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Hi all

I am not a beginer as such done about 50 halfs (PV1.35) and 11 marathons (PB 3.42) but last was in 2006. I was never a savvy trainer just used to go out and run no speed work or anything fancy -  regret it now as if I structured my training sure I could have got better times

Now back at it and struggling to run 3 miles in 28 mins ! Aiming for a half next August (Helensburgh) so wgat s best ? stick at 3 miles till times improve or increase distance ? Shall I stick at 3 until I can run this in the time I am aiming for for half (per mile wise!)  ?


  • The good news is that  it may take a while to get it back but you will get it back. All those miles in your legs are not forgotten.

    I don't think there is a marvellous answer out there for you and you already know what is required. Get out there and put miles into your legs in a gradual process.

    No point in starting any sort of plan until you are comfortable running at least 6 miles.  Do that in a gradual manner with the typical hard/easy routine say 5 miles followed by 3 miles the next day. Do not worry about speed or previous times,  just get some miles in those legs. I reckon you will need a couple of hundred miles before you are ready to start anything more serious.

    That should not be a problem though, if you can get yourself running again half decently by Jan 2012 you have 7 full months to get really fit and I do not see that as a problem for you.


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  • I took two months off. That was bloody hard. I came back in, thinking i could do it at the same level. Big mistake. Just make sure you dont end up hating the sport. In the months since starting again, the pain, which normally my senses override i have not been able too. Only just now, feeling that love, and ignoring that pain again...

    Good luck

  • Thanks both !!

    Ran 4 days last week and one so far this. Its harder than I thought and am trying to "run before I can walk" but still remember the "Glory days" and am determined to get round that half in around 1:50 !! 

    Feels good to be back at it

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