Ladybower 50


 I am in the process of putting together a 50 miler in Derbyshire next year. It will be a 2 loop route around Ladybower and Derwent resevoirs.

Online registration will open here at RW shortly.

The website

All the best




  • image Corrr I love it when folks talk dirty, right date and right price. Might be very interested depending on stuff.  
  • Picking a date that did not clash with any other major ultra distance events was a smart move. 

    The event sounds interesting, and I venture to suspect, will not be found wanting in terms of scenery.

  • Yes, looks great and would love to do....but this may well be the weekend before I leave for a sandier environment for a few months!!
  • Thanks Guys.
    I agree. It is beautiful around there. I run around there once or twice a week. I took my mate around the route on our mountain bikes last week and he signed up when we got home. The furthest he has ever run is 10k lol. He has plenty of time to build up, it just shows the impact of the area.

    Yeah, I wanted to avoid clashes at all costs to make this available to as many people as possible. We said all along that if we get 2 sign ups we can call it a race and go ahead. We have 18 already, which is amazing as online registration isn't live yet.

    I will be running it also, so am excited on so many levels.

    Your opinions mean so much, so any ideas on aid stations, goodies etc will be taken seriously and will help to create an awesome event.

    Thank you

  • Hmm, this looks interesting. Would the course be good for a PB? How would it compare with Round Rotherham the following month, which is already faster than most traily type events (at least the ones that I do)?
  • Hi Nick, 

    I haven't taken part in the Round Rotherham, so couldn't compare it from personal experience. I hear it is a brilliant race and one that I wish I could have avoided by more than a month. I had to choose a date that was outside prime tourist season and not too close to other events in the calendar.

    I can only tell you that I use the route for my tempo training and it is faster than anywhere I know in the area. Circumnavigating the resevoirs makes it flat/undulating so it is a good PB course in that respect. Also the trail / tracks are in good condition.

    Another bonus is the fact that the route is mega obvious which eradicates any time lost due to navigation issues. It is simply a case of getting into a nice rhythm and enjoying the surroundings without worrying about missing turns.

  • Woah, you are pretty spot on.

    yeah there is a fair bit of road, but you can run along side the road on the thin track on the fairholmes side of Howden. I hope that makes sense. The first plan was to head over from Ladybower towards lose hill, but wanted to keep it simple in the end. From a safety point of view, having access to most of the route from one point is a massive plus.

    I reckon I should get out and measure the percentages of road and trail for the website. The beauty is in the detail. I would say it is 70 / 30 in favour of road? I will report back

    My plan is to have the fifty going clockwise and the 20 mile (fun run) going anti clockwise. The twenty is just two laps of Derwent.

    As i said before, thanks for the input. I want this to be competely runner friendly and a great event.


  • I'm really interested in this, being local to the route and enjoying a longer challenge, but running 2 laps puts me off as variety is a big help for distraction of the mind in the closing stages of races over this sort of distance and second £30 does not favourably compare to the £15 bargain with t-shirt and bounteous checkpoints that is the Round Rotherham.
  • image £30 for a 50 mile ultra is a bargin and given where this one is it's going to be special. image

    Kingy How many aid stations do you want or can pay for/get volunteers for? Thinking one near the end of the road where the tree that was planted to open the dam might be the best for you logistics wise for a start.

  • Thanks for the feedback,

    I have toyed with the idea of extending it to create a one looper, but the hills/ roads/ admin make me prefer 2 loops. They are pretty big loops to be fair. I do understand where you are coming from. Aparently there is a race in Holland which is 14 loops of a circuit image

    The swag on the day will be pretty sweet. T shirt medal etc. The main cost will be going on aid stations. I want at least one to have warm food and drink which means generator hire and food hygene Certs. The way the route maps out makes it possible to have support every 8-10 miles. More often in certain places. Good call with the tree location. I have brought in a sponsor who can get me power bars and gels. There will be plenty of real food too.

    I didn't realise the Rotherham one was only 15 - blimey. The costings we have done would show us making a hefty loss at 15. Wow they must get lots of free s**t.

    I really do appreciate the advice guys. I know what I want when I race, but to get other peoples opinions is priceless.

    See you in the zone

  • looks amazing!!! I'm gonna give it a go!
  • oh, is there a time limit?
  • Excellent Mark. 14 hours will be the official cut off.

    Where are you from Mark? I am planning some training runs in spring around the area.
  • I'm in Derby. So not a million miles away!
  • image Kingy just in case sheffield tri club do duathalon races where your planning. Might be worth contacting them if you arn't already in touch. shef tri 

    Something to think about is rotherham don't have lots of freebee's for the round rotherham. It's not a big issue for a lot of the people taking part and free stuff is far more on an issue for triathalon folks than ultra runners. Still not a bad idea through.

    Depending on numbers you might find it cheaper to get the cafe in the car park at ladybower to sort out your hot food. Takes care of all the issue's you might be having with insurance and food certs. Get them to cook it, possibly with food you've sourced to keep the cost down and pass to a feed station run by volunteers nearby? Anouther thought might be to contact these guys at regather based in sheffield. Who might be able to help you out with marquee's and possibly food depending on your needs they would charge but would be depending on your needs cheaper than others. Got a link with then just so you don't think I'm being sly.  

  • Cake, you are a legend.

    At this rate you will be qualifying for a discounted entry fee!!!!!

    Thank yoiu for the info. I have links with STC so will get some info from them. I know what you mean about freebies. The level of good bag is always a clincher. Triathlon is a great sport if you are a kit whore. I love a good finisher T-shirt.

    My bezzer mate owns a cafe in Sheffield and says he can help. I have the contact details of the owners of the cafe at Fairholmes, so they are a good option. They will have power for site lighting too, which takes away the need for a generator. I want the finish line to be buzzing. Music, BBQ, chilli, beer etc.

    I have a 4m x 4m mini marquee that can be used.

    This is all very exciting.

    Cheers mate

  • I'm looking forward to this already!
  • I do a different type of events in and around Sheffield matey. Make sure you check on the liability insurance for the mini marquee's Shouldn't be an issue but just in case and you get a jobs worth off someone checking out your H&S.

    I can also put you in touch with sport massage event co-opative I'm sometimes involved with in the area, just message me with an e-mail address and will forward it on to them. They don't normally deal with running events but got a lot of experiance in festival work as well as there day jobs treating folks.

  • Cheers mate,

    Yeah i work in events fundraising in my day job. It can be a nightmare with all the red tape. I will be in touch.


    I can't wait.

  • image Oh mate we might be able to help each other out on a few things. Just sent you my hotmail in case useful.
  • Beer at the finish?! - why didn't you say that before? They don't have that at the Round Rotherham.

     Just imagining a perfectly topped off pint being handed to each finisher...

  • Def interested in this but waiting on dates for other events so I can plan my schedule

    What sort of entry limit are you looking at.?

    And do you have a postcode of the start so I can look into logistics ie travel and accomadation

    What is the start time as that obv effects whether I would stop overnight and therefore the overall cost!
  • Silly me, just followed the link to the entry on
    Rw and see the start time is 8 and there is a postcode as well
  • hellen there isn't much nearby the place but there are a few b&b's and things nearby. If you don't mind camping it's by far the best option.
  • Hi guys,

    Sorry for the silence. I have been working away and unable to log on. The website has been updated now with more detail. I was out there last week taking some great pictures too.

    Hellen, I will seek out some B&Bs in the area. Look at bamford, Castleton and Hatherdage in the mean time.

    I have a meeting with a potential sponsor Wednesday, so thing are gathering momentum now.

    Cake, thanks as always.


    Feed the warrior

  • Def interested. Just left a message with you Kingy to get sent an entry form.
  • Woo-hoo!

    Just found my A-race for next year. All signed up. Scenic, local, not too hilly, not too expensive, clear trail to follow, beer at the end - sounds like an amazing run image Can't wait.

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