How long is a 10k?

Silly sounding question I know, but what I’m actually after is the precise distance in miles (I know it’s about 6.2 miles), as I’m trying to work out exactly what time 6-minute miles would get me (I know it’s a little over 37 minutes), as I’m looking at it as a possible race target – thing is it’s going to be my first race back for quite a while and I don’t have too much idea what time I’ll run on Sunday (I’m racing at Maidstone), but would like a few target times to bear in mind and 6 min miles would be my ultimate target.


  • Santa,

    10k is equal to 6.214 miles.

    At 6min/mile this gives a time of 37:17 at even pace.

  • km splits of just under 3min 44secs
  • Thanks a lot guys.
  • Sorry - didn't notice it was same person, thanks a lot DannyM!
  • Where can I get details of the Lausanne Marathon please.
  • Chris

    If you do a search on the forums, you will find a fair few posts on the Lausanne Marathon. If you can't find them, post a message on the "Events" forum, as our overseas contingent aka "Swiss Bobby" lives close by and we think he is trying to get every forumite to run this particular race!! He may be back from holiday by now, and will be only too pleased to give you details.
  • Santa

    Don't forget there will be a difference between your official time & your actual time caused by delay between the gun going off & you crossing the line (and also sometimes at the end depending how things funnel in).

    Personally I go for official times (although they are less accurate) because they are the ones that appear in the paper/website etc and you don't sound like a fisherman on the one that got away when people ask how you did. Others go for self-timed precision.

    Apologies if you didn't need egg-sucking advice but it occurred to me as I read the thread.

  • PS

    How did Sunday go?
  • Thanks for the advice about times Nick. I tend to forget to stop my watch, so usually have to use the official times! Although for pacing the first kilometre, it is useful to know at what time you crossed the start line.
    My time was a good bit slower than I expected – a bit under 43 minutes – but I’m not really too disappointed as I didn’t really know what sort of time would be realistic, I ran 38 minutes over 3 years ago, but haven’t raced for a couple of years and this was my first race back and on just a few weeks training.
    The reason I was asking about six minute miles (I think I ran about seven minute miles yesterday) is that I always find that a range of goals helps – so for me now it’s 40 minutes, then a PB and then six minute miles.
  • Hi Jeanne - methinks you shouldn't encourage people to look up the Lausanne Marathon - it really isn't very good you know, and it's a helluva long way to go, and to be disappointed as well.

    Much better to go to the Sittinbourne 10 on the 6th Oct (that IS an event!), or if they want a marathon, the Abingdon the same day as the Lausanne (20 Sep).
  • ..should be 20 Oct..
  • He did ask.................

    What's wrong with Lausanne anyway? Not that I'm thinking about it, I'm doing the Fort William half the week before (and couldn't afford it just now anyway!)
  • Hi Jeanne; I don't suppose there's much wrong at all with the Lausanne marathon.

    I was simply in a Jeckyll and Hyde mood yesterday, and the Hyde side of me came out - Swiss will know what I mean by that!
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