Races in November/December?

Hi all does anyone know of any good races in November/December? I know that I can look on events but I want to know of any events you have done or going to do.


  • I am booked in to Ironman Florida.  It was a stupid idea and I am sure I can find better ways using up a day of my life.  In honesty, I signed up for the tattoo and now I'm thinking I may not want it.  I've you've a spare few days in November, no criminal convictions and more than six months left on your passport you can pretend to be me for the day.  16 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds will do just fine, thanks.


  • Whereabouts are you ST or where are you looking to race?
  • is it duathlons that you want or running races ok...image
  • I'm from mids,Leiecestershire. I'm just looking for a decent race that someone would recommend. Duathlon fine or a running race but nothing to long image 20 miles tops image
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