National Lottery Olympic Park Run

Maybe I'm being cynical.

I've been sent an e-mail with a link to register for an event next March.  All sounds plausible, but it's from a group called Great Activity - who are they?

If you follow the link it asks you for the usual sort of detail you'd put into a race entry.  But it also relates to a login for the National Lottery.  I've never registered with them and it doesn't feel right.

Has anyone else had this e-mail?



  • Thanks guys - should've done some reserch shouldn't I?

    I feel happier about supplying my details nowimage

  • I am more annoyed that I had my ballot rejected, as did Sophie Raworth and Jesse Metcalfe.

    Anyone get accepted?

  • i know 24 people who have entered and only 2 people got in - image
  • I got in, a friend didn't, and my husband doesn't know yet.
  • I got in but my mum didn't not sure about my son yet!
  • My partner and I both got in. image
  • neither me, my hubby or my running partner got in image

    Ah well, will just have to concentrate on the Marathon of the North instead, lets hope its a good un  image

  • Rejection for me image
  • My friend has heard she's not in but I still haven't heard.  Any idea when we will find out by?


  • They said all results by the 4th Nov. I got a place!image
  • OOhh.. will have to check my e-mail HOURLY then image
  • Totally bummed by my rejection letter for this. Is it bad that I'm assuming 4000 of the 5000 places were reserved for corporate sponsors who only want to spectate and not run at all? I'd happily give up my two spectator spots if I could just run it!!
  • I got in, really chuffed!
  • I'm in!!  Am new to running so will be great to have something to keep me motivated and to encourage me to improve my times.

  • Would have loved to have taken part.

    If anyone has a place that they can no longer use please get in touch.

  • I'm in! image Lucky me, I entered on deadline day.
  • alkialki ✭✭✭
    I'm in too. Can't remember when I entered but wasn't expecting to get in!  Now got to sort out the arguments as to who gets the 2nd spectator spot....
  • Ideally I need 3 spectator places.

    Mum, Dad and Girlfriend. Hopefully nearer the time they'll put out some information on weather this is possible.

  • I still don't bloomin know!!!  Are these notification e-mails coming in over night or during the day?
  • still twiddling my thumbs waiting to hear....... tense!
  • Im in, hoping for more than 2 spectator tix though or im going to have some very disappointed family!!!
  • I didn't get a place but hubby hasn't heard yet and if he does I shall mug him!!
  • Chris & Dawn, I have emailed them to see if more tickets will be available to buy, the 1st 4.5 miles of the course will be open for spectators if not I guess, I i'll let you know what they say,

    The stadium holds more than 10,000 people so i see no reason why they wont look for a way to cash in on the rest.

    i hope not everyone buys 2 or 3 more.... running into a stadium with 20,000 spectators...eek, no pressure

  • According to the website spectators will be penned in the stadium itself so theres no opportunity to go outside of it. It is probably down to the amount of food infrastructure they can lay on for their budget more than anything else. I got in and I am really looking forward to it!!
  • yeah i just read the FAQ, lets see what they say if they reply,

    anyone found a link to the terms and conditions for the run? i cant find them, i just fancied a browse, it seems quite a strictly ran event, and it seems you have to wear your event shirt to run in. just wanted to confirm that or see if its like other ones where its just there as an option.
  • I think it is going to be a very controlled media day to be honest - I am guessing there will be a BBC presence there on the day so a sea of same t-shirts is what they want. I read the FAQ yesterday and it does seem very controlling but it's an experience.
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