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I'm looking at entering my first duathlon (qe2 duathlon) and I'm a total novice to the world of duathlons and noticed in the race pack it says all competitors must be affiliated to e BTF or hold a day licence. No point in me joining BTF a the moment as not sure how many events I'll end up doing but how do I go about getting a day licence ?

Hve had a look on the British tri website and can't find anyway to apply for one, have emailed them but no response yet and just curious if anyone knows what I need to do to get it.

##title of thread should have been BTF not just B licence !!##


  • you buy the day licence when you register at the event - usually a fiver. BTF members need to show their membership card to avoid paying this. you don't actually get a piece of paper but the info gets recorded for insurance purposes

  • That's great buddha thanks, entry fee is a fiver extra for non BTF members so will that be the cost of the licence or is it likely the licence will be extra cost to that ?
  • nope - that will be the day licence cost
  • Cheers buddha
  • Sometimes you do get a bit of paper - with a discount code for a year's license. Last year I saved £11.
  • You should ALWAYS get a piece of paper, which states it is a British Triathlon (English, Welsh or Scottish) day licence.You need that as proof of insurance. If you haven't got that you may not be covered!.

     Are race organisers not giving out the licences?

    From next year for some races & possibly all races 2013 day licences will be sold online & you will have to get them prior to the event.

  • both the races i did before i joined the BTF i got a bit of paper with a 10% off - they also have a serial number on, for insurance, i suppose
  • I've been a BTF member for some years, so am out of touch with day licences but I don't remember getting a piece of paper when I entered events online but then things may have changed since.

  • Weren't they tablets of stone in your day FB ?  image
  • ooo - pot/kettle..... image
  • I was never given any bits of paper after not renewing BTF and getting day licences.
  • Cheers everyone, looking forward to it now, suppose I should get some training in !
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