I saw this and thought it was kind of interesting...

Its a personal trainer who has spent the last  six months not exercising and eating badly to get as fat as possible. He is then going to spend the next six months getting fit again and post online how he goes about it.


  • The similarity to Candy is uncanny...
  • What happens if he can't shift the weight...he's sort of screrwed the pooch then hasn't he.....image
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Heh. A few years back I did the same thing. I was laid up for three months because of a minor hospital op. Put on three stones in three months. Didn't blog about it, though.

    Shifting the lard took about twice as long as it did to put it on. I think I've still got some of it.

  • Is he Robert de Niro?
  • I went fit to stick to fit.

    It took me 2 years to get my fitness back, maybe 3.

  • but what would it prove.........he already knows what to do and must enjoy no way can it replicate someone who has eating and body issues and who hasn't exercised in years/
  • Shocking how he has put on so much weight!
    I wonder if he will lose it in 6 months!
    Very interesting though, going to have to start reading about his progress
  • Ben Stiller
  • Popsider image
    You're right!
  • I thInk he is proving a point. It's very easy to put it on and do nothing. But fitness is his business and six months worth of blogging is a good selling point. Best wishes to him.
  • Well at least he's stopped shaving his chest!

    Be interesting to see if he reaches his target in only 6 months....
  • I think he looks awful in both pics. First one too photoshopped, second one chubby but not gross.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    His head's got smaller!
  • Anyone can lose weight, anyone can get fit.

    The things that stop us have nothing to do with what diet we are on, what exercise programme we use. It's what motivates us, how much we want the end result, how driven we are to achieve that goal and how important it is to us. Also, how much we enjoy what we are doing.

    He will still have an amount of muscle underneath all that fat. I doubt that he is eating excessively over what he used to eat, just not exercising and therefore burning the calories. He can't replicate going from couch potato to fit, he didn't start as a couch potato and his calorie burn will probably be greater.

  • One key thing is not the amount he is eating but that he is now eating loads of sugary junk food, which he wasn't doing previously. When it comes to body composition I think that makes more difference than anything else.

    Anyway, I predict stretch-marks and saggy skin!

  • Only if he loses it too fast Kryten.  He's still not that over weight so shouldn't get stretch marks (mine you, he might have got them from putting the weight on too quickly).   If you lose weight at around 1 or 2lb a week (i.e. at a healthy rate) then the skin has time to firm up.
  • David Blaine's latest stunt?

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