FLM Training Schedules


I did a half marathon last April (2 hrs 13 mins) and have got a place for London marathon 2012.

As the marathon is just over 24 weeks away I looked at the beginners and intermediate 24 week training schedules on the London marathon's website.

The longest training run seems to be 130 minutes for the intermediate plan. Given that I run approx 10 minute miles does this seem right? I thought I would need to run at least 20 miles prior to attempting a marathon.

If I run for 130 minutes this would only get me say 15 miles.

Any advice appreciated.



  • runbirdrunbird ✭✭✭

    Hi HazLot

    Look at the Runners World ultimate schedules, they're much better and they give really good extra info - just pick one close to the time you hope to finish in.  Looking at your half time I would go for sub 4.30 plan and adjust the paces to suit.  Also remember that's its only a guide - they can  be adapted.  That's what I do and it does work so all the best.


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