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  • If you are not sure that you have entered, go back to the application page and it should say something along the lines of 'you have already entered this competition thank you'. No guarentee that your entry has made it through the virtual web, but it's the best you'll get if you don't get an email.

    You could try checking your spam filter. Unfortunately I don't receive any emails from RW anymore. I think they get shot down in flames. I post too much I think my mail program sniff RW mails out at 100 paces.

    Anyway hope everyones who wants to enter gets their entry in. Good luck to you all and don't forget to keep posting on the forums.

    Spitfire: maybe uncross your toes, you might trip while running. image

  • Filled out form, but couldnt upload photo??
  • Filled out form, but couldn't upload pic??
  • Entered!  Glad I saw the post on Facebook, never knew this competition was on!

    Hard to condense your story into 150 words though, I really struggled with that.  I had a goal of qualifying for Boston at Chester a month ago, but due to an intolerance to the Iso they were serving on the course(and puking it up at miles 15 & 17!) I missed my qualifying time.  After a bit of a simultaneous watch looking, vomiting up the iso and then a cry as I saw Boston slipping through my fingertips at mile 17, I decided to just slow down, finish strong and happy and try again in 2012.  Winning this with the coaching would be excellent and help us all achieve our goals! Couldn't get all of that plus why I run into 150 words, ugh. 

    Harnser, go to your picture manager and resize the photo.  I ran into the same problem, just make it larger and it will be accepted.

    Good luck to everyone.   All the best wishes for PB's in 2012 regardless if we win or not.  Keep running, keep smilin image

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    Hi Lisa, I found it difficult too to explain in 150 words only all that I had to say! I find that when I start talking about running I just can't shut my mouth LOL. I think those of us who have managed this should be rewarded by being put through to the first stage image

    Really sorry to read about what happened to you at the Chester race! You do sound like somebody who has the determination to achieve her goals in the end, no matter what. It is very respectable you are looking to qualify for the Boston marathon! Good luck!!

  • here's hoping you never know !!!
  • Timea, the 150 words was difficult wasn't it?  I can't shut up about it either!  Lol.

    I know exactly where I went wrong at Chester, just took in waay to much of the iso every time it was offered at a hydration station.  I can't tolerate too much sugar and it just came back up.  I stayed on pace until mile 17 and then it all went pear shaped.  I was sad for a few miles, I'd worked so hard to get a BQ but hey ho.  There are always other marathons to re-attempt a BQ. In the end, Chester is a SUPERBLY organised marathon and a stunner of a course.  Glad I was able to just pull back and really enjoy the scenery for the last 9 miles.  It's absolutely gorgeous and I highly recommend it!  Great marathon. 

    Best of luck to you in the competition Timea!  It'll be a mighty team they choose I'm sure.  x

  • Did this just finish early, or am I really unlucky?  I got to the end of filling it all in at about 10 to 12, submitted and it said it had closed image
  • Someone earlier on in the thread was asking about the selection day.  Last year we were divided into groups and through the course of the day had sessions with both coaches on the track, physio indoors and a gait analysis (although that seems to be coming later on this time).

    We were sent kit in the size we had asked for but it was no problem getting it changed if it didn't fit.  We did get asked for our shoe size again before they were sent out and also got to choose the model.

    Hope that helps

  • USB, a year on, what are your thoughts on the whole process ?

  • It was an experience image  Hopefully this year the coaching will go ok from the outset
  • I think it was me USB that asked the question, so thank you for giving some insight, did you make the final team? Did the coaching not go that well from the start? What category did u fit into, PB chaser, first timer, etc?

    Sorry for all the questions, so excited and driving the family nuts presently!!! (even though I know deep down it's a long shot, but if I make it to boot camp I've going to give it everything I've got) image
  • Have I mentioned I'm excited yet? image image

    We'll all know the results of stage 1 within the next 20 days, I guess
  • Last year they had us all in time categories and I was after 4:15.  Not sure I'd have managed to come up with a compelling reason why I wanted to do it.  Definitely not a first timer having run 9 marathons and an ultra last year but wanting to improve my time.

    As far as the coaching goes all I will say is that there were problems initially with one of the coaches engaging in the online stuff.  The people who were around on the forums last year know the full details. Things got sorted out in the en.dA

    Anyone new to the forums here needs to know that if selected will be set up with a thread of their own and will need to get in there regularly giving info about the training they are doing.  

  • Cool, thanks USB, whilst I'm a first timer, running wise I'm no stranger to "logging" I've been logging my weight loss over the last three years on a body building forum, with training and diet, so no stranger to putting my life out there for others to consume

    If anyone is interested I'll gladly put a link up

    Damn, I wonder if I should have put that in my application form!

    I started running in April of this year, and ran the Great North Run in September following an intensive 16 week CrossFit Endurance programme - I hired a PT), I'm currently doing a 12 week body conditioning programme to build further leg strength and drop more weight and body fat. That takes me through to Christmas when I then plan to start training for the two races I do have entries for in 2012, so getting a place on the team would really fit perfectly with my goals and training.

    Although born in Belfast, I grew up in Durban South Africa, so my ultimate goal is Comrades, but I have to be able to run a few marathons first, and losing the weight had to happen before I could even consider running.


  • I applied again this year.

     Got rejected last year. Fingers crossed.

    Cant wait to find out

     Good luck everyone,

     Mat B

  • How did everyone's training go this weekend? Weather was beautiful today and managed a great 7 mile run, was really pleased! Hope everyone else had a good one!
  • I've had a good weekend running thanks! Got back from a night run 3 hours ago with my hi-viz vest, headtorch and toddler in pushchair! I'm sure the neighbours think I'm a lunatic image
  • anyone heard any news?

    good luck so excited

  • Just have to wait now! Fingers crossed . ......
  • Yes, I'm in image




    Just kidding. 

  • Submitted my entry form for this last week.

    Are you supposed to get a confirmation email to say your form has been received by RW?


  • No don't think so g24. Think it's just a case of waiting to see if you make the cut !

    Good luck!
  • Runny - night run with toddler in a push chair sounds great, nothing like cross training while you run! That's very efficient!!

    G24, I agree with apple, no one got a confirmation but I did figure out that if you went back on to the application form after submission the site recognised my details and confirmed I'd already submitted an application... Probably doesn't help you per se, except piece of mind that no one else got a conformation either.

  • Thanks guys.
  • Enter this every year and never get anywhere, is this finally going to be my time to shine image
  • Runny - I know it's off topic but was wondering what sort of pushchair you've got to run with. My better half is due in March and am looking for a good pram/pushchair to take running

  • Hi Oz,

    I've got a Mothercare My3 (I didn't buy it for running as only started running a year ago!) - bought it because it turned from a flat lying pram to a funky looking pushchair and it handled well.

    However ... it's got pneumatic tyres so is cracking off road (I clock quite a few cross country miles with it), it's stable and there's still plenty of room for Lily in it and she's 2 now! Oh ... and it's fairly nimble - can manage a sub 30 minute 5km cross country with her in it. (The kissing gates are a bit of a pain with it though! image )

  • Much appreciated! Will look it up!image
  • any light at the end of the tunnel (other than a train that is?)

     wow, i'm wearing a hole in the carpet, must be less excited, must be less excited...image

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