Using the Hanson Brothers to run Hadrian Wall

Hi I am about to start training for a Marathon/Ultra Marathon and have heard the Hanson Bros training plan mentioned in quite a few places. I hope to run the Wall in a day as my first ultra Living in the North East it such an iconic symbol that I just have to try this

I intend to follow this plan and will be starting my first speed session today. Even going to go run it on a track! I have never run a 10km in under 40 minutes since starting running again a couple of years ago. Getting faster at shorter distances has not been that important in my last training plan, so the initial part of my plan is to try and smash the 40 minute barrier for 10km and then work up from there.

Would love to know other peoples views on this plan in relation to training for an Ultra.

Also been working on converting an excel version of the Hanson Brothers plan created by John Rankin to Google Docs. A draft version of the advanced Hanson Bros plan can be found here. It is has a week added at the beginning and has some of John's base data in the plan still. Would anyone else be interested in using the google docs version of this?

Happy Running,

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