Liverpool Half Marathon 2012



  • Pleased to see the race packs are landing... the number of phone calls we get about "my friends got his and I haven't got mine..." is astonishing! Inevitably they all land!

    Snake Hips - anywhere in the city centre is good on Sunday night, just depends on what you're looking for after a HM! The Grapes on Mathew Street is always good for a pint!
  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)
    Good going Steve! LB - the new web site which will be launched on 18th March will have regular input from the events via Twitter and Facebook. Does this mean the demise of RW Forum????

    I think it's in its death throes anyway. I hardly ever visit here anymore. It's full of spam, people asking what bloody Garmin to get and "I've got this pain in my knee - what is it"?

    DO I LOOK LIKE SUPERMAN? I can't see through to your bones! image

    You should add me on FB. I'll keep you entertained! image

  • Hello - got my race pack and am looking forward to the day.

    Just wondering what options there may be showers/changing. I know there's the Gym Group offer in the race pack but I can't work out how to use that - do you have to 'join' them first? Is there any alternatives around the area?

  • Is entry for this still open, and can you enter on the day of the event
  • No entries on the day. Go to for updated details as the closing date is officially today.

    there are no shower or changing facilities. You just apply for a day pass for the gym across the road in Liverpool ONE.
  • Alan - Thanks, will contact the gym direct to arrange it.

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)
    You should add me on FB. I'll keep you entertained! image

    I did.....and you have!!!

    Without you LB, I'd have never known to go for a pee beforehand if I intended to run in Sefton Park before 9am image  

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    are the colours on the numbers based on starting position? Also a friend of mine has her number but cannot run due to injury - can she transfer her number to someone else if she provides their details - surely not a major issue if all details are sent to RunLiverpool (surely only a name change in a database) and the correct persons name is on the back for medical reasons?
  • Andyc209 - it is a major issue which is why we don't allow refunds, transfers of deferrals. The trouble ospeople only see this issue from their personal perspective and have no idea of the significant number of requests we get for same. It runs into thousands!!

    Once upon a time we used to assist but everyone and anyone who decided they didn't want to run (or couldn't) simply assumed we would accommodate them and it is no longer possible - especially when you as a male choose to run under a female entrant number.

    The instruction regarding this is on the paper entry form and at the point of entry on the online system.
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    is that for insurance or is it just admin time? seems such a shame to waste an entry image
  • Admin Andy, We all watched Alan and his much better half try to sort out the transfers on the threads and e-mail. Poor folks couldn't find enough hours in the day to do it.
  • 2 weeks to go , just hope every one stays injury free and Alan has got good weather ordered ! This is my third Liverpool half but the previous times I ran it I did little after the Half , but this time I plan to do a lot more running after the half .
    Is there a little run still planned for October ?
  • Yes there is. There will be a formal big screen announcement at the Half Marathon.
  • Did 10 miles today ,had to force myself out the door but was glad I did .
    Got attacked by a Yorkshire terrier in Croxteth Hall Park ,why do owners of little dogs not use leads ?
  • Alan, it looks like I am not going to be able to take part (really sorry as I asked for a specific number as well) my training has been non-existent - life has gotten in the way! image - and I jarred my knee last week and it still doesn't feel right.

    Is it possible to defer or do you want me to send the race pack/number back to you so that someone else can have the number?  I was going to see if I could still run it, but I'd rather someone else get the opportunity.  Really gutted to miss this. image


  • I am in on Sunday as training towards The Outlaw.

    Very nervous and this is my first running race of any description. Now I can spend the week worrying about what to wear, what to eat, will I finish, should I run / walk........

    Good luck allimage 

  • SC - unable to assist with deferrals, transfers or refunds I'm afraid. We get around 1,300 people not turning up for this one and if we helped with deferrals, etc, we would have no way of knowing how many people would ACTUALLY turn up. It's not just a case of your entry. We get 1000s of similar requests so have to say no. Sorry.

    Muffin Top, don't worry! Just enjoy the day as much as you can. Take it steady from the off and appreciate the atmosphere on the day.
  • Looking forward to this now, 3rd half for me but not done this one yet.

     Training has been patchy, with a few niggles and illness all being disruptive image  

    Just hoping for low winds or that last couple of miles will hurt !


  • On the website there is a mention of being able to register to track/record time via Facebook or Twitter - but I can't actually see how I can sign up for this? 

     Can anyone help?

     Looking forward to Sunday - after my last HM (Milton Keynes) brought torrential rain/sleet, the prospect of showers on Sunday doesn't daunt me too much!

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭


    Have a look here

    Seems to be fairly straightforward.

  • Hi Alan,

     Will there be pacers this time? 



  • No. RW were invited but declined!!
  • Right o Alan thanks.

  • Morning all, Looking forward to the event. Nice weather today hope it holds for the weekend.

    Most importantly Alan if you can get the wind to stay away please that would be cracking!

  • Been down at the start / finish most of the day and the weather has been fine. No wind to speak of. Hopefully it will stay that way. Medals are in, T shirts (technical) are in, seating set up at the finish, toilets arrived, water checked in so all things moving along nicely.

    We've got Kris Akabusi along to start the race and a big screen to promote the marathon.

    A Samba dance troupe at the back and a drum team to set you off... going to be good again!
  • Keith OBKeith OB ✭✭✭

     To anyone local  

    Weather forecast on BBC looks ok not too warm only odd shower if any but NW winds 12 mph

    What would wind be in last 3 miles if that forecast is correct?

    I.E. head, tail or cross


  • Oh.

    Sounds like a bang on headwind. But lets not worry about that. When was the forecast ever right ?
  • Kris Akabusi to start...nice one!  I'm sure Carra was chomping at the bit to start us off again after Tuesday, Alan.  Shame he's got a game against Stoke to deal with instead, eh!

  • Oh, Kris Akakusi sounds good. Nice !
  • really looking forward to this.
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