Has anybody done this half ironman distance race, or the full ironman option? Looks to be run late August or early September and from the videos on YouTube looks like a friendly low key middle/ full distance race just before the kids have to be back at school. Sea swim too which I fancy after IMW experience.

Hailing from Co Antrim originally it would be a great opportunity for me to visit family.

Problem is I was planning to see what all the fuss was about at the Vit next year.

So, can anyone recommend the Ireman?


  • I don't know too much about it as I only decided to get into tri a couple of months ago, but although it is staged at Groomsport, it is run by my local North Antrim club, triangle tri club.

    I was intending using it next year as a step up to iron distance, but fell in to the pirate way of doing things , so I'm now doing outlaw 2012 as my first.  If things go well for me I hope to try it in 2013 as a training event for a later in year IM.

    I loved this video, which isn't particulary funny but probably typical of the organisation in such a relaxed, low key affair.  The kayaks were like beacons and everyone followed onto the rocks.

    This year a friend of mine was mowed down on his bike, by a parked car.  Head down and pushing hard!
  • In Gods own country everyone can walk on water! Good video.

    Why not 2012, about 2 months after Outlaw.

  • What amused me in the video was that there were some swimmers walking on the rocks even during second lap round. 

    I assumed, wrongly, that Ireman was before July.  I might just put that in my diary now as there aren't too many local events for me.

    The IM distance 226 doesn't seem to be too well supported and is good value at £120.00 , but I'd be happy enough to do the half at that stage as I'd also be into my road bike during next summer.  Too many 'irons' in the fire but not enough time.

    The Galway 70.3 IM was also one that I took notice of this year. Like IMW it was run in atrocious conditions and the swim had to be shortened with an extended run to T1.

  • I would love to do a N Ireland event, but these comments don't sound great to be honest.

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