Who's entered the ballot for the Olympic Park Run?



  • I entered but unfortunately got an "unsuccessful" email yesterday, pretty gutted as I think it would be a good atmosphere and as others have said a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • I've got the unsuccessful email too image
  • I have still not had an email of either variety image
  • I didn't get in, I expected as much anyway.
  • I entered to give them some paperwork. Bit like VLM really. No idea what the result is. If someone takes the money, I'll check the spam folder.
  • I got in! Yay. I answered the 'What will this mean to you?' question but no idea if it made a difference - ballot closed at midnight on the 27th, I think, and I got the successful e-mail by noon on the 28th.

    Only issue I have now is who to give/sell the tickets to...
  • Still not heard, desperate to get in....

  • Both my partner (who is a bit of a non runner) and I entered.  I was hoping one of us would get accepted however have been over the moon to find us both accepted.
  • And yet again I STILL have not heard - I'm beginning to think I imagined entering the ballot now ........ I've e-mailed Camelot to find out ...... fingers crossed.

  • had £15 cash taken from my bank account but no email  - anyone else had this?  (and yes I have checked junk box)
  • I'm still waiting to hear from them as to whether hubby has a place or not - I've constantly checked the spam folder but nothing to say he is in or not in!

    Gjranit - I know of someone who had the dosh taken and then a couple days later got the email to say they had a place - so fingers crossed for you

  • I also haven't received the email yet! My other half didn't get in though and got his rejection email on the 28th, i'm hoping that is a good sign for me!
  • We both had the acceptance emall thru the day after the ballot closed & the money was taken out on the same day.
  • Didn't get in...nor did the missus, shame as would have been great....

    Do know someone who did though.

  • Yeah i got in,think its a great chance to see and complete a run in the olympic park,just imagine competing and finishing on the same track as Mo Farah etc etc!!.Fantastic,great as i was unsucessful with 2012 VLM.Good LUCK TO EVERYONE COMPETING. image
  • Still not heard anything, but no payment has gone out so I guess I'm not in. Pity, was hoping to have a crack at breaking 30 minutes for the first time.
  • I got in buy my uncle didnt so he's pretty annoyed with me image lol
  • has anyone else had the £15 taken but no email at all? 
  • The confirmation email is sent by Nova International who do the Great Runs.  No contact number is listed but if you want to chase it up you could email info@greatrun.org which is listed at the bottom of the email. 

    Otherwise, have you checked the junk/spam folder by logging into your email via your suppliers website as it could be in there?

    Failing that assume you're in and be very disappointed if the pack fails to arrive next March.

  • TBO2TBO2 ✭✭✭
    Ive got in and have been on the other thread! @Keyser Suze if you dont want your spectator places can  I buy one? My daughter needs a carer with her which would mean I cant bring my son! I have emailed Customer Services and they say I cant get another ticket! Sure this is going to be a pain for everyone!!
  • Really wish that places had been kept back for charities or London running clubs.
  • I'm not sure why they're being so stingy with the spectator tickets anyway. The stadium must take a lot more than 10,000 people. I'm ok because I've only got one child, so the tickets go to my husband and son, but I'm not sure what we would have done had we had two children.
  • Article on news the other day re security at the Olympic Park and the cost of it etc.  I guess they may be looking a this as a test event in terms of getting large numbers through security.  They'll have 15,000 people to get through security this way which I guess is a big enough test.

     I haven't heard of any other events in the stadium pre-olympics.

    Would be really amazing though if the stadium was full!

  • Hellywobs - the capacity is meant to be 80,000
  • I'm in - really chuffed as only started running this year and it was my first ballot. Hope my luck continues - see you in March image
  • Anyone not using their place?

    Will give generously to charity in exchange for 2 places.

  • The bigone:

    @Keyser Suze if you dont want your spectator places can I buy one? My daughter needs a carer with her which would mean I cant bring my son! I have emailed Customer Services and they say I cant get another ticket! Sure this is going to be a pain for everyone!!

    Just seen this - have you had a reply from Customer services or another solution?

  • Anyone got tickets to spare???
  • Would be very interested in spare tickets for spectators. If anyone is not using any of theirs, I will happily pay some money for them or donate to a charity instead etc. Thanks in advance!
  • Are there any more places to be had?
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