Organising a run.


  I know this is a bit cheeky but my friend is thinking of organising a Charity run for me.I raise money in Memory of my Son. He is thinkinsg of doing a 1 mile jog just around the local area so nothing on a big scale.

Does anyone know where he can get advice on how to set a run up or maybe any hints and tips ta.


  • Maybe start on England athletics website, google it, or contact your nearest running club as they will prob have an official with race organisation experience. Good luck.
  • Thanks GTC. I never thought about my local club.Daft really as Im sure they would help out too.
  • I thought I saw someone asking the same question just a few days ago too ? Have a scout round the forums if you have the time ?
  • Thanks Cougie I will take a look.

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