!! I also wore it in the summer in really heavy rain and it wasn't too bad, just had to open the zip every so often to let air in!!! I'd rather be out and have a jacket that can be tied around my waist if not needed than not have one at all, especially on long runs!

    If it's not wet I just wear a normal windproof one though image Personally I would rather wear a jacket with a t shirt than lots of layers image

    I do actually have thermal tights too but I would only weare these if it gets below 5C, my bum and thights get cold then!!!

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