Thames Valley Cross Country 2011/12

Well folks it's almost back upon us...

30 October 2011 Metros
13 November 2011 Datchet
27 November 2011 Sandhurst
11 December 2011 Handy Cross
18 December 2011 Reading
8 January 2012 Tadley
22 January 2012 Bracknell
5 February 2012 Finchcoasters

The location of the first race is Mad Bess Woods, Ruislip; car park at UB9 6LZIt's getting bigger too, Windle Valley Runners will be admitted to the league for 2012/2013, and Wargrave Runners have been admitted to the league for this and all following seasons

I'm a Bracknell Forest Runner here, Hopefully there's more of the other club members here to keep this thread hot through the cold winter months.



  • Hi Sprint, first season of this for me, (wargrave) looking forward to it.

    Whats the first course like? 

  • Ah good work Sprint, was going to ask when you were starting the thread up.

    I'll be joining the fun from race 3....hopefully doing the last 6 courses.

    I've heard Ruislip is a 3 lapper, and a full 10.k, whereas Datchet is just flat and personally am glad to miss those 2 image

  • So the first two arent the best? Great introduction to this then image
  • Haven't done Ruislip to be fair Mee Meep...but the traditional first race is the Datchet's kind of like an entry level XC, being all flat and on paths and grass.

    The real stuff kicks in at Sandhurst....epic course, and only 5mile ish..shortest one of the series.

    Then Handy Cross 2 weeks after,,..the hardest one!

  • XC shouldnt be flat unless its totally drenched, or muddy as hell, bit boring otherwise.

    Great run at Cabbage Patch by the way SG!

  • Cheers pal...funnily enough the critics have disappeared from my thread now...buffoons!

    Datchet's XC i think is good only as an intro to those not used to XC....maybe if they started on some of the others, especially Handy Cross, they'd never be seen again!

    But for most of us, it's a bit dull..and what I'd imagine the saturday league xcs are like.

  • Metros course is a 3 lapper with a lead in and lead out, it's a loop on an incline, and is completely off-road (i.e. no tarmac).

    I really enjoyed it last year, good hills and downhills.

    Parking is a way away from the start so leave plenty of time to get there.

  • Looking forward to the first race on Sunday as really enjoyed the races I went to last season, thanks for the tip about arriving a bit earlier as nothing worse than arriving late and having to rush to the start image

  • what team top in your that your xc team top?
  • Hi Stevie, Im a member of Reading RR, thats just one of my Parkrun pics on my profile  

  • SG - why you dodging the first 2 ?
  • Ah new club's big rivals image

    Sprinty, coach's instructions, but to be fair makes sense. Had a big 3 target races in 6 weeks very recently, so another 5 xc before the Christmas is a bit overkill.

    Havign said that I like to do most of a series, so am hoping to do the last 6.

    And in fairness, if i had to pick 2 to miss it'd be these ones. a 3 lap 10k job and the dull Datchet aren't my cup of tea.

    Some of the other courses are splendid. Although I don't think I've ever raced the Bracknell course that well. It's not the very steep short hill 5mins into each lap, it's more the culmination of a lot of ups and downs and changes of terrain!

  • Datchet? Dull? You need to look up at the magnificent views of Windsor Castle and Eton College. And we must have 2 hills of at least 3 feet that you have to do twice!


  • the castle is in full view at your 5k,  can't say I ever noticed it on the xc!

    But then again, being a completely flat course, there's no hint of race's simply thrash yourself out and back!

  • Is there anywhere to leave a top, or other clothing tomorrow? Some sort of baggage area?

  • No. The runners tend to gather in club groups and just leave everything in a pile, although some of the clubs bring tents specifically to leave kit in. If your club isn't one of those that brings a tent then it's a good idea to stick a bin bag in your bag just in case it's raining.
  • some of the clubs are ridiculously professional, team tents, team flags, a designated person to do all the post race admin, often holding a clip board with a protective plastic hood over it image

    Far cry from my old boys...kit dumped in a random corner, and when i finished i had to wait about for 30mins seeing the rest of my lot in, normally ending up freezing to death, and with soaking pap instead of paper in my hands

  • Well done Metros, a good race this morning, although I was cursing you going up the middle hill on the third lap as my lack of hill training really showed. I turned my ankle going down the first hill on the third lap which threw me a little, and I also had to hurdle a gentleman who went down as I lapped him (there did seem to be a lot of fallers), but I like the course. I ran 2 minutes faster than last season which is pleasing, although I actually finished further down the field because of the much bigger turnout. A good start to the season.
  • I Second that BOTF, well organised and good support on route by the stewards.  Looking forward to Datchet now image
  • 29th and first BFR male so chuffed to bits.

    Annoyed to see us in 4th, but we will have to change that.

    Firmer course than last year, got quite warm.. Fighting out with SJ and RRR's fast ladies for most of the race!

  • Not surprised you're happy with that Sprint, that's quite an improvement on last year as I recall. I was the last counter for the Dashers and we have several potential single figure scorers who weren't available for this one, so you'll have to work hard to catch us image
  • Quite an improvement on last years team for you BOTF - New members or faster members?
  • Top performance Sprint....but the game starts to get tougher, as I know Sandhurst will have some good runners coming back for the next races...

    Good to read this thread...and looking forward to getting back involved at the 3rd race.

  • True bud, but you can only beat the people you're next to. Just need a little more hill work and a replacement left hamstring, and I'll be sorted!
  • Sprint for the line wrote (see)
    Quite an improvement on last years team for you BOTF - New members or faster members?
    Bit of both - some new members and some who've not done it before (and one multiple winner back from injury).
  • Found the thread!

    I'll be making my season debut at Sandhurst.

    Hello to all the regulars from lastyear, and welcome to all the new ones.

    SG-have you moved away from Striders now?

  • nicely found Cat!

    I have for the xc only. Sandhurst will be my xc racing team.

    Ironically..a guy joined 3rd claim..he won't race for us...who can do 50mins for 10miles. Makes my 58 look pretty pony...just when i thought it was decent image

    I'm hoping to make the 3rd race...but have got a bit of a niggle at the moment I'm hoping isn't too bad.It's that uncertain time where it could either be a massive problem, or back in a week!

  • Sandhurst - the local opposition! I hope you've been sharpening your elbows image

    10 miles in 50 minutes, blimey, that's good going.

    Heal well. I had a niggly achilles in July whilst training for Beachy Head. Unlike me I took it easy for a week or s, as I knew I had plenty of time to sort it out. Luckily all was good.

  • cheers, to be fair it's a good time of year, as the main road stuff is all done and dusted, and only  XC coming up for a few months. If i did have to miss some it'd be a shame but not an ass.

    What is an ass is this niggle! Glute muscle i think. I'd always presumed it was a hamstring thing, but completely different muscle to stretch! And not the kind of day to day stretching we all do as standard.

    I'll have to race well to get up the scorers list for Sandhurst. If i have an off day I'll find myself out of the scoring 6 positions! Bit of a far cry from being guaranteed first home for Marlow whatever i ran like. Much better this way though.

  • WoolWool ✭✭✭
    Everyone ready for Sunday's xc season highlight?

    With even more runners than last year the usual starting stampede could be even more frantic than normal and perhaps more important before we get to the narrow sections later in the race.

    For me the xc series isnt a particular target this year but I'll enjoy them all the same even if I have to stick the long runs in on a Saturday ahead of them. Ouch.

    See you all Sunday.
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