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Does anybody know if you can use a garmin forerunner405cx inside on a treadmill and still get the same readings as outside if so please show how to set up,i have tried to use a 305 on treadmill before and it only recorded time and paused and asked if indoors ,i want it to record calories,milage?


  • Doesn't the treadmill do this for you ?
  • i have an oldish treadmill,and not sure if its recording right?
  • Are you asking if a GPS device will measure how far you go if you remain in the same place?
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    The Garmin will record, quite accurately, the distance you travelled. On a treadmill, if you're doing it right, this will be zero.
    The calories figure is calculated from the time and distance - once again it'll be zero.
  • At the risk of stating the obvious, garmin works out your mileage from tracking your movement via satelite. On a treadmill you are stationary from a geographical perspective image and indoors. If there was a head smacking smilie, i believe it would be appropriate here.image
  • you can buy a footpod, (around £50) which clips to your shoe and allows you to track distance on a treadmill - it communicates with your Garmin in the same way as the HRM

     I've never used one so can't vouch for how accurate it is?

  • Yes, the footpod is an optional etra on this model.

    It's fairly accurate, if you calibrate it first on a track. Otherwise it's hopelessly wrong.

    If it's calibrated well you'll get to about 98% accuracy, but still nowhere near as accurate as the treadmill itself should be.

  • I would be interested to see an analysis of both spin bikes and treadmills to see how much variation there is between various machines that have been bough tat the same time and maintained (or not) in the same manner.

     I suspect that there will be quite a wide margin of difference.


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    I've conducted precisely one less-than-scientific experiment to see how well treadmills are calibrated and was pleasantly suprised at the result.  I was using a treddy in a pokey 'orrible little gym I used to frequent and noticed that the guy next to me had set it at exactly the same speed.  I also noticed that the belt on each machine had a little mark on it, so you could tell when each belt made one revolution.  I can't remember the time period over which I checked to see whether the little marks were coming round in unison but it must have been a good five minutes, possibly ten.  During that time the belts travelled exactly the same number of revolutions and the little marks couldn't have moved more than a few inches away from each other.  So that's a few inches over a good mile or so.  Not bad at all.

    Maybe this was luck, maybe these particular treadmills were a particularly good model for accuracy... but I can't help thinking that the argument about treadmills generally being ''notoriously inaccurate'' are overdone some times. 

  • I was a member of two gyms once and it seemed easier to run faster on one set than the other. Never knew which ones were the more accurate and it could have been different air con systems making a difference.

    As to spin bikes - they're not real bikes and I've not used any with distances. I'd only count time or sessions on them. Not miles - its irrelevant.
  • Hey Finney71

    Take a look here

    Looks like this is what you're talking about, but it only works with Garmin with the Ant+  stick and very few treadmills


  • Hey thanks Dan,but my treadmill is a little out of date and has no usb port to plug the ant+ in to,but thanks for the link and if im ever in the gym then i will certainly use it.


  • Well that is a first.  I thought that someone would have said "just run outside" within 5 posts of a tready thread, but not a hint of it.
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