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  • There should be a 'submit' button at the bottom of the page, underneath all the check boxes of how much spam you want to receive.

  • I am surprised that they ask for your shoes size on application......will they chuck you out if your feet are too big or too small.......I would hope that if you win then the asics people would do a gait and a sizing analysis on you as there shoes measure different to others.......
    by asking the size before hand makes it sound that they just post you any old spare shoe
  • Flog them on ebay and wear your prefered shoe.

    image Did I say that? I meant to say Asics shoes fit my feet perfectly and I love every pair. The colours are just amazing and really suit my eyes. or someting like that anyway.

    Their clothes don't fit me either.

  • I problem is not with asics,,,,,,,,,,,,,in fact my running and trail shoes are asics.........but why do they need to know your shoe size to enter the competition........I would hope that to ensure that the runners do not suffer from problems they should analyse and fit the winners properly.........
  • Part of the prize involves a trip to the London Asics store for gait analysis and kit. I was fairly sure that was the case but just went back to check up on it. Maybe they don't want anyone who they can't kit out to win.
  • thanks I Mouse..I missed asking the size of feet and clothing must just be to get rid of any super petite people and any overly large people..............for my size i did state medium man as women's kit is never big enough for me.............i wonder if that will stop me from being shortlisted............image
  • The Grayshott Giggler wrote (see)

    I have just filled in the form for this competition, but got to the end of the form and there was no 'send' button???  Am I being completely thick?  Can you let me know what is going on?  Thanks.

    JennaDP wrote (see)

    I have the same problem! Any suggestions please or once we upload our image are we automatically entered into the competition? 

     This is such an amazing opportinity, I really don't want to miss out!  

    Were both of you logged in when you tried to submit your entry? If you weren't, there won't be a submit button.
  • image You mean you can log out. I thought once you'd logged in you were in for life. image
  • I suppose being logged in first is vital..otherwise we could just enter on behalf of other that would be interesting image
  • I've just had a look at the entry form and you can delete all the details including user ID so providing you know your intended's email address, you're in, or should I say they are image

  • I applied today as well, quite excited  image but I can't recall ever having won anything, ever image, but if you don't buy a ticket you'll never win the lottery (probably why lottery is a seperate expense line on my monthly expenditure statement" - bit like that Lloyds advert o TV with advertising the "money manager", where it flags pet expenses, and then cuts to the hamster with a gold cage and a swimming pool, well I bank with lloyds and the national lottery is my hamster! anyway, i digress terribly....

    The prize sounds fantastic and as a first timer, what an way to complete your first marathon, i'm crossing everything i've got, just hope my application is enough to get longlisted - when you consider how many people will be applying, that in itself would be an achievement!

     Did anyone here go through the "selection" rounds last year?

  • i have just tried to put my application and was about half way through and clicked off the page by accident. i then went back in and it still had the form half completed so finished it and uploaded the photo but when i submitted it already said i has submitted a application . please help as if it did submit before there would be half the information missing. 

    thanks sam jones 

  • I completed the form but I didn't get a confirmation email or anything so I hope I'm in (although having applied for the marathon coaching things for the past goodness how many years I don't suppose I'll get in anyway!).

    Good luck to everyone image 

  • Hi RW,

     I am considering an application however I am only able to commit during the day (9 - 4) on the 2nd of December if long listed and unable to commit on the 17th of December and January training session if further selected. I am reluctant to apply in view of the above although acknowledge that this will be a rather competitive prize draw. Will there be any compromise in my application and / or selection if longlisted in view of the above?

  • Edgar after last year where people already had comittments........i think this year they stated that you had to be free for all the dates.........

    but good luck anyway

  • Hi all, can any one help me i am trying to apply. i have filled in the form and i dont know how to submit the form can any one help
  • Make sure you're logged into RW first, but otherwise I found it pretty straightforward

    Can you at least see the submit button at the bottom of the form?
  • Hi,

    I've been trying and trying to enter but am stuck, I can do it all except the photo. Every time I fill it all in and attach a photo it says it's too large. Then I can't take it off without starting all over again. And all my photos are apparently too large! I've done it over and over...

    What shall I do? Will it be accepted if the photo is too big? 

    Please help!


  • Hi,

    I finally did it! A more technically-minded friend sent me a photo she had taken of me at Raceforlife this year and  it worked!

    The first hurdle is over.. good luck everyone!


  • This is a fantastic competition and a great prize.  Help to achieve your running dream - couldn't get any better.  Submitted the form last week and just have to wait now to hear.

     Anyone hazard a guess as to how many people will apply?

  • don't worry about the kit and shoe size Q's. they won't rule you in/out on this.  the one thing asics can guarantee is the kit.  so they'll want you to try it out before you have to choose it-better than chancing it on the day.  So they'll probably bring things to the training for folk to try.  don't panic as jonsey would say, it's just belt and braces (excuse the pun!).  no-one will be forced to run in kit they don't like or does n't fit- 2.6 mls would be hell, let alone 26!! hope this has calmed fears.  well done to everyone for having a go and good luck all-cheers
  • the reason I want to win is simple.  I want to finish in a decent time, with a team of people at the top of their sport giving the advice and support I need to do a marathon in 4.30.

    Did my first marathon last year for my Dad who has alzheimers.  Did the training on my own.  Did a 20 miler in 3.30 seven weeks before LVM and only managed a 5.29 on the day.  So in theory the last six miles, on the day, took about an hour to long.  That is not good enough, that will need to be rectified and I will do it in Paris.

    At the age of 51 time is not exactly on my side but I believe I can do it. 

  • Oh this would be a dream come true!

    After running my first marathon a month ago (Loch Ness) I am now desperate to train harder and more holisticaly and enter another.  Would definately focus more on nutrition and core strengthening for my next marathon and the chance to take part in a competition which offers training in this would be phenomenal.  Would commit 110% if given the chance, but also will look forward to following those who do get through on this Forum if I'm not one of the (VERY) lucky ones.   Good Luck everybody.  The fact  that I run in Gel cumulus and love asics style would be the icing on the cake.

  • Malcolm - there is a saying that the marathon is 2 races in one;  the first 20 then the last 6 - it's so true and its being in a position to do the last 6 that the training is really all about, plus ramming in some carbs to get through 20 miles with strength left.

    I've done 8 marathons now and at age 58 am still trying to beat 4 hrs - like you, I believe I can do it with the right prep so keep your spirits up and keep training.

    Good luck in the competition as well.  Let's hope we both get to boot camp !!!


  • I have done my application but dont have a reference number how do you know you have been entered. Kind Regards John 
  • I've just entered... very exciting! Thanks for the comp image
  • I've entered. Would LOVE to win it but surely there'll be stacks of entries! Oh well, gotta be in it to win it - Good luck everyone!image

  • I have entered but had problems doing my
    Photo will that count against me as I can't enter again!!!! I can email the photo over now problem xxxxx help me
  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I have entered into this competition, too! I am so excited at the thought of being given a chance to work with professional coaches and a team of runners! Not to mention that the Paris Marathon would be the first ever marathon I would do.

    Fingers crossed now image

  • Just submitted my application.  Just the thought of having the experience of preparing for my 1st marathon in a team of runners, is out of this world.

    Fingers and toes crossed image

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