National Lottery Olympic Park Run



  • With a late start I'm just traveling down early morning and parking at cockfosters, catch the tube in.
    Looking forward this this, I think I'm just going to enjoy it at a casual pace,

    I was on the fb group page for this the other day and was quite upset to see a large number of non runners joking about how hey haven't trained and don't plan to, they entered the ballot for "the lulz" was how one put it, shame that so many people who would have loved to have done this, true runners, were declined and people like that got in, I'm sure it's true also of ballot races like VLM, but this is a once in a lifetime chance for many.


    I can't wait, I'm going to GoPro it, the video as we run into and around the Olympic stadium will be one to treasure. Especially running into a crowd of (estimated) 15,000 people.. Eek
  • I'm also considering travelling down from the midlands on the morning - it's been suggested we park at Luton Parkway and get the train from there. If anyone thinks that's a rubbish idea, please tell me! Think I'll also allow a rdiculous amount of slack in the travel timings, this is one day I really don't want to be late.

    At least if there's a shed load of non-runners, I can be fairly sure I won't be last!

  • Good idea . 

    First Capital Connect  - West Hampsted - Jubilee line to Stratford.

    Personally i would go to Stanmore, park in station car park £4 then  stanmore - stratford( one train)  £8.50 return.

  • quite agree about people that havent trained, surely this is the perfect opportunity to get fit and look at running as a hobby

  • Is the best station,Stratford or Leyton,reason i ask i am sure on the early official notification,they mentioned Leyton ??,can anyone confirm,thanks image
  • they are both about 2 mins walking distance so i'm sure its not a big deal which you go to.
  • Good to hear everyone else is getting excited as well. Staying at Moorgate so on direct tube link. Taling wife and daughter as spectators and a visit to Westfield so an expensive trip. Organised by Great North Run people so should go smooth.
  • Train tickets arrived today.  I wonder exactly when the race packs will arrive? I think they said two weeks before the event?
  • oh i didnt know the great run organisers were doing it, thats good news, as long as they didnt design the medal, theirs are boring image
  • The Great North Run is the only event I have ever got a medal for so I don't know what constitutes a boring medal Marc? Worrying thing from FAQs is that spectators are not allowed to take any 'non-essential' liquids (i.e. anything other than medicines or baby foods). The blurb says that there will be refreshments so lets hope everyone likes McDonalds and Coca-Cola
  • yeah i was a bit annoyed about that, could get expensive.
  • Martin - I did ask the question on the facebook page about taking liquids in, especially if it's warm and it's supposed to take us 2 hours to access the park as we'll all still be drinking 2 hours before the race... have had no response yet...

    Thought it was a bit irresponsible of the organisers to advise everyone to ensure they are hydrated adequately, then say we can't take water in and it'll only be available at the start, on the course and at the finish... especially given the number of people who seem to be running it who are not necessarily regular runners and may not be as aware of the importance of pre race hydration etc...

    Also have found the route online, evethough it hasn't been published yet... looks a bit wiggly, but it does go all round the park and past all the major venues image

    Having completed the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday can now concentrate on this one and am really looking forward to it - see you all there !! 

  • got a link to the route? i cant find it

    thanks image
  • thanks Ali
  • Marc Stokes wrote (see)
    ..., I was on the fb group page for this the other day and was quite upset to see a large number of non runners joking about how hey haven't trained and don't plan to, they entered the ballot for "the lulz" was how one put it, shame that so many people who would have loved to have done this, true runners, were declined and people like that got in, ...

    What a load of snobby crap. 

    This is a well-publicised mass-participation event, it's bound to attract people who are not "true runners" - and why not?  Are they not entitled to have a look at the stadium they've contributed to?

  • its not a snobby thing at all, i'm actually all for encouraging non runners, i even run a training business for non runners to help them take the 1st steps into exercise and encourage them to take part in events just like this. What annoyed me was the amount of people who entered with no intention of ever training for it, there are lots of runners AND non runners who would have loved this opportunity,
    My gripe was with those who were given this chance and did not appreciate it, like i said this one girl in particular said she entered for "lols" and she's not even planning on participating, how is that fair? it's certainly not being snobby, i'm sorry if you read it that way. I should have perhaps worded it better.

    i just wish the people who entered (be them elite runners or john the milk man) were people who actually planned on participating in the event.

    anyway, that said. i've re drawn the route for anyone interested, the low res one on the measure site is a little hard to read.

    Thanks again Ali for the link

  • Does anyone have a spare running space they want to pass on to me!!?
    Perhaps someone can't do it for various reasons...
    I'd really love to do this run! I missed out when I entered the ballot so I was gutted.

    I know the chances are practically nil but it's always worth a try and you won't get if you don't ask.
    Thanks loads anyway and good luck to those who are running it whether I get a space or not image
  • I know that this doesn't help you with getting a place for the National Lottery Olympic Park run, but I was fortunate enough to get a place. However, each participant is only allowed to bring 2 spectators. I desperately want to bring 3 people along with me. Do you or anyone out there know someone who may have a spare spectator place?

    Many thanks

  • sorry, I don't know of any spare spectator spaces either
  • Thanks anyway.

    Looking forward to the big day!

  • race pack arrived today image

  • I'm so used to Facebook - I was just looking for the like button...

    I want mine to hurry up and come! Even went outside just now to double-check if the postman did his usual parcel trick, and left it by the front door!!
  • p.s. Just saw this on the Lottery Run Facebook page... image

    Looks like it's gonna be even bigger than we realised! image
  • Cool, holly willoboobie
  • Bang tidy image

    My race pack turned up today! image
  • My race pack arrived today too, but my Medium T-Shirt is huuuuuuge!

    Going to e-mail them to ask if there is any chance of a change, but I'm not hopeful!

  • Mine hasn't arrived yet, are they cotton t-shirts or tech tees?
  • It's one of these in red touie2

     I've either been sent the mens fit one in error, or they are just sending mens fit to everyone which doesn't help the sizing issue!

  • Those look nice although if they are sending men's sizes I'll be able to wear it as a dress lol
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