Midnight Man Iron Distance Triathlon



  • Long enough after the double, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm where is Dartford

    Maybe a bit to far to drive down on the Saturday and back on the Sunday

  • Slagiatt  wrote (see)

    So the pressures on now...they have emailed to confirm the event is a go image .. and registration opens on Sunday for those the pre-registerred... slap bang between Outlaw and IMW hmm... could well and truly be pushing my luck... even at my pace image

    Not to be negative but you could find you ruin your last 2 races by not being recovered at any point after the Outlaw? 

    I wouldn't be brave enough to take on that schedule!

    Outlaw, recovery, one more build, smash Wales.

  • Slag - Darkness speak sense.

    with your experience, or perhaps lack of, I think you'd be pushing it to do Outlaw, this and Wales. that's not to say you can't but I'd wait until you are better conditioned and experienced at the distance, rather than try all 3 now - that could be a recipe for disaster.

    there's a big danger with many people that they get caught up in the enthusiasm of the events and start to lose focus on real life

    sure, there are guys out there who do marathons week in/week out and some who do multiple IM in a season (one Tripey did all 7 in the UK this season but he's barking mad anyway!), but they have gradually built up to that workload and imho are sad gits with no life
  • indeed ... think i best stick with the ones i've already paid for
  • yep.. decision made ... will probably see if i can volunteer at this one instead of taking part.  
  • might be interested in doing a leg of a relay.....? I stress MIGHT
  • SB - The Longmynd Hike starts at around midday, and goes as long as you need it into the night (it's in October) - 50 miles.


    Although it is called a hike, quite a few people run it - winning time last year just over 10 hours.
  • 2.5 months after my double, and local too.

    I might be interested in doing a leg of a relay....

  • Just woken up after an all nighter supporting HH at this one. Bizarre night on an industrial estate in Dartford, but oddly amusing. Met some random strangers also supporting and we made a LOT of noise all night. image
  • How did he do?? (crosses fingers and toes that the swim wasn't horrible)
    Hope it went really well for him.

    And I wonder if you know how Dave Crank got on? He's the guy featured in 220 Tri who was trying to break the 50+ age group world record (if I got his name right).

  • After giving me a bit of a fright he made the swim cut off in 2.07, yay! Finished in 12.19 so caught half the field on the bike and run..... That boy deffo needs some swim coaching

    Don't know about the record sorry.
  • DTB, tell him he did great and give him a big hug from us


  • Some impressive biking/running/both. Hope the Outlaw demon has been laid to rest.

  • Likewise Ditchy, fantastic :0)
  • Will do, am v pleased for him image
  • Good job done!  Great biking and running there!  Well done HH!

  • Ditchy - tell him 'well done' from me too. Good to hear he made swim cut-off. He must be made up. image
  • Nice one.Well done. imageimageimage

  • Good job,  finished just in time for breakfast image

  • nice one hairy!

    I believe however there were issues with lack of marshals, free for all "catering" and some other organisational stuff though?  

  • Great result HH, really pleased for you after the dissapointment at Outlaw.

  • Result! Good man, HH image.

  • Re catering, I snuck off to the Beefeater, and had a rump steak and a banoffee pie. The advantages of being a supporter! image

    I think they had some run route issues for the half, but I think they sorted them out before the people on the full got out on course.

  • Thank you, pleased to have done it image)

    Will sort a race report out tomorrow.....

  • DTB, I was number 50, or smiler as I came to be known image

    Your groups support was awesome, really helped on a, hhmmm, shall we say uninspiring course!

  • hairier - nice to chat to you and your other half after you finished - her support was epic

    in your report don't forget to mention how many TriTalkers beat youimage

  • hairier half wrote (see)

    Thank you, pleased to have done it image)

    Will sort a race report out tomorrow.....

    So then Race report!!!!!

  • Really sorry to be a tease, but I'll have to do the report tomorrow - need to get myself sorted for the Ridgeway on Saturday....

    veggieboy - good to speak to you too, looks like I'll be seeing you at Caesar's later in the year image

  • Caesars - that will be a laughimage


    Are you doing the 50 or the 100?

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