Framing my IM medal

So after doing Ironman last year, I have finally gotten round to looking at getting the medal, race number and finisher photo mounted but I haven't really been able to find somewhere that looks like it is any good. I've tried a quick google but haven't seen anywhere that looks good. So has anyone had thier medals etc mounted and where did you get it done? Ideally I would be looking for somewhere in London but anywhere reasonably close by that I can get the train (or cycle) too would be good - actually I can't image cycling home with the frame so scrub that image



  • I've only had my 1st IM one done but used a local framer to do it. The frame has my finishing certificate, finishing photo and race number inside - the medal hangs off the bottom of the frame.

    there are plenty of framers out there if you look. check with a local independent card shop - they can often point you in the right direction, or an artists supply shop. the framer I used is co-owner of a card shop just close to my office so was very handy (and he's done some other stuff for us as well).
  • I used the local snappy snaps equivalent and whilst the A2 printout of my photo montatge is fine, the hole he cut for the medal to go in is a bit naff and it hangs on my desk wall annoying me. It's just a bit careless, like he did it in a rush.

    I might have to get it redone somewhere. I have a montage, including finishers photo, and my race number from the day in my frame.
  • Budha, Gladys - I would be really interested to see how they look if you have any pictures? Something like that sounds really good!
  • GB - if I remember I'll take a snap tonight

    I should say that it's hanging in the downstairs bog.....too modest to display it elsewhere!!
  • "Too modest..."

    So hung in the one room guests have nothing else to look at?! image

    Mine's in my study. So no one aside from me sees it. You can see the options I considered. I went in the end for the first one (the montage)

    If you want a pic of it in situ I can do that tonight, but it looks like the montage, in a simple silver coloured frame, with a bad cutout round the medal bit and the real race number, not the mockup!
  • guests?? wtf are they?? we keep the riffraff out
  • thanks I will have a look at local photographers and other card shops. I plan to have the finisher cert on the left, medal in the middle with race number below and the finish line photo on the right. Hope to anyway...

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