My regular email from Go Outdoors is advertising the Yaktrax Walker at a good price but they don't have the Pro.  The Walker will be fine for Mr USB but I'm wondering what experience people have of running in them.  Do they stay put or is the velcro strap on the Pro version essential?  I'd quite like to save money if I can


  • Someone ask the question the other day on another thread I think and I believe the answer was the Pro was the better one

  • I have pro and its the one thing I've never regretted purchasing
  • Thanks Meldy - I did a search but only found threads from last year and no-one mentioned the Walker
  • I tried to get the Pro last year at about this time and couldn't get them anywhere. << dashes off to the internet shopping mall >>
  • a fair few places on ebay had them. Cotswold outdoor too
  • I bought a pair last year, and they don't have the Velcro strap so I guess they must be the walkers. I wore them every day for weeks on end, both for running and walking, and they always stayed put. But if you're thinking of getting some, buy them soon because as soon as it snows, they sell out.
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Pro for running. Walker for, um, walking.

    Either way, mean you can get out on snowy days and cheaper than buying a treadmill.

    From memory, Pro fits better and has more grips. Think they both have velcro fitting though.

  • I think even pro for walking because they're more secure.  I've not tested mine out yet - bought them a few weeks ago when i passed Tiso, as they sold out last year.  Decent outdoor shops should have them I'd have thought.
  • I bought some last year from the company via the tinternet! They were the business in the snow. My 82 year old neighbour has been wearing them for years in bad weather.
  • Bought mine last year after the bad weather direct from them online, ready for this year.image
  • Thanks everyone.  If RR was ok with the walkers I think I'll go with them as I'm not going to be going fast
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