Should I go skiing?

I'm doing the Brighton marathon in April and a month or so before, I'm doing the Wilmslow Half. It'll be my first marathon and my second half.

I got an invite on a week's skiing trip this morning, but I'd get back the week before the half (the date is non-negotiable, as there's a fairly big group going).  I'm a bit worried about how this might throw my training out for the marathon. I'd miss a 19 miler and a 20 miler although I think I could still fit in the 20 miler the day after I return, and the 19 before I go. I'm also planning on doing a 19 miler and a 20 in February, but obviously I wouldn't be running at all during the week I'm away

Obviously ignoring the potential for injury that skiing might cause (I have skied a fair bit before, and have never injured myself), is it a really bad idea to go? I'm inexperienced at training for races of this distance, so I'd appreciate the advice!


  • People will probably tell you different but I have poor commitment to training and only did two 20m runs in the build up to my 1st marathon this year. I even did my 10m PB the sunday the week before.

    As I love skiing, I'd say go for it. And just be a bit careful on the slopes. You can always squeeze in a few shorter runs whilst you are out there. I did a season in France working in a chalet and some of my guests were training for London and they went for runs in the morning.
  • image Go for it the only risk you have is with injury and you could get run over by a number 42 bus tomorrow.
  • Yes, just don't crash.

  • Try some cross-country skiing for a day or two.
  • Yeah do it, I have a couple of times before a marathon.  The only concession I'd make is to try and juggle the schedule (if necessary) so that it's a cut-back week.  I think I might also have managed a long run a day or two before what was on the plan as well, just to make sure I got enough 20 milers in.

    If you really, really want to go for a run or two while you're out there (and the conditions are OK - you don't want to go on a ski holiday and sprain your ankle whilst running on ice!) then no harm in that.  On the other hand, if you want to leave your running shoes at home you'll still be aerobically active on the slopes all week and won't lose any amount of fitness in that time.

    Don't forget to drink loads too.  image

  • If you're used to skiing, I'd definitely go for it.
    Just don't do like I did and decide to give snowboarding a go, when you haven't done it for 12 years - massive bruising to my glutes put pay to my Reading Half Marathon 10 days later - Oops!
  • i didnt do any trainning at all for a marathon and still managed to get round in under 8 hours
  • Running is only a hobby not a profession, go skiing its fun

  • Thanks all - I've decided to go, very excited!
  • if u brake ur legs/neck can i get ur race numbers so i can do em for u?
  • i'm getting excited now as well
  • Yes. Skiing is way more fun than a marathon anyway.image
  • well johnny, go to a skiing chat room

    skiing is crud compaired to a marathon

    im trying to beat my 8 hour pb next year, anyone got a good tip?
  • Lauren-if yuo're using a training plan, start it 2 weeks early, as (assuming you travel at the weekend) you'll lose 2 LSR's. Start gently when you return, as you'll have been using differnt muscles.


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