the fixed five-RW paris choice

here we go again.......

applications start next week.........wonder what is being changed this year and if all entries will be honest about their commitments.............lets hope sam had been told what is expected of her.....

have you noticed that the short list be open to our votes again...............but our votes are only taken into consideration........we do not decide.the team and the coaches etc decide............

so why ask for our votes.............image

surely the team should be the ones to do the short listing after meeting them at bootcamp.............

but if they are asking us to vote then surely we should get the say.........if any of the candidates aren't suitable then don't shortlist them.......

anyway..i will enter again.because like voting....if you don't vote you can't complainimage



  • Only 5 this year I notice, not 6.    I won't be entering, not sure about voting.

    Is the forum 6 or 5 happening again does anyone know?  That was great last year. image

  • image at the fixed five. I'd have agreed until just recently Seren when like a lot of us on here, I've seen the tactics some people can go to when they want someone to win something.. It's awful and incredibly unfair on the people who do play by the rules. And for this lot, it's just the beginning of the journey.  I hope the goals are more realistic than last year.  It shouldn't have to be like this of course but we've seen why.

    Btw, note to RW if you read this. Your terms and conditions link isnt working
  • I just don't why we are voting if they don't respect the forums choice...........they choose the ones to go to bootcamp.....then they choose who to why then get us to vote if they are still going to make the decision.............

    it seems like having the final of x factor............everyone voting and then saying.........we will now let the judges decide

  • Yes, good point. RW should just choose the winners.
  • i quite like the competition myself, for all it's many flaws it definately sparks some life into the forums at this time of year, and i've certainly learnt from reading the advise of the experts and seeing how they approach different scenarios

    the rw 6 was definately better thoughimage

  • that was meant to be the forum 6
  • Soup Dragon wrote (see)

    Only 5 this year I notice, not 6.    I won't be entering, not sure about voting.

    Is the forum 6 or 5 happening again does anyone know?  That was great last year. image

    yep, its on my  'to do' list

    Watch this space  image
  • awesome image
  • Would you all hate me if I entered *ducks* image
  • Expected results

  • gingerfurball wrote (see)
    Would you all hate me if I entered *ducks* image

    i think most people would be delighted if a someone from the forums got in!
    RW do tend to use it as a tool to attact new members though...

  • M.r Zuvai   wrote (see)
    gingerfurball wrote (see)
    Would you all hate me if I entered *ducks* image

    i think most people would be delighted if a someone from the forums got in!
    RW do tend to use it as a tool to attact new members though...

    Yes they do. The first I saw about it was on Twitter rather than here.
  • I didn't do a linkimageimage

    the details are on the front page...............

    i think the they should just choose the ones they think suitable rather than go through a sham vote

  • the excitement of the competition attracted such high volumes that the site crashed!!


  • Hi all,

    Just to clarify about the selection process and the voting within that – we will take the result of the members' vote into account to pick the winners, along with the application forms and the Boot Camp day. Should we have a vote result which is really really close, we'll now be able to look at the bigger picture in weighing up who deserves to make the Target 26.2 team.

    Please be assured that your votes will count – very much so, that week of forum interaction is a really important part of the application process. We like to see how candidates enjoy using the forums, because being part of the forum is such a key part of the project.

    Happy to answer any other queries – we've worked really hard putting together the Target 26.2 project and I think it's a fantastic prize.

  • Alice I hate to point it out (again) but this years and the previous years winners have been a little scarce on the forum throughout the process as have the TW recent winners, I dont think they amassed a full page between them  image

    I think it is a good vehicle to bring fresh blood into the forums but it also needs the backing of the forum to be the engine to drive it forward
  • Thanks for talking the time to talk us Alice,

    it is a fantastic prize, and the whole process is very interesting to watch, - a huge amount of people benefit from following their progress, I know I certainly do - even the one's who don't make their target

  • Hate to do so, but I agree with that Meldy person
  • Very wise ...
  • I'm not so sure there Meldy.  We're a cynical bunch on here. 

    Just because someone hasn't posted before doesn't mean that they don't lurk or use the other resources on the site.  Case in point, when there was a security issue on Fetch a few months back, I posted that I wasn't happy.  It was my first post over there and I got accused of joining the site to just cause trouble.  I did shut the accusers up by pointing out that I had been registered for near 5 years at that point and had 5 years worth of training history if they cared to check it out.  Now we don't have that sort of facility here but just because someone is not vocal, doesn't mean that they aren't active.

    Besides, it's the publishers competition.  Doesn't have to be done to keep us lot happy but it would be nice to see a familiar face in there.  Which is why I shall enter image

  • Pick both GFB and me image
  • It would be nice if they opened it up to the whole UK. It's currently only open to UK mainland. I understand there may be logistical problems, but it doesn't feel very inclusive to those of us who are on the outskirts yet are still part of the Runners World community.image
  • BDB agreed but part of the 'deal' was to be active on the forums and inparticular the relevant thread if I remember correctly?

    I shall vote for you then as long as you log on to RW eveyr 5 minutes and update your thread accordingly    image
  • I can commit to every 8 minutes at the moment, but I might be able to train up to every 5 image

    That's a fair point though Meldy and if I were lucky, then I would have to make an effort to get involved on the training threads, somewhere I don't visit too often now. 

    It's a great prize though - good luck to everyone who enters.  But vote for me (and GFB of course) image

  • Just a quick comment on Meldy's point about lack of forum posts from some of the previous winners;

    I was a serial lurker on a fair few threads this time last year and didn't post much.  I decided not to apply for the Ascis-6 (or whatever it was called last year) as I knew I couldn't attend the selection dates.  However, I did apply and was lucky enough to be chosen for the RW-6 Sub-3.

    Following being chosen I am now a regular poster on a number of topics on here so I wouldn't discourage people from applying just because of that reason. 

    I do agree that the aspirants have to more honest with the judges and themselves on their realistic targets.  I think that is why the RW-6 had a better success ratio as we were already training for the times instead of "hoping" to be able to achieve a time that could have been too far out of reach.

    Anyone who wants some excellent advice and coaching ideas would be wise to apply for both (as long as you can handle the pressure of the whole forums watching your every runimage).

  • thanks alice.............

    still not sure why the votes aren't the final word as you have the choice for shortlisting............but i suppose if you shortlist people who don't then post much you can discount them even if they win the vote................which I imagine is easy to do if you are a popular member of a different forum..........

    you have more chances of being picked if you are a regular of fetch than a regular on RW as not many regulars on RW are shortlisted..........

    i did hope they would start the training earlier than 16 weeks but I expect thats not good for the promotion

    good luck to all who applyimage 

    GFB...........if its mainland england then thats you outimage

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