Brooks brighton 10k

Wanted ...!!  A running number for the above event.. Brighton 10k 20th November 2011 .Will cover all costs for changeover . many thanks . /forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif[/img]]


  • Hi Roy,

    My son has just pulled out of this, I'll find out if/how we can swap number over..

  • Thankyou  Lisa.... 

    Registration only closed yesterday , so should have time to swop.


  • Hi I am also looking for a place for the Brooks Brighton 10k if anyone can help? Will pay !

  • Still not been able to find out how to do the swap....
  • I saw quite a few runners in last years event running as someone else

    not unusual to see male vets running as senior women

    I wouldn't worry about it unless you are planning a pb and want it in your own name

  • I'm after a woman's number, if possible, please!?
  • Hi there - ALSO needing a number for Brighton 10k!


    Happy to cover costs, pay for number and make it worth your while!!

    Please email me - cheers.

  • Hi,

    I also missed the deadline if anyone has a number they no longer want.

    Thank you!
  • Lisa.... i have  inboxed you ...

    . thanks      Roy

  • Hi Roy,

    I can't reply to messages on my iPad...... If you can email me that would be great image

  • Ship ... are you still after a   female  number?? 

  • If anyone needs a number send me a message!
  • If any one has a spare number I would love to do the race

    Please drop me an email

  • If anybody has a spare number for this race- I would really love to run it! I will cover all costs!

    Please contact me

    Thank you!

  • ps. Black Toes and Blisters - I have tried to message you but it says you don't accept private messages - do you still have a spare number?

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    It's probably expired.

  • i would've thought so Phil.....

    Only 3 years late...

  • orite guys thanks for the banter, didn't notice image

  • Does anyone have a spare number for this Sunday's Brooks 10k? I've run it for the last 5 years, got injured and didn't think I would recover in time however now I'm good to go, but can't get a place.

    Costs reimbursed as required etc.


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