Merthyr Mawr Pudding Race

It's all downhill don't ya know image



  • Great to see this is full already - sounds such a good event even if Alex's description is a half truth image
  • and it has the best looking marshalls!
  • Logically Kev, it must be quite literally a half truth  (seeing as we start and finish in the same place)  image

  • mince pies and sherry at half way - awesome!

  • when did it get full?
  • Last Saturday.

  • Race number came this morning, really looking forward to it now. Does anyone know how the course is looking?
  • I bet last weekend it would have looked wet......the river I swim in was over a foot deeper than the previous week.....
    if it stays dry like this though might be different.....
    I am so excited about this race......I love it.and christmas puddingsimage))
    awaiting race numbers but no post until 4 pm here
  • we must be having loads of rain at night as just been out offroad on our mountain and its really muddy and the course should be interesting image
  • Great, I get to get wet and muddy again. It's like being a kid again.
  • Can't believe I missed the deadline for this again!!! If anyone knows of a place going begging please let me know.  Good luck all, Mike.
  • My son has race number 1 so I have told him he has to get to the top of the dune first...........luckily I'm 686 so might get there by that number image
  • Been really tempted to do this the last couple of years. Will have to make sure I get signed up as soon as registration opens next year. Sounds difficult!
  • its so much fun....just what you need before christmas.....image
  • You know its Xmas once you've crossed the water to the finish line - as traditional as mince pies and mistletoe as far as I'm concerned.

  • If it keeps raining like this its going to be brilliant fun
  • i shall be checking out the course in the morning - the weather is as we normally plan, and looking cold, frosty and sunny..
  • What was the course like Mr Phil, wet and muddy?
  • I bet its muddy
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Aargh!  I have a number...

    ...and a heavy chest cold.


  • How'd it go. I got third vet image

  • i'll sure you'll catch james herriot next year Alex! well done
  • First pudding for me looking forward to it, but not sure which type of trainer is needed be greatfull for any suggestions.


  • Colin, trails shoes would be best,  would never think of running in road shoes waaay to slippery.

  • I will definitelty be in trail shoes colin..............should be a good club turn outimage

     hi Roy.are you running it image

  • Thanks going to dig my old Walshes out and give them a run out tomorrow, Ser what clud do you run for? ,,,,, its Islwyn rr for me.

  • Seren,

    Recovered from sleepwalker!

    Yes I will be running, just for fun tho, and the xmas pud.

  • snap Roy.just for fun and the pud

   know meimage.......I talk as much rubbish in real life as i do on hereimageimage

     i talked to two random strange men over the last 2 days and chatted about running and they are both doing the pudding run.......its amazing how small the world is once you start talkingimage

  • Colin..there is a few miles on road so not sure about walshes.....

    anyone lookd at teh wetaher forecast for tomorrow yet.every year i hgave ran this it has been dry.usually sunny with blue skies.................I am looking out of the window and thinking that it looks like imight be dissappointed this year

  • Seren, dont matter about the weather," we" will still be on the start line.image

    Works party tonight and I know it's going to be painfull tomorrow.image

    See you all tomorrow.image

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