Hi All,

About 3 weeks ago, when running a 10k (which is quite a comfortable distance), the outside of my knee started hurting. the pain built up although i finished the race quite comfortably. as soon as it got cold, it was killing and i was limping for the next couple of days. After it stopped hurting, I tried it again and had to stop after 5 minutes. no pain when i start, quite severe pain after 5 minutes. I have started icing, rolling, stretching (I have really tight legs) and strengthening exercises. My mistake is that i have been trying to run every 2-3 days and stopping after 5 minutes in pain.

2 questions really:

1) how exactly should ITBS feel? is it a sudden pain or a rather dull pain building up?

2) given it doesnt hurt when not running, how do i know when to try again? I have been off running for a week now, but i have no clue how long it should be before i attempt it again.

I guess i should probably see my GP, but booking an appointment to see my GP, who will say he has no clue and then refer me to a specialist, will take a month!

Many thanks for your help



  • hi mike,

     forget your GP, they are useless when it comes to sports injuries. just go to your physio straight away. if you havent got one already ask around locally like at your running club and see who everyone recommends. If i were you id rest it completely until you get a diagnosis. then do everything your physio tells you to do

    good luck image

  • Hi Mike,

    I had something very similar a couple of months ago, found that going down stairs was something that made it hurt a lot- does that ring true with you?

    I agree with the post above, I would go to a physio/Sports Massage straight away, you should be able to get an appointment within a day or two, it'll be about £30/35 I guess for an hour, but if it means you're back up and running..... and the doctor would probably send you there anyway.

    As well I'd really recommend a foam roller, they're about £10/15 and can help a lot, it means you can keep the ITB in check with out the £30 physio too often. If you do see a therapist then I would ask their opinion on a foam roller.

    I hope this helps!
  • I remember wondering what ITBS was?  Then I got it in both legs training (3 weeks before) for the Tenby Marathon!  As "ami here" has said walking down stairs was a nightmare!

     I had physio (with dry needling), sports massage  and I got round the marathon (may be not the most sensible decision in my life - but it was my first and I had spent a long time training for it!)

     Sports massage is good, but the foam roller is King!  Also try shorter quicker runs as it normally gets worse the longer you run.  Also I have found swimming has really helped me - but not breast stroke!

    Also try taking smaller strides and land more on your forefoot/midsole rather than heel striking.

     Personally I found "ITBS" stretches aggravated the condition for me - if you need to loosen it - use the foam roller it took me a couple of months to invest in one and I wish I had done it sooner (I have the one suggested)!

     Well good luck with it, I still get some tightness on the longer runs (but I am up to 15 miles now) so although it does take a while it is not insurmountable!  Try taking a week off running (swim etc) and use some anti inflammatories, then start again - remember slowly, slowly catch a monkey!

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