National Lottery Olympic Park Run



  • Got my pack as well. Good info booklet answers all the questions. Really excited about the run now. I have been trying to get on a site tour and now i'll be there on foot and can view at my pace (which I hope will be under 40 minutes - crowds permitting.
  • they are tech shirts, flattering fit but red is SO not my colour, image

    it does say in the race book that you get that you can change your shirt size, and there is info on how to. its on page 4
  • Has anyone got an injury preventing them from doing this yet?

    I'd love to do this one and am gutted about missing out in the ballot.

  • My pack hasn't arrived yet.

    Can anyone suggest what to do to 'freshen up' afterwards? I want to make a bit of a day of it (might stay down the night before) so would like to go for dinner later but not if I'm all sweaty. Do we think they'll have facilities on site? I couldn't see anything on the website. Don't really want to shell out another 100odd quid for another night just so I can have a shower, especially as I have to be back in Bedford for 8am Sunday morning.

  • go spend £4 for an hours gym session at a local puregym? or a swimming session at a local pool, and just use the shower?

  • My pack came today. Now trying to work out how to arrive at the stadium dressed to run without looking eccentric on the train for a couple of hours in the morning. Quick change in a phonebox, maybe?
  • I no longr care about looking odd of the way to races, I'll be either bussing or training in my kit image

    My pack arrived today, t shirts baggy but not too extreme!

  • James Y - there are always gym offers on for trial membership,  for instance, you could sign up for a trial at the nearest gym and turn up after the race and do a warm down and use their showers.
  • HellywobsHellywobs ✭✭✭
    Still haven't had my pack, I think I said I'd be sub-40 mins but as I have been injured/then had a small unrelated operation/then had a horrible cold/cough I may be closer to 45 minutes now.
  • Pack arrived today: Being in the red wave, I've got 2 red spectator wristbands. Really could do with an extra one. Can anyone oblige?
  • the facebook page is where ive seen most spare passes given away.
  • Anybody know of any spare places? Would love to do this but didnt get in! image
  • someone on the facebook wall posted that they cant run due to unforeseen circumstances, might be worth messaging them?

    you wont get her wrist band passes though, they are in high demand and swallowed up by others within mins of going on the fb page.

    in other news....less than 1 week image

  • Marc Stokes wrote (see)
    someone on the facebook wall posted that they cant run due to unforeseen circumstances, might be worth messaging them? you wont get her wrist band passes though, they are in high demand and swallowed up by others within mins of going on the fb page. in other news....less than 1 week image

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for the response, I can't seem to find that message on the Facebook event? 


    10th reply down, by elain.

    the wristbands have been taken but i see no mention of the race place.

    its a long shot but a polite message costs nothing.

  • Thanks Marc!

     I have pretty much given up now, but have sent a message, you never know!

  • I am in desperate need of 1 white wristband for one very devastated little lad who will be heart broken if he is unable to go. I have tried the Facebook page but to no avail. I have called Nova trying to explain but was told that they were unable to help unless my child was under 2 to which they can accommodate if you supply all the details they will provide extra wristbands at no extra charge to collect on the day

  • Patsy - I have one spare white spectator wristband. I have two kids, and both are reconciled to not going (couldn't take one without the other). Let me know how best to contact you.
  • very good of you Neil,
  • Neil you are my saviour, please can you call me on my mobile 07527 681029 or drop me a mail using /forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gif[/img]] and we can arrange to meet or I will send you my address

    Thank you so much you really don't know how much this means to me and my little boy will be eternally greatful

     Had to edit email address apologies as it went nuts and put loads of digits in front it

  • Patsy - have just picked up this message so have sent you an email with my contact details.
  • Good luck for tomorrow, everybody!
  • hi all, sorry for the late notice, but i have 2 spectator bands going spare (white wave) if anyone wants them

  • excited now, btw for anyone who isnt on the FB group, there is going to be a huge group photo taken at 12:15 opposite the orbit.
  • Thanks for the heads up, Marc
  • what a fantastic event, the organisation was outstanding, the Great run people really did a great job, the entertainment (from what i saw) was good, the race itself was very well organised, the olympic stadium looks great (the rest of the course is still a little bit of a building site) but the workers were cheering everyone around,
    Everyone who took part seems genuinely thrilled to have a place and i even got to meet some of Team GB's former athletes,
    Running through the tunnel and into the stadium was a truly awesome memory i will never forget, i ran the full lap of the track with my Union Jack.

  • All of the above (except the Union Jack bit) , plus I ran a minute inside the time I had hoped for! A day I will remember for ever. Now I can't wait for the Olympics to start
  • It was a great run - Chariots of Fire was a nice (if slightly cheesy) touch which made me well up!
    The atmosphere was great and I was very proud to be one of the lucky few.

    Ran a bit quick in 42:20 which cut my last long pre VLM short the next day, but I know I've done the training and can do it so it was worth it. The course was pretty good too, although clearly lots of zig zags had been put in to make it up to 5 miles. There were a couple of hills which seemed to catch some people out too. Speaking of the distance, I'd heard the course was long. Anyone else hear that? My Nike+ was short, but it's not being at all reliable at the moment so I'm not trusting that.

    I'll be wearing my t-shirt with pride!
  • a lot of garmins read 5+ miles, but with so many corners it was hard to run the exact line, + under the stadium meant that all GPS switched off, it was an official measured course, should have been right.
  • nice touch on the event photographs, free marathonfoto images including the presentation certificate with time and photo etc,

    beats paying £20 for a 4x6
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