Liverpool Half Marathon 2012



  • Paul Platt wrote (see)
    your not alone mate. my last three half's have been 1:30:04, 1:30.50 and 1:31.23 need to break 1:30. my best Liverpool half is 1:34 tho.
    1:30:04 that must of been a killer, Liverpool is a fast course but I think because I know the course well I can picture all the tough bits in my head so it actually makes it harder, but plenty of people run pb's at Liverpool so im determined to go under 1:30 this year
    snake-hips wrote (see)
    Alan or anyone else - any free car parking round there or in the area as looking to book a hotel for the Sunday night & set off early on the Monday.
    The camponile which is not too far from the start/finish has its own car park
  • There will be an email blast going out next week to remind everyone about the closing date for entries which will be February 28th. If you haven't entered then get your skates on.

    Another excellent turn out that will at least match the 7,500 entries last year.
  • Signed up last year, the Liverpool Half is my favourite race ! Training is going alright with a 10 mile run planned for the morning.
    Anyone who has not yet entered , sign up now or you will miss out on a great run !
  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)
    Jakesy - I believe young Atkins was disqualified from Helsby. Too young!!

    To disqualfy young Jack is mad he is a star in the making,i wouldn't mind finishing 10 mins behind him must be in the genesimage.You want to try training with him image


    Is there going to be the same car park arrangements as last year were is was a £5 ?

  • Hello all, This threads very quiet considering it's only 4 weeks to the race !

    Does anyone know if there is a route profile knocking about anywhere ? Just wanted to check where the hills are !image

  • All threads are quiet at the moment but things seem to be getting spammed alot.

  • One20Four wrote (see)

    Hello all, This threads very quiet considering it's only 4 weeks to the race !

    Does anyone know if there is a route profile knocking about anywhere ? Just wanted to check where the hills are !image

    I'm not sure if this will work, or be much help but 

    should link to the route and profile I recorded at last years HM

  • Nice one Xabi!

    Doesn't look too bad to my uneducated eyes. Just the one "hill" at 3 miles, is that Parliment Street?
  • The incline is just about 1.5 miles in and is approximately 300 yards long. This thread has been quiet for a while. Numbers approaching 7,000 just now and entries will close on 28th.
    i think at this rate we will have more than 7,500 which was the entry count last year.
  • I think everyone has drifted of to Facebook...
  • Judith Cook wrote (see)

    All threads are quiet at the moment but things seem to be getting spammed alot.

    image Afraid the spamming has effected things for me at lest normally check threads from notifications and havn't kept up that well last month or so, with all the noifications with some straight bloke from china posting everywhere. Alan's right through a lot of the normal runners for this one are mainly on farsebook at the moment for various reasons. Sure if you need any info or just a some silliness arrangments can be made. image
  • image Only two weeks to go!!!! Hope the weather keeps like this. Sun out. Makes you feel better. Def looking forward to the 18th.

  • Online and postal entries will close on WEDNESDAY, 29th FEBRUARY and IF numbers are still available after that date then entries will be taken in person only at the event office in North John Street. I think most of you know where we are.


  • Can't wait for this one, and my number arrived today ! whoo hoo .

  • Anyone know when the race packs are getting sent out? Was meant to be a month before the event but not heard anything yet.

    Really looking forward to this now & only 3 weeks to go. Started running last March so couldn't even run 13 meters this time last year let alone 13 miles.
  • Just signed up! I ran both the half and full marathon last year so looking forward to a return to Liverpool.

    I'd been debating whether to run it or not as my spring goal is the Greater Manchester Marathon at the end of April, but this will now be part of the build up to get me into race mode image
  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)
    I think everyone has drifted of to Facebook...

    You haven't! But you're right - we do all hang on the Runliverpool group thread.

    Suuuwiiiarmy wrote (see)
    Anyone know when the race packs are getting sent out?

    They're landing on doormats right now.

  • Got my number yesterday , it spurred me on to do 12 miles today . Just hope everyone stays injury free and we get good weather on the day !
  • Good going Steve!

    LB - the new web site which will be launched on 18th March will have regular input from the events via Twitter and Facebook. Does this mean the demise of RW Forum????
  • I am excited for this, hope my race pack arrives soon, should me good
  • Hi Joe!
  • Hello Gaz, you running in this too?

    Looking forward to it? hows training going?

    I talked to you on ESB about the Chester marathon in October if I remember correctly!
  • Yes, mate I'm doing this run and Manchester marathon at the end of April.

    Training has gone fine, should be a good day. Its my birthday on the 18th and theres a few of us meeting up in town, doing the race and then going for a few drinks afterwards.

    Your training gone OK? I got 1:36 at Helsby Half last month which was a PB so if I can improve a little on that time I'll be made up.
  • I haven't been training at all, I started this week and ran 8 miles yesterday in about 63 minutes which is ok. I am quite happy with how it is going, how old are you then if you don't mind me asking ha? I am aiming for sub 100 minutes, I ran it in 1.31.22 last year but can't see myself getting anyway near that this year, I am going to join a running club the week after the HM.
  • I'm 43 next month, been running about a year after becoming a bit of a lard arse in my late 30s!
  • Fair enough mate I am only 20, ran my first half marathon when I was 17 without ever running before that, what was the helsby half like? I need to start entering more races this year, I only usually do 3 or 4 a year. What other races have you got planned?
  • 20 eh? I'm sure you can get away with skiving off the training a bit at that age. Being 42 I don't really have that option!

    Helsby was a good, well organized race.

    The timing is great as well because to get a decent time at the end of January I had to keep myself in shape over Xmas where without that run I think I'd have been tempted to start my training for Liverpool/Manchester at the start of January and probably got off to a slow start.

    I've also got a 20 miler in Stafford the week before Liverpool but I'm ust using that as a training run to try and gauge what a realistic target is for the Manchester marathon rather than running it flat out.

    I'm going to try and do 2/3 Halfs and 1 full marathon in both Spring and Autumn but other than def. doing Chester marathon in October I've not really looked at the options the Summer/ Autumn yet.

    What have you got planned? Any full marathons or do you stick with the Halfs?
  • I think I will stick with Halfs, as I said before I am going to join a running club so I will see what I can get from that. I usually do the tunnel 10k, the half marathon, the waterloo 15k, I can't drive and don't have anyone to take me to races so it makes it quite different, I will try and do more races this year, I think ill aim for the new mens 10k in liverpool in May for my 10k PB for the year, my PB now is 42 minutes, ideally it should be about 38 minutes, I have only ever done the tunnel 10k and the hill on the way out of the tunnel always seems to ruin it for me.
  • right, 5 of us coming across - training not gone great tbh but hopefully pick it up this week to get a 10 miler in next Sunday.

    Anyway, staying over now - any suggestions for decent evening entertainment Sunday night in central Liverpool?

  • Race packs arrived today. Looking forward to it and it spurred us on to get out in the Peter Kay rain tonight. Just planned Wednesday night route as well.image
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