Any VLM Phab runners

Hey ladies and gents

Are they anymore people running for Phab ?? image

I am a first time marathon runner and got a charity place with Phab x


  • Hey Rachel, I'm running for Phab for again this year. Last year was my first London and running it for Phab made it an incredable experience! I can't wait, the Phab supporters round the course make you feel amazing, you will love it!
  • Hey Matt thats great, how are you getting on with sponsorship, I still have a long way to go !!!!starting to panic a bit!!
  • Im about 31% of the way there according to justgiving!, I started much earlier this time but it is hard work.

    Work out what you need to raise each week and aim for those targets, it helps with the panic as you have a plan to work to.

    There are some great ideas on the Phab site and of course on all the other charity sites too. Im going to try the Smarties tube full of pound coins with my friends kids, (they hold 41 pound coins apparently) !

    Just ask anyone and everyone you meet to sponsor you.

    It can be done you just have to live and breathe raising money for a few months!

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