Liverpool Half Marathon 2012



  • woo hoo, me and a mate have just entered this one.

    Hopefully can edge under 2 hours now.

    Coming from Manchester so might even come over the night before - any good (cheapish) hotels near the start anyone can suggest?

    Also is Liverpool centre likely to be lively afterwards on the Sunday- wondering whether to stay over to rehydrate.

  • Me and a few friends are doing the run and plan to make a day of it round the bars afterwards.
  • Will enter this when I get paid next month image

     Will be my third time running round Liverpool - did last year's half - was a great day but found the last few miles along the front absolutely soul destroying - seemed to go on for ever, you could hear the finish line but it was always round the next corner, and the next and the next!

    Did the Santa Dash in December - oh my god the weather was vile wasn't it? Actually, it wasn't too bad for the main race but we had to hang around for my daughter to do the mini one and it was like the arctic!! Oh, and I have a complaint image there were no selection boxes left for her so we had to go and buy one - they were on offer 2 for 1 so guess who got the spare!

     So anyway, this time Liverpool half will be part of my training for VLM in April. Depending on how that goes I may well give the Liverpool marathon a go later in the year - depends whether the VLM ends in me hanging up my running shoes!

  • Bridget - sorry to hear about the selection box! It seems the same people who take more than one T shirt also take more than one selection box!! it is a problem when the vast majority of people who take part are let down by a minority of greedy people.

    We will have a funnel arrangement for the kids this year so only those taking part with official running numbers will be given the appropriate event souvenirs.

    The half should be good once again and numbers are healthy and increasing at the moment.
  • Thanks for sorting me out Alan, finally got entered for this and nice to meet you in the shop last week. (I was the guy who turned up as you were spleen venting at BT! image).

    Checked a number of hotels in city centre and many seem to be full up for the night of the 17th. I'm only coming from Cheshire so I may just get in early and park up near start/finish.

    Only the small matter of training for it now. Only 9 weeks from this Sunday. image

    Thanks for tip Kirsten, I may enter Reading HM which is on 1st April (yes we are all fools!) image


  • Glad to here about the funnel for the Mini Dash 2012 - I fortunately had a selection box at home I could compensate my son with.  Otherwise it was a great event - he loved running his first race, being congratulated by Father Christmas and hanging his medal on our tree.

    I'm also waiting for pay day before entering this one, and I'm looking forward to adding another excellent RL event to my races done list.

  • SC - the phones were only off for two days - and no explanation or apology!!

    Managed to get out and run on Sunday and last night. I'm going out tonight as well so I don't listen to EFC v Spurs on the radio. Expecting the worst...
  • That's typical of BT. Certainly different if you tried to withhold payment from them for two days, they soon get in touch then!

    Reading HM now full, so it may be Stafford after all.  Always like to run a "new" HM, is this a flat course?


  • It's a farily flat course, some inclines that may catch out those of us that don't train properly (I'm talking to myself there!) but no severe inclines.

    Alan, is there any news on the finish for this? If it is by the Liverbuildings, does that mean we come down Upper Parliamant St like the Marathon, or are we running that bit longer on the waterfront?

    Also, have you any plans on measuring the route that we can run along with you on?

    It's St Patricks day the day before, so Liverpool will be full and saturday night will be a sea of green and guinness! 

  • Scouse Elvis - if we move the start and finish it won't change the course other than a bit of modification somewhere in Sefton Park. You will still come back along the promenade. I just need to ensure we can get access through from where we are now to the Pier Head and that involves four different land owners and a set of rusting gates!!

    If all else fails we will leave as is for 2012. If I have to revise the course then you are welcome to come along.
  • Im doing reading!!  And this one of course, 3rd year on the trot for me doing LHM.  Cant seem to get motivated for any running this year though......... Just going to plob on doing the training i do and use this half as a training run for one of the other 3 halfs i got planned after this one.
  • Was thinking about doing this so I'll keep an eye on this thread!
  • David - entries are going well and we are now over 4,000 so don't leave it too late. They close on February 26th or before if the race limit of 8,000 is reached. Marked increase in daily entries now so the clock is ticking!!
  • Thanks Alan I'll bear that in mind.
  • This thread is very quiet!! Where is everyone... I presume you are all out training!!
  • You must be right Alan. Just been out for a steady 8.
  • Training IS being done.....Just not a lot of it. Only four half mile today. Will build it up in time for LHM.

    It is quiet this thread this year Alan.... Isnt 'Cake' and .....ahh cant remember her name? She couldnt do it last year because her face froze or something? Think she helped you out, Liverpool......Just remembered 'Liverbird' thats the girl!! Is she doing it this year?
  • Only 8 weeks to go , so it looks like an 8 week training plan . In my opinion this is THE best race out there , so all of you thinking about running it just sign up before it sells out !
  • I've got a meeting on Thursday to see if we can move the start / finish to the Pier Head which would make it even better. Just need to look at access along the Albert Dock wall (where the cobbles are) which we would cover and then access over the black bridge and down the side of the Museum. What a great finish!!
  • That sounds great Alan....fingers crossed you can get the go ahead.  If not, I'm sure I'll be thrilled to see the finish line regardless of where it is!

  • Morning Alan,

    After reading various reviews on this run I think I'm going to do it.

    Although I've noticed most of the hotels are fully booked for Saturday night. It would mean coming across Sunday morning which isn't ideal but I suppose will have to do.

    Is there any parking for the likes of myself?

  • Parking is right next to the start line. Details in the race pack.
  • i'm trying to encourage a couple of friends to enter this Alan ( i'm doing the silverstone half the week before not sure if can do 2 HM in a week, like some of the die hards on here lol )

    hopefully they will be joining up soon, how many have joined up so far?

    I told them what a great place Liverpool is, still buzzing from when we were up there for the marathon, had a fantastic time
  • Chris - I was going to say the hotels are full of Swedes and Norwegians as LFC are at home that weekend but they're not!! Testimony to the pulling power of the Half Marathon.
  • Don't forget, it's my Birthday on17th but don't give me my presents until after the race.  I have enough trouble carrying myself around the course.

  • alan is there anywhere we can see who has enterd for the lverpool half marathon and when will i get sent my race pack....cheers
  • It looks like RunLiverpool will have a stand at the Helsby Half this weekend if anyone wants to say hello and pick up an entry image
  • I'm off to Helsby on Sunday.  That'll see how the 'training' is going so far image      

    I'm doing the Mad Dog 10k mid-Feb as well. Hoping that the 'sea breezes' of Southport will prepare me for the home stretch from Otterspool!

  • Kevin Broome 2......

    Depends what you call cheap mate?  I stayed the last 2 years doing this run at the 'Campanile'  1st year was £65 and for the money was.....what you would expect (not a lot).  2nd year they upped the price to £85 and the room was worst than the 1st year and had a stag do staying there, not what i minded but the staff kept coming up to tell them off and even said one more time and i will be asking you to leave.  Any way its close to the start/finish which is ideal and there is a mc donalds across the road for the 'recovery meal'. 

    Just put in google hotels near Echo Arena and there is 2 really close to start (camponile being one of them)  the Idris isnt to far away either.

    Any way this year im staying in The Crowne Plaza for a fewons 1, its £20 more at £105 and i thought for £20 i get a bit more comfort and class.  2nd reason, the half is on mothers day so the wife and my daughter are coming too which they dont normally so its a treat for the wife too (killing 2 birds in one stone money wise image ) and final reason is.....because Allan 'might' be moving the finsh toi Albert docks which is closer to Crowne Plaza.  Win Win all round for me

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