Talkback: Introducing ASICS Target 26.2

I love this competition. Count me in!!


  • I'm right up for entering this, applications are out this week right?
  • Tried last 3 years so I guess it must be my time in 2012 !!  Well got a chance I guess !  Good luck all..

  • Website says it is closed now, does anyone have the rioght URL?

    ASICS Target 26.2: Pre-register now!

    Submit your details and we'll let you know when applications open for the 2012 ASICS Target 26.2 - ahead of the crowds!

    This competition has now closed - sorry! 

  • I haven't been able to find any sort of link to an entry page.  Even Google can't find one.image
  • Aha, found this on another thread...

    Alice RW wrote (see)

    Hi chaps/BDB,

    Yes it is this week rather than Monday that applications are due to open. It relates to when the December issue of the mag goes out to subscribers which is why it was a bit vague.

    Rest assured we will update the launch page and plaster it merrily all over the homepage when we do open the applications!

    I will also take this opportunity to say: you can only submit the online application form ONCE. So get it right! image


    ps - Hash, touche re the t-shirts. Please believe me when I say that we're (still) chasing our partner on this one.

  • I've also just re-opened the pre-registration form. If you submit your email here, we'll drop you a line as soon as applications open this week.


  • The link does not work...
  • Nor for me image

  • Sorry folks - should work now!
  • Link is not not for me still
  • Still doesn't work for me .. image
  • Looks like the page is still broken
  • Sorry folks we're looking into it now
  • It should now work. Really. Honest.

    Please let me know if it still doesn't click through...

  • Worked and entered, thanks Alice (creep creep image )
  • I couldn't resist. This sounds awesome!
  • Hi,

    My name is karl williams i am 42 years old and have been running on,and off for 20 years.I am 5-11 tall and weigh 15st 7,which i know is over weight.

    Last year i ran the brighton marathon in 4hrs-6mins,but i was with the 3hr-40min lolly-pop man for the first half,up until 16 miles.i know i have a runner in me somewhere.

    After the brighton i did not run for about 12 weeks,as i lost all intrest in running,i have now started again,and i am starting to enjoy my time out on the roads again,but i need help this time,with what goes into my body,and my training i know i can be a better runner.

    I have taken part in many halfs,with a best time of 1hr 40min,i also run off road,and would love to be helped with my running for the 1st time in my life.

    I know its not much to ask but i would love to run 3hrs 45min for a marathon,and with your help im sure this is poss.

    I will give 110% in anything you tell,give me to do.

    I am married to corinne,and have a 3 year old son who loves anything to do with running,and might take part in the human race scootathon in march,at dorney lake.

    As for work i refit office interiors around london,and the thames valley,and love my job.

    Kindest Regards,

    Karl Williams 

  • Karl, I think you need to complete a form  image
  • and you need to edit that down to 150 words.
  • Do you have to run Paris? I'm running Boston that weekend but would still love the mentoring and support.
  • Hi Corndoll, the prize is specifically the Paris Marathon. All the winners went with the coaches and RW/ASICS team for the race weekend last year (you can see a video from the race at the top of the article) and all seemed to have a great time with the coaching and support 'on tap' all weekend.

    Any more queries let me know - and I hope you do apply!


  • I have entered and am feeling hugely excited!! Just keeping everything crossed!! Good luck to all who enter!! image
  • Thanks Alice but I have already got my place confirmed for the Boston Marathon in 2012. As 2013 is even harder to qualify for and have already paid $200 for the entry I don't really want to pull out even if I got selected by you.

    I just wondered if the team would support your training towards any spring marathon with the understanding you paid the associated costs of a different race yourself. But if it has to be Paris you run then I'll have to apply next year instead.

    Good Luck to everyone else though. 

  • I have just filled in the form for this competition, but got to the end of the form and there was no 'send' button???  Am I being completely thick?  Can you let me know what is going on?  Thanks.

  • Ooh count me in - this sounds like such an amazing opportunity! Started running a year ago and have won first race but would love to see what I could achieve with some professional coaching! Also could definitely do with some new Asics!
  • Sounds quality, entered this last year so definitely going to have another crack.
  • I have the same problem! Any suggestions please or once we upload our image are we automatically entered into the competition? 

     This is such an amazing opportinity, I really don't want to miss out!  

  • you should get the message about you are entered and that they will phone you by 30th nov if you are successful......

    Corndoll.........although you won't be able to enter the competition.....Steve last year was great at giving advice to everyone on the official thread.even if you were doing another spring marathon...
    just wait until the winners are selected and join in the thread that is closest to your aims........

    stephen.I would recommend the same to you......if you don't win join in one of the winners threads and you will gain a lot of advice even if you don't win the kit etc......
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